What To Do in Utah

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I’m so sleepy right now. I’d a bit of the booze and have been on the computer all day. But here I am blogging! If you’ve been here, you know my mom went out to Utah to see my new nephew 💞 I shared what you might need/what you can fit in a carry-on for a week if you’ve a similar itinerary. Today, I’ll be sharing some of those travel pics of some neat locations their group visited besides the little baby.

Get Out in Nature

There seems to be a lot of parks in Utah! And not just green spaces but huge areas with mountains, if not mounds and other natural formations. My family’s party went to Arches National Park in the eastern part of the state. Apparently, there is a fee to enter, but the park has 50 “sites,” 2500 stone arches, and is open all day, every day except Christmas. You can go hiking, camping and may even see foxes, sheep, or even bears! This was over the summer that they went, so my mom doesn’t remember if this was actually a different location, but there are hot springs! From what she described, it sounds like they went to the Homestead Crater because it’s actually in a cave!


I’m sure there are a bagillion great places to eat just like any large space of land, but the group went to Wasatch Brew Pub. There is one in Salt Lake City and Park City. Reviews seem kind of mixed for their service and typical restaurant bar food, but everyone seems to enjoy their beer! Since the troupe was also Filipino, of course, they had to find some… as soon as they landed! One of their friends took them to Kubo Express which is about 20 minutes southeast of the Salt Lake airport.


You wouldn’t forget, little ol’ me, would you? The person house and pet sitting? Or whoever you’re leaving behind, pick them up a magnet or postcard. I’m sorry I forgot who I read this from, but I love your idea of visiting second bookstores on your travels for your own souvenir. So when my mom asked if I wanted something, I figured why not make it her souvenir to me? 😁 In researching potential travels and their bookshops, I’ve encountered an interesting stop idea… comic book shops!

Look… Florida is flat AF… mountains are super exciting for me, ok!? Even if I get nauseous!

Ride a Train

Okay, this might be something more common that I technically can do myself at any time. BUT 1) I haven’t and 2) the trains here are more for going hours out of town. Salt Lake has commuter trains. You can go to the next town in minutes (I’m sure if you live there, that can vary) for three dollars? Our city buses are not that efficient, I cry.

Thistle Ghost Town
Source: Atlas Obscura

Get Spooky

This idea, I admit, is just going by search engines rather than actual experience, but it IS October, and in this house, we celebrate our boogins all month long! 👻 These ideas are from Atlas Obscura which has a lot more unusual Utah destinations. My favorites from their list of 86 include: more than one ghost town, petroglyphs, peculiar art installations, and a dinosaur park.

I really wish I could go camping at some of these amazing parks! But I don’t have anyone to go with 🤔 Have you ever been or do you live in Utah? What did I miss?

Luggage and contents

What to Pack for a Utah Week

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I only average a post per week, so when I miss even that it seems like a long time especially in the blogging world. But hey, some big people post intermittently, right? But they probably have expensive lighting and camera systems and kitchen islands that seem interesting though.

A little while ago my mother was able to visit her new grandbaby. Since I wasn’t able to go (somebody has to watch the pets!), I figured I might be able to use the experience anyway and ta-da! Something a little informative and/or suggestive. I’m no expert on the region’s climate, but here’s what my mother packed in one carry-on for 7 summer days in the US (south?) west.

Luggage and contents

This white US Polo Assn. bag is more or less for show purposes as I’m not sure if it’s technically to airline specifications. But it should be fine; I’ve seen people with larger carry-ons. Just be sure to check your carrier!

We were able to fit the following: 5 tops, 2 pants, 3 shorts, 5 pairs of socks, pajamas, 1 pair of (additional) shoes (flats) and … undergarments. Do I really have to elaborate on those? 😅

Luggage Clothing

I know everyone wants to be stylish celebs nowadays in the airport, but if you wear your sneakers, you can fit smaller flats or sandals in your bag. My mom brought 2 denim pants, but I’m sure you can also save on space by using leggings, tank tops or bralettes. This all depends on what you may be doing, of course. If you might be going out for dinner, you might want to substitute a dress.

One thing my mother didn’t anticipate was hiking and its chilly/windiness! Even in the middle of summer, one may need a sweater for this activity. Additionally, their group visited some hot springs. You may want to bring a swimsuit.

Purse contents

Airlines may vary, but I’m pretty sure you’re allowed something like a purse plus a carry-on. Again, this purse is more for show. I would probably take something bigger and maybe stuff a clutch somewhere. This might be fine, but it definitely doesn’t hold a book and tablet. So if your take yours just remember your charger!

Makeup Toiletries

And of course, all one’s makeup and toiletries. Traveling is the perfect time to use those items not just from the cute $1 travel-sized sections but from subscription boxes or samples. Additionally, another space-saving tip if you’re can’t do just a BB cream or be without something are the 2-in-1 or palette products. I’ve a tiny shadow palette from a Birchbox, a 3-in-1 highlight from an Allure box, and a neat combo blush and contour.

Vacation Must Haves
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Weekender Bag | Highlight & Contour | Bag & Bottle Kit
Bralette | Skincare Set | Sneakers

The only thing that might have to be crammed in there is that sweater, but as I said, you could have a bigger bag or not even go hiking. I don’t know what else you would do in Utah though 🤔😆 Actually, that is what I’ll cover in my next post!

Monthly Wrapup Pin

October 2018 Wrap-Up

How’s it going ghouls and goblins? I’m a little bit late with last month’s wrap-up because of Halloween, figuring out who to vote for, and having visitors. Oh, and me and my friends also had a little mini-road trip! Would you count an hour as a road trip? I can’t drive, so I do. 😅 





Readers, it is still HOT here… I guess we don’t get winter anymore. Remind me to post about that. For now, what are some gift suggestions for someone that already has about 10 of everything? It’s their birthday this month, so I have to get them something for Christmas too…

Monthly Wrapup Pin

September 2018

Hello readers, how’s it going?

September just flew by, didn’t it? I didn’t even realize it was time for this post… last week. I blame the weather. Even though I’m not breaking out my sweaters yet, I’m still very excited for October! But before this month’s celebrations, here’s the highlights from September!






I went to yoga with my mom because she’s always complaining about being stiff. She liked it, but just being around people makes me anxious. I’d much rather just sit by the pool while I still can 😅🌞 What should I do? Was your September quick too, or are you ready for pumpkin season?

Monthly Wrapup Pin

August 2018

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I said I was keeping up with these in my last post, and here I am showing up 15 minutes late with Starbucks. Does anybody even post or read on Sundays? Well, here I am again to revisit what’s happened this month. Check me out if you’re on these platforms.



  • At least personally, I feel that mental health can get in the way of job interviews or other social situations. It might not come from the same place, but these tips for confidence may help.
  • I definitely mean to share more bloggers and hopefully will with these wrap-ups! But since I could technically buy these Althea cleansers that Cybelle reviewed but shipping is $10, I’m pinning it until I decide 😅
  • A couple of pins added to my DIY board.


Blog Posts & Updates

It appears that I was able to do these compilation blogs but not do as much pinning and sharing other content. They don’t really give me views though so whatevs.  I’d like to reach out to bloggers, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Are you experiencing the same?

I’d ask what the mood for September is but this is it, sorry. No suggestions will be taken!

tampa travels pin

Ballast Point Park

Hi followers, how are you?

In my last travel post, I visited the Port Tampa Library. Today I’m sharing a local favorite on the other side of South Tampa: Ballast Point Park. Unlike the library, I’ve been to Ballast Point numerous times throughout my life. If you’re from Tampa, you’ve probably attended a birthday party here at some point. Not only is it a great place to take the kids especially with its new water features, but it’s also right on Hillsborough Bay, so a pier and ramp allow fishing and boating.

Ballast Point Park

Ballast Point Park

Probably because it’s so ridiculously hot and it’s hotspot for Pokemon Go players, Ballast Point can be pretty crowded! I would advise making the sacrifice of getting up early to see the sunrise there or heading there after dinner to see the sunset (or whenever high tide is). The natural phenomenon is beautiful, but you may also come across my favorite experience. I’ve seen a handful of wild animals from the pier like sharks, dolphins, and even manatees!

Ballast Point Sunrise

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say it’s impeccable. There’s graffiti and fishing hooks, and the last time before this, somebody did not clean up after their dog on the pier (at least I hope it was their dog *shudders*)! But anyone can Insta the photogenic. I rep for the underdogs!

Ballast Point Graffiti

In addition to the graffito there is a mural on the other side of the park that displays manatees, pirates, and other town themes. I know the Buccaneers are our football team, but I don’t really know what else they have to do with the city 😅

Get the look
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Do you have cool places to watch the sun rise?

Monthly Wrapup Pin

July 2018

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I just had the idea of compiling my posts across the various accounts just in case you aren’t on one or the other and are missing out! At first I thought about making it weekly, but I can barely get around to my usual posts. Monthly collections will be easier for me to keep track, allow a cushion for other post ideas, as well as provide more of a variety.





Blog Posts

What do you think? Did you have a cool shark week?
What have you posted this month?

tampa travels pin

Port Tampa Library

Hello followers, do you utilize your library?

The Port Tampa Library is one of those buildings I’ve passed dozens if not hundreds of times in my life but never visited. They recently had a reception to celebrate their 20th year, so it was the perfect opportunity to check it out!

Library Exterior

Undoubtedly, the first thing you notice about it is the architecture. I don’t think that many Tampa buildings are skyward, at least outside of downtown. The columns make it look like a bank you might see in a movie (it was actually built as one in 1926!), and it has beautiful marble sides. If only I could take my blog pics on walls 😢

Apparently in 1898, Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders trained and departed in the area for the Spanish-American War in Cuba. So there are many signs and displays to inform visitors. There is also a whole room dedicated to maritime history.

Maritime History A scavenger hunt for the celebration even led to a display about the Titanic!

Titanic Display

Soon after it first opened as a bank, the stock market crash of 1929 closed it. The building later became a grocery, clinic, flight school, and boutique. It was nearly demolished in 1993, but a Women’s Club help save and designate it a landmark.

Now that I’ve tiptoed in and explored, I’m excited to visit the Port Tampa Library more! I love the historic feel. And I really need to ask someone what’s with the “Manilla” spelling in their Spanish-American War displays. 

Our county system lets a library receipt admit you to museums!
Do your libraries have any additional bonuses?

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Alles Gute zum Vatertag!

Hallo followers! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? 


It was Father’s Day recently in the US, and it is ridiculously difficult to shop for my dad. All of those suggested gifts like ties, watches, fishing or electric tools, he’d never use! 😕 So I decided to finally check out Schiller’s Delicatessen and see if I could pick up some things that were unusual, that I couldn’t get anywhere else, or just absurdly German.

Schiller’s is a quaint shop and diner that’s actually been around since 1952, serving cold cuts, beer, bread, and sausages from dear old Deutschland. Since my Genealogical Vacation post, I’ve pretty much concluded that Dad’s side is German AF. But it seems like he’s never really identified with it? Perhaps more recent immigrants have more clarity and connection to their homelands, but I’ve always wondered if all white US people are like this. Is there just no need for them to seek community? Do they just identify as “American”?

Schiller's Haul

My “haul” includes Katjes salted herring licorice. This is something I just got because I didn’t know what it was, and what it is is awful. 😂 I’m sorry. Maybe I just don’t like licorice. I got Zotz because it says “fizz” so I thought it’d be like Pop Rocks. Turns out they’re Italian and are like a lozenge with fizz inside. Weird but enjoyable! Manner wafers seem to be straight from Vienna and even practices sustainable cocoa farming.

I’m not much of a drinker, so Pinkus Organic Munster Alt just tasted like any beer to me. Sprecher seems to be brewed in Wisconsin, but I had to get something called “Puma cola.” My dad didn’t save me any, so I will have to go back to try it! I’m also looking forward to some of the food that they make at Schiller’s. What would make German pancakes and potato salad especially German? 

German speakers, how do you even say “happy father’s day”?
Is it my title or the phrase in my image?


Uncommon Goods Pin

Uncommon Goods Gift Guide

Uncommon Goods Pin

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods.

Hello readers, the year’s last call isn’t rushing you too much, is it?

I usually try to start early when it comes to gift-giving because I have to figure out how much money I have, and I like searching for that perfect present for everyone. With all of the extra holiday activities though, it never seems to be early enough!

If you’re like me and squeezing your shopping in whenever you can in crowded big box stores isn’t ideal, Uncommon Goods is perfect. They contacted me to share their curated marketplace for unique crafts, and their priorities is what made the connection so appealing. Not only is there an attention to its artists, but Uncommon Goods also focuses on sustainability by both being environmentally friendly and treating workers with dignity e.g., paying fair wage.

This holiday season, they’ve put together some helpful idea guides. To show you the types of one-of-a-kind crafts you will find, I’ll be sharing some pieces that caught my eye from their Personalized Gifts, Gifts for Friends, and Stocking Stuffer Ideas guides.

Gifts for Friends

Gifts for Friends
1. Good Gummies Organic Candy 2. Jewelry Organize Roll 3. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses
4. Bonds of Friendship Bracelet 5. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin 6. Literary Scarf

I love that on Uncommon Goods you can find something for anyone whether they’re a travel buddy, foodie, music lover, or newlywed. In fact, you can find items as specialized as your friends. The literary scarf is perfect for the fashion-minded bookworm.

Find more gift ideas for friends here.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Uncommon Goods
1. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map 2. Custom Soundwave Necklace 3. Relative Time Custom Clock 4. Personalized Record Doormat 5. Personalized Congratulations Candle 6. Personalized Anniversary Journal

When I hear “personalized gifts,” I think of random things with one’s name on it. Kind of the opposite of personalized to me, TBH!  I guess it’s one thing if it’s Secret Santa, but these pieces are customizable to a recipient’s liking.

See Personalized Gifts on this page.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers
1. Inspirational Pencil Set 2. Novel Teas 3. Cantankerous Cats Card Game
4. Bag of Coal Soaps 5. Travel Stub Diary 6. Heirloom Veggie Seed Kit

Another plus to the site is that they offer gifts in all price ranges. So if you’re more budget-conscious, check out their Stocking Stuffer Guide which offers this great coal soap just in case you have to get a gift for someone that you don’t think deserves it!

Check out the Stocking Stuffer Guide.

Had you heard of Uncommon Goods? Are you adding anything to your cart?
Thanks for reading!