Gifts for Harry Potter Fans That Aren’t HP Merch

Wingardium leviosa readers, are you still a Potterhead?

I was a hipster child and had always been reading, so when everyone and the news busted a nut about how J.K. Rowling got kids to actually read, I was like: “Hello? I’ve been reading about sharks and dinosaurs, and y’all are queueing up at midnight for some dictionary books? Nerds.” When the last movies were coming out, I figured I might as well try it, so I’ve actually seen all of them and read 3 or 4 of the books.

I gotta say, I stand by my 8 year old self. No foul to fans– my closest friends love it– but there’s other stuff out there! Not only do I get a little tired of watching the films at gatherings, but I also don’t want to keep relying on Harry Potter merchandise as gifts. I’m sure they’d like Dobby socks or handcrafted wands, but 1) they already have tons of HP stuff and 2) it can be difficult to know what all that stuff is. Are you in a similar position? That’s why I’m going window shopping, thinking about what else I think Harry Potter fans would like based on my Potterhead friends.

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T. Swift, Game of Thrones, the Black Panthers, The Fault in Our Stars

Media Gift Ideas
T. Swift Record | Fault Stars DVD | Power to the People post | SoIF collection

If someone was a fan of the magic and fantasy of HP, perhaps they would like the equally vast world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire series, popularized through HBO’s Game of Thrones tv show. Or perhaps another popular young adult author like John Green. 

Dog Stuff

Harry Potter Dog Gifts
Reusable Bag | Hearts Socks | Santa Tie | Retriever Ornament

Cats might be a familiar pet within witchy tales, but 75% of Harry Potter fans that I know have dogs (3 out of 4 is still 75% 😜)! Cute accessories are a great stocking stocker. Or if you’ve a dog and are more comfortable buying for them, a treat for man’s best friend might be acceptable.

Instant Camera

Harry Potter Polaroid Ideas
Fujifilm Instax | Polaroid Gradient Frames | Instax Case

If your budget is on the higher end, an instant camera is a fun idea for anyone! I’ve really no HP connection other than my fan friends have them. But if a camera is pricey or they already own one, maybe you can slip some mystical aspect with themed film frames. Cases are so practical, and this one makes it look like you’re going on some kind of epic adventure.

Arts & Crafts

Arts Crafts Ideas
Scrapbook Page Kit | Cross Stitch Kit | Emergency Color Kit

Are Hufflepuffs supposed to be artsy-fartsy? I believe my friends are both. One is a painter and another is getting into cross stitching. I’ve no idea if people are still doing it, but for a hot second I thought I saw people doing dollhouse furniture kits like it was the next adult coloring book. Are they still doing it? If not, there’s all sorts of other model kits out there!

(Fantastical) Home Goods

Home Goods
Coconut Tea | Unicorn Mold | Feather Pen | Star String Lights

I don’t think that any of us are sous-chefs by any means, but we sure do like dreaming about Instagram-worthy rooms. A canister of tea or a strand of lights may easily fit the aesthetic, but it’s the Harry Potter pillow or Lord of the Rings welcome mat that inject personality and make a house a home.

Hopefully I don’t come off as some kind of miser that thinks you kids are going to hell for practicing witchcraft!! If someone really wants a Harry Potter thing, by all means! … if they are a child, lol. As I said, this is just for inspo and when both parties have already bought a lot of HP stuff. What do you think of combining ideas like a HP color-by-number?

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