Pureauty Naturals Eye Cream

Hey, how are you readers? Getting enough sleep?

Not having a “real” job for several years, I’d gotten used to staying up and sleeping in late. But now, my job– which over the holidays didn’t really have a set schedule!– starts at around 7am! Not only am I a night owl, but I think that part of why I am is that it’s so peaceful and quiet 😌 Combined, I do lose sleep and have some bad dark circles. Like: I’m-embarrassed-to-even-show-you, bad.

So I’m willing to try almost anything for them. When I saw this eye cream from Pureauty Naturals on Tomoson, I figured, why not?

I was provided this product complimentary for review purposes.

It looks like it has some pretty natural ingredients and no parabens. Hyaluronic acid, cucumber fruit extract, and caffeine are key factors and sound like they would help combat dark circles, anti-aging, and puffiness. It’s an interesting blue color and texture that actually reminds me of this Bliss hydrator I have. It’s like that kind of stuff that’s between a lotion and gel.

One of its benefit claims is that it’s not greasy and a little goes a long way. These were true for me, and I found that even the 1oz size provides a lot of product.

So it is quite refreshing, It feels nice and doesn’t irritate my eyes. However, I can’t tell if it’s done anything. I’ll admit that I don’t think I have “puffiness” or wrinkles (at least, noticeable lines) and my bags aren’t as severe, so maybe the refreshing aspect helps those issues. I still have undereye shadows though.

Before & after using Pureauty Eye Cream, no filter/editing

The packaging is quite nice; it comes in a box as well. It’s alright, but it’s just a little disappointing that something that addresses dark circles doesn’t. Products just call themselves “eye cream” without making any specific claims, so I think that if you’re interested, try to find it at Walmart or on sale.

This product was sent to me free of charge to share my honest experience.

July 2020 Empties

Hey hey readers, can you believe that it’s August?

I would like to formally issue a big curse to everyone’s who has ruined this year for everyone else. Not just in big, unfortunate terms, but even just everyday moments that we’re missing out.

As I said in my Skincare Routine post, I accumulated a bunch of stuff. So I’m actually using products and finishing them! These were empty before quarantine, so I’m still not any better at recording my reactions so no video 😁

Bliss Ex-Glow-Sion Eye Cream

Also from my Routine post, I received this from Bliss’s testing panel. It contains niacinamide and vitamin C which sound good for lightening but didn’t work for me. One thing I should start noting is when I start using a product because it sounds like niacinamide may take a few weeks to notice, perhaps even longer than this product lasted. I have very bad dark circles though, so if yours are just from one night and you’d like something without parabens, SLS/SLES, or animal testing, this may be worth a try!

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Mask

Burt’s, obviously, is another brand for natural types. This item is 100% natural, without parabens, phthalates, SLS or petroleum. I got it in a lip-themed Target beauty box which they are discontinuing! 😩 This sheet mask is a bit different than face masks. Face masks– that I’ve had– are wet and feel refreshing. The lip mask was obviously more oily.

You leave it on for 5 minutes. I’m not familiar with almond or meadowfoam seed oil, but it definitely smells like something you’d expect to be “natural.” It’s like sweet cereal or oatmeal. I would say it’s hydrating, but I don’t typically have dry lips, so I can’t really say how long that lasts. You might be able to get the same results with DIY oils or balm.

affiliate links
Affiliate links
Bliss eye cream | Burt’s Bees lip mask
Smith & Sinclair tablets | Biobelle mask

Smith & Sinclair Alcoholic Gummies

PopSugar’s Dabble sent me a few of these, and they’re embarrassingly delicious. Again, perhaps you can make something similar on your own. But I am barely a social drinker! I don’t even know if its 5% ABV is a lot or not, but I don’t think so 😅 So it may be good for people that don’t have alcohol in the house. They also have “mocktail” gummies without any alcohol.

Que Bella Radiance Boost Mask

This was a cream mask that was in another Target box. Masks are why I’m not good at empties! The only thing I noticed is that it was, in fact, shimmering. I feel like some people may find that irritating 🤔 It has cocoa and shea butter if you would like something that’s supposed to moisturize and make you glow.

Free & Lovely (Bodycology) Lavender & Amber Mist

So I think that when I first got this, I thought it was a very sweet but musky smell which is exactly for what I’m looking! Something that’s a bit more advanced than just plain vanilla. But as I used it more, I realized that this smells exactly like– I’m going to date myself here– Juice Bar Cotton Candy Spray.

Juice Bar Cotton Candy Spray

Do y’all remember this? LOL. I don’t think they even sell Free & Lovely in stores anymore which is a shame because I would’ve loved to have smelled their other scents. And they were free of animal testing, parabens and the like.

I can’t tell you what it is, but I also finished the moisturizer/possible serum I was sent by a survey site. Now I’m testing a different facial cleanser, I’m out of eye cream, using just a Bliss serum, and sometimes a face mist. Simpler now! But honestly, I would still like an eye cream. Also, I bought some collagen lotion to perhaps replace that, but the safety seal wasn’t sealed??? Do you think I should use it???

Mars Unboxes

February Target Unboxing

Hello hey hey readers, did you do anything for Valentine’s Day?

I was feeling kind of lousy (unrelated) and bought myself two Target beauty boxes. Woah, Mars, you absolute madman! Right? The theme for one of them was “Pucker Up” which I thought was perfect for Valentine’s, but per usual, I’m late! The other box’s theme was self-love which can be enjoyed year-round. 🥰


TwelveNYC Perfect Pout Cooling Gel Lip Mask

If TwelveNYC is a Target brand, perhaps they’re old? Because I do not see them on the website. This lip mask looks like the eye mask of the same brand in the Self-Love box.

Dr. Bronner Peppermint Lip Balm

An organic balm that wasn’t tested on animals that Target claims you can also use it on your cuticles or other cracked skin. Would you use a lip balm like that? Received a full size which sells for $2.69.

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Mask $2.59

Meadowfoam seed and almond oils are supposed to help define your lips. Phthalate and paraben-free and not tested on animals. Single use mask retails $2.59.

St. Ives Passionfruit Lip Scrub

This smells really good, made with 100% natural sugar and not very gritty at all. Received a full size which sells for $4.99.

Pucker up affiliate links
Affiliate links
Burt’s Bees mask | Dr. Bronner’s balm | St. Ives scrub
Milani matte | Burt’s Bees shimmer | Soap & Glory gloss

Milani Bold Color Statement Matte Lipstick

This smells exactly like the vanilla extract you use to bake. It seems like a very pretty, creamy red-brown that is vegan and not tested on animals. This is marked as 0.13oz and the full size on Target’s website is 0.14oz, so I’m just going to count it so at $5.99.

Burt’s Bees Peony Lip Shimmer

Maybe other shades are more noticeable, but Peony had basically no pigment in it. Shimmer, yes, and also a peppermint scent and matching sensation. Burt’s doesn’t test on animals. Full size retails for $4.79.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Plums Up

So I’m not going to lie: the recent profiting off bigger lips traditionally and negatively associated with black people by people who aren’t black to perpetuate beauty standards has impacted me so that I feel that I should look this way. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with having bigger lips (or not!), but any more is for another day/tag

Target says that it’s “suitable for vegans” ??? and not tested on animals. The full size is 7mL for $8.99. Received a 4mL version which would cost about $5.14.

Self Love affiliate links
Affiliate links
Pacifica Mist | Aveeno Balm
Village Naturals Soak |Yuni Aromatherapy Mist


Que Bella Radiance Boost Shimmering Cream Face Mask

Made with shea and cocoa butter, I would hope that this smells good! I couldn’t find this on Target’s website either, but similar masks by the brand around about $2.49.

Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfumed Hair & Body Mist

I hope my friends aren’t reading this because I actually got them a different scent for Christmas and was possibly going to switch somebody’s… I actually like their scents better, so I couldn’t unfairly switch. I will bear the brunt of this very sweet vanilla!

Pacifica is paraben and phthalate-free, vegan, doesn’t test on animals, and does not contain propylene glycol. A 6oz full size sells for $11.99. I received a 2oz which is worth about $4.

Aveeno Moisturizing CICA Balm

This balm is supposed to help with very cracked skin. Aveeno is owned by Johnson & Johnson which is on a BDS list though. The 1oz package retails for $2.99.

Yuni My OM World Calming Aromatherapy Body Mist

This is supposed to inject calm into any moment, but it smells like the soap in a public restroom. Perhaps it could work as aromatherapy, but I would not like to smell like it myself! It is vegan, not tested on animals, and crafted with wind power! With a 4oz full size at $19, the received 1oz should be worth $4.75.

Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Muscle Relief Mineral Bath Soak

Another item to help relax, this mineral soak contains Epsom and sea salt, menthol, eucalyptus and spearmint. I don’t really take baths– this says you can use as a foot soak though!– so I might just give it to my mother.

Masque Bar Silver Foil Peel Off Mask

Made with raspberry, macadamia, and peppermint, this K-beauty mask is supposed to brighten and soften. I can’t find this silver foil one on Target’s site, but similar ones go for $3-$4.

TwelveNYC Bright-Eyed Cooling Gel Eye Pads

A pair of sparkly gel pads that should help reduce eye puffiness. Do these help you, readers?

Well, that was a big post! I felt kind of bad for buying unnecessities, but these are great bargains. Did you see anything interesting or that you’ve tried? Happy belated Valentine’s and leap day!

January 2020 Empties

Happy Black History Month readers! How are you celebrating freedom?

I haven’t quite figured what I’m doing myself but perhaps a toe-dipping into canvassing for my candidate is in order. Just thinking about it is giving me cramps, but I guess when you’re always overthinking, you gotta not sometimes 😅

I’d been trying to make videos for Empties, but I’m still not good at recording my experiences with products, and I just kind of want to make a post, so here it is!


Pacifica Rose Water Makeup Removing Wipes

These were part of a gift from a friend. Wipes are so tricky for me because they’re like soda. Once it’s opened, it loses efficacy. And I don’t wear makeup everyday, so halfway through a package, they’re dry. However, I do like Pacifica’s natural focus, and this product doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens or petroleum, and is vegan and not tested on animals. Apparently, rose water smells like my bug spray which isn’t bad! But it just reminds me of being in the woods 😁

I kind of want to stop using wipes because I want to create less waste especially stuff that’s not degradable which I don’t know if these are. They’re made from natural fibers. But I have figured out that if your wipes dry out, you can put toner or micellar water on them!

St. Ives Cactus Water & Hibiscus Cleansing Stick

This was from a Target beauty box (shame on me,  I ordered this month’s). Initially, I did not like this because it’s like a bit of bar soap in a plastic container (boo), so you’re awkwardly rubbing it across your face, and it doesn’t lather nearly as much as shown in ads. Some people say it’s convenient for travel which may be true about just tossing it in your bag, but once you use it… it’s wet! So I was a bit concerned that if I would screw the lid on that it would develop mold! It didn’t, but I would always let it air dry.

However, I loved the smell, and it honestly was a good makeup remover (I never really wear heavy makeup though so IDK for other use!). This was also made with coconut oil, so maybe that’s why. But I wouldn’t really like this as my regular face wash because I just feel grimy if I don’t exfoliate and get acne it I don’t use something for it. I would’ve recommended it even though I wished it’d be repackaged, but it seems like they don’t even make it anymore. St. Ives now does have other cleansers that aren’t their famous scrubs, but I don’t see any with cactus water 😔

Shampoo Ingredients

Apothecare Essentials Booster Shampoo & Conditioner Sachets

These were freebies in a CVS purchase. They were a while ago, so I don’t exactly remember how they work, so they’re a freebie in this post too just in case you wanna hear about volumizing hair products. They’re made with rosehip oil, geranium, and aloe vera. So even though it has rose like the Pacifica wipes, these (empty sachets, at least) smell more like baby lotion or powder.

They contain no dyes, parabens or silicones and have a real science side that I don’t even understand. Perhaps that’s why their full size is $11!

L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Shampoo

I STG that this says it’s a “shampooing shampoo.” Thanks, L’Occitane. I don’t feel so bad that again, I don’t really remember how this worked. It came from a trial hydration set that the brand had on sale for $5 (!), but I don’t think I was that impressed. Maybe it was the small size. But it’s supposed to soften and smoothen your capillary fibers. I can only notice that it smells ginger or herbal-y.

January Empties

Curativa Bay Skin Mist

Now this is weird because my mom got this from her friend, and I don’t think she works with the brand or a salon or anything. I thought she worked at a school ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Initially, I thought face mists were kind of gimmick-y too. Like: I already use a moisturizer or serum. How moisturized do I have to be!? But I do think that little extra step does help put that extra bounce. I’ve no idea what electrolyzed water or hypochlorous acid is if those ingredients concern you, but it is vegan, organic, and not tested on animals.

Sunday Riley A+ Retinoid Serum

This is probably the first item I’ve used up from my Allure beauty box sub try. I really like that you can try higher-end brands for only $15, but I wasn’t a fan of some of them. I think I decided to get the box because I saw that I’d get this and confused retinoid with retinol which I thought would be good for dark circles. But retinols are retinoids? 😵 While they both seem to be used for acne, retinol sounds like it’s more for anti-aging (collagen, crow’s feet, dark spots, etc).

So my experience of this serum helping redness actually makes sense. However, it’s usually $80, and I don’t think it doing just that is worth it.

January Empties Links
Affiliate links
Pacifica wipes | St. Ives stick | Apothecare Essentials shampoo & conditioner
L’Occitane shampoo | Sunday Riley serum | Mario Badescu spray

Hoorah! I don’t think this sounded too bad. 😄 Although I have gotten sick over the course of writing this. What are your cures for the cold?

Thanks for reading!

ulta haul pin

Ulta Xmas Haul!

Hello readers, are you using your holiday gifts?

How many years have I had this blog and haven’t really done a haul? Well, last year I won an Ulta gift card, so it was really able to help with my holiday shopping this past season 🤗 There will actually be a part two of this post because some items will be for my friends that read this, and I didn’t want to spoil their gifts (yes, we haven’t seen each other since before Christmas). This one will be for things I got for people that don’t read this and a few things for me.

This post contains affiliate links.

Indian Coconut Matte Stick

For the Sis in Law

Part of my brother’s wife gift along with a toy for baby nephew. She posted that he liked playing with pens, so I even got a couple of novelty pens for him but technically her. I got this Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar body butter and Burt’s Bees matte lipstick because I think she’s more into natural beauty than I am and can also somehow pull off a red lip way better than me too.

Hask hair face wash sheet mask

For Mom

For Christmas, part of my gift for my mom was Hask’s Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I got them because *whispers* her hair is dry, and it claims to repair. It’s not rude to say her hair is dry, right? 😅 It’s just like, what people have. I have flat hair and combo skin. The Pacifica Coconut Milk face wash is for all skin types, so hopefully it’ll work for her. I got it because she always gets store brand face washes. And she actually uses sheet masks, so I got a TonyMoly I’m Real Olive one.

It was actually her birthday too, so in the pic with everything, you can see two hair masks and a kit. I couldn’t really find any spa type of product that would fit the budget but just searching around the Ulta site led me to this Cosy Comfort Kit from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. It’s just kind of an eye mask and knit thing to put a hot water bottle in, but reviewers said it helped with their sciatic nerves. The two hair masks are Hask Rosé Deep Conditioner and a Marc Anthony Aloe Vera and Jasmine Oil Deep Conditioner.

My Ulta Haul

A Little Something for Me

Can I please emphasize… that these aren’t the only things I got for people!? I feel like this makes it look like I bought more for myself. In any case, most of my things are just basics. I haven’t used tanning products with a mitt before or a stipple brush. I’m still searching for my perfect foundation, I was all out of scrunchies, and I got this Ulta brand sharpener with 2 sizes because my lip from Allure is larger than the standard pencil. But unfortunately it  fit this either. Any suggestions?

I hope you all had wonderful holidays! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to further review most of the items in this post, but I think what I did get for myself will provide plenty! PLUS, I did also sign up for Bernie Sanders’s volunteer social media team! New year, right? So I’ll be posting about my support on here and my social media channels.

black owned brands pin

Black-Owned Brands: Foxie Cos., Coloured Raine, Taliah Waajid

Hello hello all, have you fastened your seatbelts?

I drafted this while we were keeping an eye on Hurricane Dorian. Fortunately, Florida was mostly spared, but the Bahamas suffered major damage. If you have GoFundMes or other donation links, send them and I’ll share them!

I haven’t been blogging lately because I can’t get into my affiliate links program! I’m not here to sell you things every post, but I did just have some book posts and want to have variety. So I’ll promo things some more indie brands pro bono! (I was able to get in on a desktop??? So there will be affiliate links at the end of this post).

Foxie Cosmetics

First up in the incredibly Instagrammable Foxie Cosmetics which seems to sell more bath goods than makeup. Owner and creator Kayla Phillips, a writer, musician, and activist (!), knows the importance of vegan, animal testing-free and even chronic illness options and all those factors influence her vibrant and unique products.

Check them out at: Foxiecosmetics.com

Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine might be the first brand I’ve come across to mention that they strive for fair wages. Created by Loraine Dowdy, I like that she acknowledges the push to highlight black and black woman owned businesses includes reasons like other brands don’t take different skin tones into account. Coloured Raine doesn’t test on animals, has many vegan items and also is environmentally-minded.

Coloured Raine is available at colouredraine.com and select Targets!

Taliah Waajid Natural Hair

While “natural” may conjure thoughts of botanical ingredients, natural hair particularly associated with a movement may refer to the embracing of naturally curly, coily, and kinky hair. This is to whom Taliah Waajid has spent 20 years catering. But I like that like her ingredients still seem kind of plant and vitamin-based. A few skincare items are also offered.

Taliah Waajid is available at Naturalhair.org and at Walmart!

Coloured Raine Taliah Waajid products
Affiliate links
: Coloured Raine highlight | matte lip paint | eyeshadow
: Taliah Waajid leave-in | curl cream | castor oil

Did anything catch your eye? Let me know if I should feature your fave brand!

Sources: Marie Claire


Drugstore Foundations 2

Hi readers, are you ready to rumble?

I’m on a quest for The Perfect Foundation™, and at this point, I’m wondering if I should shell out a few more dollars 😥 I don’t wanna! Whether it be for something the over $5 point or having to use primer or some other adjuster, it’s looking like that’s where it’s headed.

Check out the first couple of foundations I reviewed here. I compare two Rimmel Stay Mattes, a Wet n Wild Photofocus, and an e.l.f. stick.

Drugstore Foundations

Wet n Wild Photofocus 362C Soft Ivory

I reviewed the same foundation in my first post but in the shade Soft Beige. Soft Beige seemed to oxidize way orange on me, so I thought I’d try a lighter shade and perhaps if it oxidized, it might work? LOL. No such luck. As you can see in some of my videos, it’s too light for me.

EMBARRASSINGLY, I just noticed Wet n Wild actually says skin tone and undertone right on the bottle! Soft Ivory is their light warm option and Soft Beige is their light-medium warm. So, I don’t really know what to do. Should I try their light-medium neutral? Should I make more of an effort to use primer with Soft Beige? I actually have a Rimmel “skin tint” which I think I could mix with Soft Ivory, BUT I don’t think they make it anymore. So I would have to buy something like e.l.f.’s shade adjuster. 😢 Whyyyy.

LA Colors Liquid Makeup in Creamy Beige

You know what? This was a bad buy from the beginning, and I acknowledge that. I’d conflated LA Colors with LA Girl and didn’t bother to differentiate. This has very little coverage and even though actually seems kind of creamy, I’ve started to swatch on a piece of paper and when I applied this, the wateryness is noticeable. The shade may have been ok, but it’s really pink. It’s only $2, so if one is short of funds, this brand/line could be a convenient shade adjuster, highlighter or bronzer! However, I’m not a fan of the packaging as I find the cap wasteful, and you really have no control over the pump. It’s all or nothing!  

Drugstore Swatches
Wet n Wild Soft Ivory | LA Colors Creamy Beige | Wet n Wild Fair/Light

Wet n Wild Coverall 816 Fair/Light

Honestly, I cannot remember where I got this because all Wet n Wild I’ve seen lately is Photofocus. Also honestly, I can’t really tell the difference. I’m sure a seasoned makeup person may be able to, but I’m Team Whatever Works for You. It’s interesting that this is supposed to be a light shade but it’s so much tanner than a light shade from the same brand and from other people’s swatches. I would think that if something becomes orange it has a warm undertone, but other people’s swatches look very yellow! So could this still be cool?

Drugstore Swatches on paper

I know that I’ve been considering primer this whole post, but I just remembered that the last time(s) I’ve used it, I really did not like how it looked around my nose. IDK what it’s called, but it’s like how it looks at the end of day if you don’t prime? Very bad! Does this just mean I need to moisturize better? AHHH.

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Wet n Wild Photofocus at Ulta | Target | Primer | Primer Water

Once again, it’s kind of bust for The Perfect Foundation™, but the fun is the trip, right? 😅 At least now I know that I can consider e.l.f’s foundations, maybe LA Girl and Flower which maybe a few dollars more, but I can justify if other products aren’t working. If you know which shades I should or other affordable brands (no CoverGirl, Revlon, L’Oreal, Maybelline, or Neutrogena, please!), let me know!

April 2019 Empties

Hello readers, get any April showers?

I typically try to close out the month with an empties, but I haven’t posted one in almost a year, so this is close enough, right? And you’ll forgive me if I don’t remember how these actually work and talk more about the brands 😅

Vo5 Conditioner

I usually just use whatever hair products around which tend to be White Rain, but I didn’t have a conditioner for my Tree to Tub shampoo, and I had a discount. I like that this variant is supposed to give extra body by having collagen. Whether it’s effacent is debatable; I think that I felt like I couldn’t wash it all out. But it does have a ton of other oils and vitamins. Many websites say that Vo5 tests on animals, but this bottle says that they’re paraben and silicone free, and this product hasn’t been tested on animals.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum

I believe this was a sample from a magazine and that it felt very silky on the skin. Nothing much else I can think of except that it’s said that Chanel tests on animals.

April Empties 2019

Art Naturals Face Wash

This clarifying wash has already appeared on the blog in my moisturizer skeptic post. It claims to be made for oily/acne-prone skin and is sulfate, gluten and paraben-free. The first thing I noticed is it’s unusual green color! I was suspicious that this was actually causing acne, but I think that if I use it as a makeup cleanser rather than my wake-up face wash, it’s ok. This product was also not test on animals.

Rimmel Stay Matte

Again I tried this drugstore staple and again, I’m neither impressed or frustrated by it. This is the Translucent shade, but I feel like I’m liking Wet n Wild’s powders that are meant to match one’s skin tone  more than a “transparent” option. Would I try again? Third time’s the charm.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

This was just another sample about which I don’t have much to say. Although I did write “nice texture and light scent” on it. Personally, I don’t really like Philosophy’s product/line names make it sound like your skin is some epic catastrophe that need a literal miracle lest all hope be lost… It’s just skin dude.

April Empties Links
Affiliate links
Vo5 Conditioner | Chanel Creme | Free & Clear Cleanser
Rimmel Powder | Philosophy Moisturizer

I still have a bunch of empties and have just received a bunch of notepads for my birthday! So hopefully I’ll write shit down! Thanks for reading!

Jan Allure Beauty Box

January Allure Beauty Box

Mars Unboxes

Hi readers, do you believe in signs?

You may have noticed that yes, I am posting an unboxing from 3 months ago. Let me tell you! I thought I could get some nice products and try vlogging only for the first video to be completely wrong and the second to be interrupted at every turn. I went back and re-recorded my December unboxing and then while I was editing January’s, my program would crash every 5 seconds. I downloaded another and didn’t realize the free version was only a trial 😡 It’s like the universe does not want me to vlog 😫

Well, fuck you, universe! I’ve at least one more video idea, so you’re just gonna have to suck it up into that black hole of yours! Here is what I received in Allure’s January Beauty Box. It is usually $15/month, but you do get your first box for $10 and you get a new subscriber gift. They previously sent out in boxes like Birchbox but now use pouches made out of plastic (I think) that are still shipped in corrugated boxes. 



Mally Shadow Stick

This is an interesting product. It’s in a very pretty shimmering brown eyeshadow shade called Burnished Bronze. It’s supposed to make smokey eyes easy.
Retail Price: $25

Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

This smells so nice! It’s like a perfume. I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t know if it has staying power or efficacy. But the included booklet say that a user uses it to clean product buildup off their scalp.
Retail Price: $38 (for 8.8oz)
Received size is 1oz which would cost about $4

Sunday Riley CEO Glow Face Oil

This is a big reason why I decided to continue my subscription through the month. I’ve never used a face oil before, and I’ve heard turmeric (apologizes to the turmeric gang if I mispronounced it in my vid) is good for scarring. I’m not big that it claims to “brighten” because I’m concerned about that meaning “whiten” and I don’t think that anyone needs to be whiter particularly to be beautiful or attractive.


Not to mention that it kind of romanticizes CEOs, but I’m willing to overlook that ’cause ok, I’m sure everyone just means it that they want to be their own boss and not actually want to cheat their workers out of health insurance and livable wages. But the fact that it is called CEO and “brightens”… makes it sound like you have to look a certain way to be boss… 💩
Retail Price: $40 for 0.5oz

Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum

I don’t know if I realized I’d be receiving both Sunday Riley products, but I was glad when I unboxed this. I’ve heard retinoid is good for dark circles and didn’t wait to start trying it. Unfortunately, my eyes must be sensitive because I think that whenever I try products more for (under)eye areas, my eye twitches!

Maybe I should just use it for the rest of my face though as that’s what it looks like it’s designed for on their website 😬 It is cruelty, sulfate, paraben, gluten, soy, phthalate, and fragrance free.
Retail Price: $85 for 1oz
Received size is .27oz which would cost about $22.95

Doucce Relentless Matte Lip Crayon

This is a pretty, blueish red called Winterberry. Apparently if you buy it from Doucce it comes with a sharpener, but it looks like I’m gonna have to buy one.
Retail Price: $22

January Allure Affiliate links
Affiliate Links
Mally Stick | Ouai Scrub | CEO Glow
SR Serum | Doucce Lip | Amika | NLCA {different shade}

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask

I just noticed that this brand has products that are made in Israel, so I think they may be on the BDS list.
Retail Price: $28 for 8oz
Received size is 2oz which would cost $7

NCLA Nail Lacquer

Apparently, everyone gets a bonus gift! These “luxury” polishes are 7 free, vegan, and aren’t tested on animals. I think I’m a fan!
Retail Price: $16

Estimated Value: $136.95!!

As I say in the video, overall, I’m quite pleased with what I received! I don’t think that I’ve tried not only most of the brands but a lot of the types of products as well. The only problem I have is some kind of disorganization with Allure and receiving brands I for which I don’t care. Frankly, I wouldn’t need more than these two boxes. Do you think that I should write a wrap-up of my experience or is this enough? 😅

Jan Allure Beauty Box

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Tree to Tub Shampoo Facial Wash

Tree to Tub

Hi readers, do you enter online contests?

If you do, you probably get signed up for newsletters or sent other offers, right? Twenty percent off $80 is kind of a waste of time for me. But sometimes you might find something as I did with Tree to Tub! Tree to Tub started when founder Michael Koh couldn’t use harsh chemical soaps without getting burned. He claims his grandmother brought home soapberries, a fruit that naturally lathers and is anti-bacterial!

Tree to Tub Shampoo Facial Wash

The items I was able to try were the Soapberry Facial Cleaner and Soapberry Shampoo. I’d never heard of the funny nut before and wanted to try different types of products with it. Both the Facial Cleaner and Shampoo are available in a lavender and peppermint scent, but I chose the “Raw Unscented” option, again, just to see what the soapberry is and smells like by itself.

I love that Tree to Tub continues the natural theme. Besides the soapberries, other ingredients include organic argan oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. They do not use sulfates and parabens (among other concerns). They don’t test on animals, are vegan, fair trade, and sustainable. And their shipping is recyclable (and they have cute little inspirational messages)!


Soapberry for Hair

The liquid shampoo came in a regular plastic bottle with pump, something one might expect more from a soap or lotion. If you smell it straight from the bottle or when you first pump it out, there is, oddly, a rosemary scent. I guess, because of the lack of sulfates, it doesn’t lather which can take some getting used to or figuring out. I had to use more than one pump to feel like I was getting clean.

The directions actually say that you’re supposed leave it in for 2 minutes. However, I found this rather inconvenient and haven’t noticed much difference leaving in or not. I’ve used about more than half of it now, and post-washing, my hair feels like I haven’t washed out everything. I will say though that I have 90% less hair fall out in the shower.

Soapberry for Face

The facial cleanser is also a liquid comes in a plastic bottle but with the type of pump so that it does foam. This unscented scent is like a clay smell which like the shampoo rosemary is not too overbearing or lasting. I would think that it’s sold as a facial cleanser or at least “for face,” it might be more gentle or something, but I found that it may be a bit drying.

Tree to Tub offers an impressive amount of natural benefits. They claim to even be pH balanced and anti-fungal. With every order, you also get a soapberry itself! It comes with an instructional card that tells the brand’s story. I haven’t tried this method yet, but maybe I’ll Insta that the fruit kind of rattles! Unfortunately, the products I tried left something to be desired.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways you can try Tree to Tub including finding yourself on someone’s newsletter (or whatever contest it was), paying only shipping for a travel set, or trying your luck when you first visit the site with their like wheel of fortune.

What do you think of Tree to Tub?