Indie Biz Wish List

Hi readers, do you have a spare umbrella? It has been raining all day in a very odd bout of winter weather. However, it is keeping with the whole not really feeling like Christmas atmosphere. So why not make another wish list? ūüėÖ¬†I don’t really like giving my money to places that already have a lot, so I’ve a couple of tags on the right … Continue reading Indie Biz Wish List

Gifts for Harry Potter Fans That Aren’t HP Merch

Wingardium leviosa readers, are you still a Potterhead? I was a hipster child and had always been reading, so when everyone and the news busted a nut about how J.K. Rowling got kids to actually read, I was like: “Hello? I’ve been reading about sharks and dinosaurs, and y’all are queueing up at midnight for some dictionary books? Nerds.” When the last movies were coming … Continue reading Gifts for Harry Potter Fans That Aren’t HP Merch

ShopLatinx Pin

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hi readers, did your September fly by? September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States which celebrates the contributions and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans. It runs until October 15th. So it seemed a great reason for another installment of sharing some great finds from Shop Latinx! Shop Latinx is an online directory featuring independent businesses with Latinx owners. … Continue reading Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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July 2018 Picks

Hello followers, have you checked in with your friends? I know it’s summer. Maybe it’s the heat? But I just feel kind of in the dumps. Maybe I should’ve actually watched the World Cup? I feel like buying something, but you know me. I can never justify¬†just buying something, and I’m really indecisive.¬† But I also do like sharing in case anyone else is interested! … Continue reading July 2018 Picks

Cambio & Co.

Heydilly ho, followinos! How was your Mother’s Day? As I was considering what to get my mom this year, I thought about continuing my theme from Christmas– giving less material goods but donating to organizations on behalf of my giftees. I did still want to give¬†something and since I’ve seen companies employing artisans in poverty-stricken areas, I wondered if there were any owned by Filipinos … Continue reading Cambio & Co.

Office inspo

Girlfriend Experience & Office Wear

I just finished watching the Starz series¬†The Girlfriend Experience which seems loosely based on the 2009 film¬†of the same name. I saw the movie a while ago and don’t remember it exactly, but¬†the tv program was much more of ride. It¬†was probably not the show’s intention to make one want to emulate Riley Keough’s Christine Reade, but it¬†was impossible for me not to notice Christine’s¬†wardrobe. … Continue reading Girlfriend Experience & Office Wear

Fall Outfit

Fall Chill

It’s¬†technically fall here in Florida which honestly means hurricane season. I hope everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew is staying safe.¬†Besides freaking¬†forces of nature, we’ve been very unpredictable. It can be cool in the morning but then sizzling or raining in the afternoon ūüėí ¬†The equinox has passed, so I’m going to wear booties, damn it! I think I’m always going to associate fall with going … Continue reading Fall Chill

Fall Transition


My dad had a little reunion with his high school buds back in his hometown, so I had to pick him up from the airport. I’m not much of a driver, so I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to navigate¬†it. This is actually the mall because I didn’t feel like driving back to the airport. It was under construction though I managed to … Continue reading Pick-Up


My heritage has always been important to me and while it can be incredibly generalizing to paint all of the Philippines as “poor” that is just personally from where my family comes. Certain images and¬†traits like charity have been seared into my personality, but¬†donations can be problematic (e.g., corrupt organizations). That’s why I’m interested in brands that either feature local artisans and/or further teach those … Continue reading Rags2Riches

Sailor Moon Purse

eBay Haul

I feel like we’ve all heard eBay horror stories, right? People taking money, items don’t look like their pictures… As much as I like its more precise¬†filters, I just feel like I don’t usually find anything on eBay. However, I saw someone share this Sailor Moon purse, and I simply¬†had to have it. Amy Dunne might not be the¬†best role model, but given the universal … Continue reading eBay Haul