Fall Chill

It’s technically fall here in Florida which honestly means hurricane season. I hope everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew is staying safe. Besides freaking forces of nature, we’ve been very unpredictable. It can be cool in the morning but then sizzling or raining in the afternoon 😒  The equinox has passed, so I’m going to wear booties, damn it!

I think I’m always going to associate fall with going back to school. I’ve been debating whether it’s silly for someone who hasn’t been in school for a while to wear a bomber jacket, but I put together this smart transitional look for the meantime.

Fall Outfit

I’m not exactly sure what these types of boots are called, but I’d been seeing them around, so I got this pair from Poshmark. The buyer actually gifted me another pair of velvet heels which are totally cool for the season but are coming apart at the heel, so I need to find some kind of glue!

I’ve wanted a suede button-up skirt for a while, but they were kind of expensive, and I feel incredibly awkward in skirts. I used to feel that way in dresses, but I started trying them on and just seeing what I liked in different types and shapes and stuff. So I thought I’d try with this $6 piece from Walmart.

Autumn Outfit

It wasn’t real suede and the buttons aren’t real either which would be fine for the price. The fabric is lightweight which could be a pro that you could layer or a con of looking cheap. Unfortunately, I think it’s supposed to be high-waisted and is a little long which makes me feel like a house 😦 Not sure if I’ll keep.

Ravenclaw emblem

How great is this Harry Potter sweater? My brother’s wife gave her bridesmaids sweaters with emblems matching their house. I was a snobby hipster child who didn’t like HP, so I researched and saw that Gilderoy Lockhart was a Ravenclaw. I consulted my Potter virtuoso friend and even my brother’s wife said they thought I’d be a ‘claw. Like: dang, do I flounce around everywhere?

If it were cooler, I’d probably wear some tights. But it’s still too hot for me to bother. I finished The Girl on the Train but now I’m not sure if I want to see the movie. What are you doing for Halloween? Any suggestions?

What I Wore
Apostrophe Boots {Similar}  | Concepts Skirt (sold out) {Similar}
Bobeau Top {Similar} | Ravenclaw Cardigan (Slytherin/Hufflepuff only)
Kiss Me Couture Bucket {Similar}

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❤ Steph

11 thoughts on “Fall Chill

  1. Very cute, Stephanie! Love the cardigan. Love your blog!

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post, it means so much.

    Have a wonderful day!

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