eBay Haul

I feel like we’ve all heard eBay horror stories, right? People taking money, items don’t look like their pictures… As much as I like its more precise filters, I just feel like I don’t usually find anything on eBay. However, I saw someone share this Sailor Moon purse, and I simply had to have it.

Black White Dress

Amy Dunne might not be the best role model, but given the universal appeal and versatility (I did need a LBD) of a black dress with a white peter pan collar, I’ve been looking for the perfect one. I chose this one because of the white cuffs, and the account selling it had the size that looked (hopefully) that it would fit. I know that can be another downfall for eBay.

While it was very affordable, I am not in love with the material. It reminds me of a Halloween costume. I guess you could say it’s just how the dress looks, but I feel like a pilgrim! Also, I believe it’s meant to be a bodycon dress, but clingy fabric makes me feel uncomfortable.

Peter Pan Collar

I got a haircut since I took these, how I miss my hair! Perhaps if it wasn’t summer, I’d pair this dress with tights but alas. Perhaps it’s a good thing I forgot my beige heels because I think my mom’s black and white sandals match, no?

Sailor Moon Bag

In any case, I absolutely adore this purse. I actually thought it was going to be smaller, but bigger works. It’s of pretty good quality and came in a few protective wrappings which I thought was nice for something from eBay. It has a main, taupe-y interior with a zipper pocket and another pocket divided into two. It closes with a magnetic button and there’s a pocket where the snap is, but you probably could only fit small, flat items there.

Sailor Moon Purse

I think what really makes this purse is the cat ears. There’s also little studs on the bottom so it can stand up. The only thing I don’t really like are the clasps that connect the strap to the bag because it feels like you’re scraping metal against metal. But you probably won’t have to unhook them too much because I don’t think it works well as a clutch.

This Sailor Moon bag is such a welcomed piece to my wardrobe especially after the lukewarm dress and a fringe bag I immediately decided to resell. I guess you could say I’m still not sold on eBay being a site I typically browse. But if you see something, you have to have, go for it!

Do you buy clothes on eBay?

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2 thoughts on “eBay Haul

  1. I only started using eBay to buy makeup and there is a lot of good stuff on there. The purse is super cute and matches really well with your outfit! 🙂

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