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Girlfriend Experience & Office Wear

I just finished watching the Starz series¬†The Girlfriend Experience which seems loosely based on the 2009 film¬†of the same name. I saw the movie a while ago and don’t remember it exactly, but¬†the tv program was much more of ride. It¬†was probably not the show’s intention to make one want to emulate Riley Keough’s Christine Reade, but it¬†was impossible for me not to notice Christine’s¬†wardrobe. … Continue reading Girlfriend Experience & Office Wear

My #Pokemon20

Pokemon turned twenty years old last month, and while I can barely name a pocket monster beyond the original 151, the franchise still occupies such a space in my heart that I’m really disappointed Pokemon Go didn’t come out on the 26th??? So in honor of feeling like an ancient Kabuto fossil, I wanted to share some of my Pokemon memories. I feel like some … Continue reading My #Pokemon20

What’s in My Bag

Hello! Another post I’ve seen on fashion and beauty blogs¬†but in Googling if I should include a picture of my keys, I’ve also seen people not in those circles do, so here’s mine. Sans keys. I really don’t “travel” or even leave the house much, but I do kind of change my bag depending on where I’m going, so I don’t pack a lot. Although … Continue reading What’s in My Bag

Blogging Bad (Fashion)

If you’re familiar with AMC’s drama¬†Breaking Bad, you may have heard about a Columbian remake called¬†Metastasis. The program began airing in¬†los Estados Unidos¬†this summer and is already in the¬†Bad’s fourth season¬†storylines due to the near-daily new episode format of popular telenovelas. I only know a handful of Spanish (“No son piedras, Maria. Son MINERALES”), but I try to catch as much of the Unimas program¬†as … Continue reading Blogging Bad (Fashion)

Last Night in Grey Stockings

The Truth About Emanuel¬†is a weird as heck film that you might actually enjoy if you‚Äôre like me and like movies that have people you like and other curios. The cast includes Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina, and Kaya Scodelario as the eponymous Emanuel, an asocial¬†seventeen year old girl who seeks out an peculiar¬†relationship with her new neighbor (Biel). I first became familiar with¬†Scodelario through the … Continue reading Last Night in Grey Stockings


If you asked me what was happening on¬†Orphan Black, I’d blow a raspberry, shrug, and say, “Clones???” I’m pretty terrible at watching tv, so when I had some time to kill at my mom’s house– which has on demand… which I don’t– I had to catch up the BBC America hit. An ad for the program featured this¬†pretty nifty sounding song. ARTIST: barrie gledden TITLE: … Continue reading Alarmed

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Along with the Pixies’s “Gigantic” (thanks to that one commercial— WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ADVERTISING!?!?), Doris Day’s “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps” has been stuck in my head because the one promo I see¬†for the new season of Louie. And look at me!¬†For some reason I receive FX now and can watch it like a regular Joey Cablebox over here! I’ve been informed that commercial that … Continue reading Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps