1930s Under $30

1930s Under $30

Heyhey readers, you ever feel like not blogging?

I had a pretty decent list of post ideas for last week but was rather busy and was just not particularly enthusiastic to write any of them. After a more analytical blog, I did want to do something more light but was honestly more interested in… the war book I’m reading 😅

damnation cast

Maybe it’s those pesky interests. I’d been watching USA’s Damnation which takes place during the Depression, and now I’m enamored with 1930s blues music. I’ve also been thinking about revamping my wardrobe but my car’s butt lights are out, so I’m short of cash. So maybe I’ll dream about a 1930s-inspired wardrobe.

There is an interview where Jidenna says something like he dresses to match the political climate. Everyone’s broke, you got fascists running around…. I mean, you could make the case for the ’30s.

1930s woman

These are only 2 pictures (plus the ’30-inspired show), but you may be able to see the longer hems and belted waists. They’re long and feminine silhouettes but don’t necessarily have that billowing of lightweight maxi dresses/skirts or a cinched, bandaged hourglass figure. I would imagine that prints, patterns and color wouldn’t be anything too bold. If you’re unemployed, you have to make everything work for all occasions!

Affiliate links follow.

Modern 1930s inspo
1. Chase & Chloe Pump 2. Mango Printed Shirt 3. Scala Cloche Hat
4. Charlotte Russe Belt Pack 5. H&M Dress 6. Gap Midi Skirt

Here’s some pieces I think are modern interpretations. You may be able to pay more for closer matches, but you may also do what I plan and just go to the thrift shop. Since the vintage fabrics seem heavier and longer, hopefully I can still find something suitable for my climate! (I don’t think people even lived here before air conditioning 😓🌞)

Is the 1930s too impractical for you? Or do you think it’s… bad luck?
What do you do when you don’t feel like blogging?

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Office inspo

Girlfriend Experience & Office Wear

I just finished watching the Starz series The Girlfriend Experience which seems loosely based on the 2009 film of the same name. I saw the movie a while ago and don’t remember it exactly, but the tv program was much more of ride.

It was probably not the show’s intention to make one want to emulate Riley Keough’s Christine Reade, but it was impossible for me not to notice Christine’s wardrobe. As a law student interning at a firm and becoming an escort, her style is very minimalistic yet commanding. I’ve become obsessed with this kind of look that could be worn at the office, but looks just as amazing for cocktails.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pencil skirts or even know if I can pull them off, but I’m certainly now inspired to try.

Office inspo1. Diane Von Furstenberg pencil skirt 2. Frame button down 3. Line Lawrence dress 4. Boohoo dress. 5. Jimmy Choo pumps 6. Boss blazer

office outfit
1. Charlotte Russe dress {similar} 2. Charlotte Russe necklace {similar} 3. A. Byer blazer {Mango blazer} 4. Anne Klein satchel 5. Vince Camuto pumps {similar}

What I just happen to have in my closet isn’t as fitted as what Christine has, but I don’t know if I would be as comfortable! It’s also probably more affordable. Everything was probably under $20 except for the bag which was from a site called Twice which was like a name brand version of ThredUp. They used to let you trade gift cards for credit. I miss that site.

Do you get to use a lot of office wear? Do you like the simple staples or are they too boring?

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My #Pokemon20

My Pokemon 20

Pokemon turned twenty years old last month, and while I can barely name a pocket monster beyond the original 151, the franchise still occupies such a space in my heart that I’m really disappointed Pokemon Go didn’t come out on the 26th???

So in honor of feeling like an ancient Kabuto fossil, I wanted to share some of my Pokemon memories. I feel like some others might’ve had a similar idea seeing the youngins play Red, Blue, and Yellow. Someone should probably meme me playing whatever comes after Yellow!


Weird Pokemon Cards
· Um, did anybody else’s grandma get them these cards instead of the regular trading cards? What the heck were they?
· Those gold cards that came in a PokeBall from Burger King
· This VHS tape that magically arrived in the mail.
· So I don’t subscribe or follow any glitch or creepypasta threads or anything, so I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but one time I was walking toward the Elite 4. I walked into the grass, and you know, along there are your Pidgeys, your Rattatas.

HOWEVER, you know when you come across a GHOST in Lavender Town without that Silph Scope? And I don’t think you can run from because it just says, “Get out…”? Well, that’s what it said for whatever I’d come across outside of Viridian City!

And maybe this’ll muddy up the story, but I’m pretty sure after I got away, Pikachu had the same scared emotion it does in the Pokemon Tower.
· It’s probably worth all of $10, but I still haven’t opened my Ancient Mew.
· Back in elementary, it being such a ~ DISTRACTION ~ (or maybe adults feeling like kids might lose their cards or smth), we weren’t allowed to bring Pokemon stuff to school.

I’m sure I could list more if I thought about it, but unfortunately now, I can’t spend all day thinking about Pokemon. Now, I have to think about what it means that Pete Holmes and Eren Jaegar have the same birthday and how to get those Sailor Moon eyeglasses. Hariharian says! 😁

What’s in My Bag

What's in My Bag

Hello! Another post I’ve seen on fashion and beauty blogs but in Googling if I should include a picture of my keys, I’ve also seen people not in those circles do, so here’s mine. Sans keys.

I really don’t “travel” or even leave the house much, but I do kind of change my bag depending on where I’m going, so I don’t pack a lot. Although if I know I staying a single place for a bit longer (like: not even a slumber party. Maybe just my mom’s for half the day), I’m packing wardrobe.

So this is pretty typical, plus a little pack because I’d actually been out over the weekend. Hooray!

American Eagle Outfitters satchel

First of all, my bag is this lovely dark brown American Eagle Outfitters satchel. I’d been planning to sell it (tags still attached), but I wanted to use something different than my usual purse, it’s fall. I think it’s great, right? Here, I’ve a little green sticker from the art museum.

Bodycology Bath Goods

Got this Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla Mist and Lotion as a gift a while ago. Perfect for just in case moments.

Lip Balms

I live in Florida, so I figure if I’m going to have chapped lips, my balm might as well have SPF. I usually use Nivea’s Kiss of Shimmer, but I can’t find it, so here are two products that are on either end if Nivea was in the middle. Maybelline’s Baby Lips tinted balm and Softlips’s balm with SPF.

I got Baby Lips to try out; it’s like if you take my lip color with full saturation. Softlips is good if you’re outside; it has higher SPF than Nivea. Nivea’s product is in fact, shimmery, so you’ll have to find something else if you want that effect.

Foundation Powder

This is pretty much all the makeup I pack for everyday. Powder, brush and a mirror if a compact like Rimmel’s Stay Matte doesn’t have one.

Attack on Titan Wallet

Gotta drive to get around, so here’s where I keep my license and things! A cute little Attack on Titan wallet my brother got me for Christmas last year.

Notices and maps

Some memorabilia from the weekend. A notice about Chelsea Manning and ticket from the art museum and my crudely drawn map 🙂

Geocaching Pack

Since I’d be out, I thought I might be able to do some geocaching. Here’s my little pack with stickers and charms as well as a magnet in case a cache might need one and a pen to sign logs.

Thanks for reading!


Blogging Bad (Fashion)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

If you’re familiar with AMC’s drama Breaking Bad, you may have heard about a Colombian remake called Metastasis. The program began airing in los Estados Unidos this summer and is already in the Bad’s fourth season storylines due to the near-daily new episode format of popular telenovelas.

I only know a handful of Spanish (“No son piedras, Maria. Son MINERALES”), but I try to catch as much of the Unimas program as I can. Why not? 🙂 What the heck else is on at 10pm? If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, it’s pretty much exactly the same. EW notes some differences here.

Fashion may not be something one is thinking about when watching a darkly themed show about a cancer patient turned meth king, but upon watching “Francotirador” (“Sniper,” the episode equivalent, I believe, of “Bug“), I noticed this shirt that Jose Miguel (played by the equally adorable Roberto Urbina) was wearing.

Jose Miguel shirt

As we can see, carnation-colored names aren’t the only similarity between Pinkman and Rosas. Particularly in earlier seasons of Breaking Bad, Jesse can be seen in bold graphic t-shirts and tops as has been the case with Jose.

Jesse Pinkman style

<small Jesse Pinkman t-shirts in seasons 1, 3, 4 & 5.

Jesse Pinkman s2

Lots of skulls in season 2.

Jose Miguel Rosas ropa


Jose Miguel collage

Wearing clothes two times too big can overwhelm one’s frame and look sloppy, but I do love these sort of statement tees. They’re a common enough piece to come in wide array but the perfect way to give your look an edge. Here are a few that I found.

Mens Graphic Tee Shirts
Affiliate links
Nordstrom Tee $25 Kenzo T-Shirt $135 Forward Chill $390
Off 5th Diesel $25 Alexander McQueen $665 Sperry Mermaid $21

Not only can one find them at big box retailers and department stores, but even big name fashion designers come back to and put their name on the basics.

Andy Verderosa at thelma.com wrote about how Pinkman’s style changed throughout Breaking Bad, so it will be interesting to see if Rosas follows. Now I want to go back and notice other characters of Metastasis, particularly Maria/Marie and all of her purple.