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Girlfriend Experience & Office Wear

I just finished watching the Starz series The Girlfriend Experience which seems loosely based on the 2009 film of the same name. I saw the movie a while ago and don’t remember it exactly, but the tv program was much more of ride. It was probably not the show’s intention to make one want to emulate Riley Keough’s Christine Reade, but it was impossible for me not to notice Christine’s wardrobe. … Continue reading Girlfriend Experience & Office Wear

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Power to the People

Happy Black History Month! I’m know I’m posting this on its last day and obviously we shouldn’t restrict educating ourselves and celebrating once a year, but I wanted to get this in because we have this designation. Sharing and learning the often overlooked and erased contributions of a people is the whole point of this month! I won a giveaway from Goodreads a couple of months … Continue reading Power to the People

The Movie I’ve Watched Most

I don’t really have favorites. Favorite food, favorite color… I feel like they’re supposed to be representative of you, and I’m just too multifaceted and evolving. However, I will say that the movie that I’ve watched the most– and would be my favorite if I had them at the present– is The Social Network.  When it first announced, I was probably someone who groaned and wrote … Continue reading The Movie I’ve Watched Most

Look What I Won!

Hello readers! I’m so excited because I won some amazing goodies from Comedy Central! The channel home to classic funny shows like The Daily Show and Chappelle’s Show has an online panel that asks what members think about those programs. It’s all pretty tailored, that is, they ask about certain shows at certain times, so it’s not paid like other panels. But I watch a lot of … Continue reading Look What I Won!

Where to Invade Next

As I mentioned in my last post, we recently celebrated my dad’s birthday, and one of my gifts to him was Michael Moore’s latest documentary Where to Invade Next. In it, Moore presents a fictionalized meeting between him and U.S. military heads where they ask him for help after 70 years of losing wars. He decides to “invade” countries and take what we need from them. These nations … Continue reading Where to Invade Next

How Do I Land in 2042?

Part of the reason I named my blog as I did is that I’m in a weird place with my self-esteem. Another part is that I love Hari Kondabolu. The title of Hari’s record references when white people are supposed to become the racial minority in the United States, a glorious, misleading prediction over which even I, myself glossed. “Well, it’s 49% white people and 51% you … Continue reading How Do I Land in 2042?