Blogging Bad (Fashion)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

If you’re familiar with AMC’s drama Breaking Bad, you may have heard about a Colombian remake called Metastasis. The program began airing in los Estados Unidos this summer and is already in the Bad’s fourth season storylines due to the near-daily new episode format of popular telenovelas.

I only know a handful of Spanish (“No son piedras, Maria. Son MINERALES”), but I try to catch as much of the Unimas program as I can. Why not? 🙂 What the heck else is on at 10pm? If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, it’s pretty much exactly the same. EW notes some differences here.

Fashion may not be something one is thinking about when watching a darkly themed show about a cancer patient turned meth king, but upon watching “Francotirador” (“Sniper,” the episode equivalent, I believe, of “Bug“), I noticed this shirt that Jose Miguel (played by the equally adorable Roberto Urbina) was wearing.

Jose Miguel shirt

As we can see, carnation-colored names aren’t the only similarity between Pinkman and Rosas. Particularly in earlier seasons of Breaking Bad, Jesse can be seen in bold graphic t-shirts and tops as has been the case with Jose.

Jesse Pinkman style

<small Jesse Pinkman t-shirts in seasons 1, 3, 4 & 5.

Jesse Pinkman s2

Lots of skulls in season 2.

Jose Miguel Rosas ropa


Jose Miguel collage

Wearing clothes two times too big can overwhelm one’s frame and look sloppy, but I do love these sort of statement tees. They’re a common enough piece to come in wide array but the perfect way to give your look an edge. Here are a few that I found.

Mens Graphic Tee Shirts
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Not only can one find them at big box retailers and department stores, but even big name fashion designers come back to and put their name on the basics.

Andy Verderosa at wrote about how Pinkman’s style changed throughout Breaking Bad, so it will be interesting to see if Rosas follows. Now I want to go back and notice other characters of Metastasis, particularly Maria/Marie and all of her purple.

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