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11 Survey Sites That Pay in Gift Cards

Hello readers, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Since it’s the end of the year, I’ve been trying to arrange my monies and where they’re going for the holidays. Not only that but my nephew will be in town for a while, so I finally get to meet him! He is soooo tiny (he was a premie). He can kick his legs but can’t quite figure out how to move those arms to crawl, lol!

One of the places I’m arranging my monies from is survey sites. Last year, I shared some where you can get paid more or less with cash (usually Paypal). But if you prefer gift cards, I’ve got another list for you!

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Product Report Card

Product Report Card was on my list last year, but apparently must be moved to this one. It seems that now they just pay in Amazon gift cards.

Opinion Outpost

In addition to paying out by Paypal, Opinion Outpost also offers the option of Amazon and Apple App Store/iTunes gift cards.


One Opinion is also great for being paid cash, but it has Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Visa, and Walmart gift cards as well.


Toluna has a catalog of gift cards available including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Sephora, CVS, and even Bitcoin!

Springboard America

Springboard has somewhat of a more limited pool of rewards, but they’re still very useful and practical. Some of these cards are Starbucks, Target, iTunes, AMC Theatres, Amazon, and the Cheesecake Factory.


iPoll provides the options of Amazon and Apple App Store/iTunes gift cards. But it looks like you may only be able to sign up for it through their app now.

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Lifepoints Panel recently changed from My Survey. They have some of the same Amazon, Target, and CVS gift cards. But they additionally have Domino’s, Nordstrom, eBay, and many other retailers and restaurants.


ePoll asks about tv and celebrities and offers just the basic gift cards you need: Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, etc.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions only has gift cards in case you would like some of the staples I’ve repeatedly shared already. But they also offer some more unusual rewards like Southwest reward points, a “multi-brand” pack, and credit for certain spas!


On Swagbucks, you can perform a number of activities to earn “bucks” which are redeemable for just as many rewards. Gift cards available include Gamestop, Visa, Amazon, Walmart, and even Southwest Airlines.

Makeup Makers

Makeup Makers would be perfect for fellow beauty bloggers, but it’s not the most active (my account says I haven’t earned points since March). So signing up and earning points might be a risk. But you can earn Amazon gift cards for giving your opinion on beauty items!

Cardpool site landing
Unwanted gift card? Sell it on Cardpool!

I’m sure there are many other sites, but I am just sharing from personal experience. Additionally, I did not include panels that are invite-only, but one way you can receive an invite from them is through these kind of sites 🙂

I can’t say for certain, but I would think that these gift cards are electronic so they would probably be sent to your e-mail. Some retailers allow you to send/forward them to others, send them to your reward account or app, or print them out (to use in store), but others do not! So keep that in mind when considering signing up for panels and cashing out.

Where would you like to receive a gift card?
Would you send someone an electronic one?

Survey Sites Pay Cash

11 Survey Sites That Pay Cash

Hello readers, are you ready for a new month?

I’ve been trying to be more bloggery lately by joining shared Pinterest boards and Facebook groups. It seems like a lot of people blog about blogging! Is it just me or do some sites look awfully similar? Not just  templates but content too. I’ve also been trying to write about how to make some pocket money online, so I’d hope that I’d be able to tell when someone’s just copying info about this topic.

There’s a plethora of survey sites out there. And it may not always be so easy to see how you’re paid. Or it may change. So I’m going to share sites I’ve used and as of this posting, pay cash. Gift cards can be nice, but there’s just a relief from seeing those numbers in your bank account, right?

Selected links contain referrals.

Product Report Card

I would guess that PRC gets its name from a feature it has where you can log your household appliances for “in-home product tests.” However, I haven’t done this because you have to input all sorts of info like the serial number and year of purchase which I don’t know and seems more trouble than it’s worth! But they do still send other surveys.

There is a $25 cashout threshold and they send payment pretty quickly. They say they offer Paypal, but when I tried it, they said they were having problems and sent a check. It may take a while to save up $25, but they do award $0.10 if you don’t qualify for a survey. Also, I think you may have to save a phone number.

Opinion Outpost

I call OO my old reliable because I really feel like they don’t send surveys that take forever and only pay a dime or don’t even register. It looks like they send more invites than PRC and don’t have a consolation payment but you do get entries in a sweepstakes.

You must have at least $10 to cash out. I received payment in a day. They offer Paypal and other options. Opinion Outpost is only available for US residents.


OneOpinion used to be called Zoompanel and used to have a ridiculously large reward catalog. Fortunately now, they’ve downsized to more practical gift cards and Paypal. I feel like they send a lot of invites and some surveys are very long. Also, while you do receive a few points if you don’t qualify for a survey, it’s only for the first five each day. You may not take that many everyday, but you may also receive extra invites in your inbox.

OneOpinion has a $25 minimum redemption, and it only took a few days to receive payment once requested. They also accept certain countries outside of the US!


Toluna is another favorite. Like Outpost, they’re pretty straight-forward but have some extra features like testing products! I’ve previously received a Nivea eyeshadow from them. They’ve also recently created what looks like a zine that offers other creative ways for people to earn points.

They offer tons of gift cards as well as Paypal (in $30 increments). It does take a little longer to receive payment at an estimated 1-4 weeks.

Springboard America

Springboard is probably what I’d recommend if you only want a few invites. However, every month they ask you to update your appliance/electronics profile which I find kind of long and annoying as well as redirecting you to other surveys if you don’t qualify for one (it messes with my inbox).

But surveys are pretty much all they offer, so there’s not much to feel overwhelmed about. Their minimum payout is high– $50– but they provide Paypal, prepaid Visa, and many other gift cards, and you should receive payment in a few days. Springboard is only available to the US.

Survey Sites Pay Cash


Another good one! iPoll is quite similar to Opinion Outpost in that they’re straight-forward and you receive sweepstake entries if you don’t qualify for a survey. You do need at least $25 to redeem Paypal, Amazon or iTunes credit. I believe I received payment the same day I requested it! iPoll is only available to the US.


MySurvey has been around for years. I feel like they offer a lot of surveys and send more invites than they have surveys (these may actually be mobile offers or profiles). Same deal with Outpost and iPoll. I’m not sure if there’s a specified threshold for all payments, but you must have at least $10 for Paypal.  It takes 5-10 to receive. I believe they’re also available in select countries outside the US.


Do you watch a lot of reality tv? I don’t know if that’s what E-poll is looking for specifically, but they actually do ask a lot about tv shows! Surveys can be a little long, but I don’t think they send as many. You can be paid though many gift cards as well as Paypal for as little as $5!

American Consumer Opinion

I’m not a big fan of ACOP because it feels like you do a lot for not much. This could very well be because of screeners or whatever, but it’s also taking very long to receive payment from them. I requested payment in November when it was estimated to take 6-8 weeks. I emailed them earlier and they said to wait until it’s been 12! They do say they’re open all over the world.


Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with Swagbucks as a survey panel because they don’t send me emails like other sites, so it’s kind of out of my way. They do offer all sorts of other features where you can earn for using their search engine, shopping (like eBates) and even watching videos. So if you make it a point to log in or visit, you’ll probably earn a lot more than I do.


SurveySavvy is probably similar to ACOP with fewer invites and surveys that seem to take forever. They do say that they’re open worldwide. However, I believe they do pay by check. They also say to wait up to 12 weeks for it.

Please note that these are all just my experiences! Survey invites may (or may not) depend on your demographics (age, gender, income, etc). Additionally, while trying to write this post, I did see that people had problems with Product Report Card. On one hand, I kind of feel like people only review things when they’ve a horrible experience. On the other, I do hope readers don’t just take my word and do do a little more research to see what can potentially happen and decide if they’re willing to take that risk.

Have you used any survey sites? Would you like me to try one?

Poshmark Pin


Poshmark Pin
* 7/11/17 UPDATE! Yesterday, Poshmark announced that users will be able to upload selling listings online!
In this post, I’m going to share my Poshmark selling experience. Poshmark is an app and website that allow its users to buy and sell fashion. Originally for women’s styles, it’s since expanded its categories for mens and childrens items.
Although I said that it is both an app and website, you can only sell by using the phone app*. If you have a good phone camera, it should be relatively easy to take pictures of your clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. I would suggest to take them as you would take photos for your blog– nice, bright, clear images attract more attention which means more sales!
Poshmark does charge a fee. Fortunately, they aren’t like eBay, so it’s just Posh and not Posh and Paypal. For items under $15, there’s a $2.95 fee, and for items over, it’s 20%. I really appreciate that at the bottom of your listing page (where you upload your pictures, describe your item, and select its color, size, etc.,), it automatically calculates the fee and how much you’ll actually earn given the amount you charge.
Shipping on Poshmark is a mixed bag. On one hand, it’s pretty much a flat $6.49 for everyone (up to five pounds. There is a bundling option if you buy multiple things from one buyer). Sellers also don’t have to worry about buying packaging because the USPS provides the type that Posh uses free! So it’s generally easy to figure out shipping.
However, as someone who semi-regularly sends out packages, I know not everything actually costs $7 to mail. And since all of that is going toward postage, a seller does not receive any “spare change,” and the buyer is essentially overpaying. Yet, there are different shipping classes like First Class being a cheaper but taking up to a week to arrive. Poshmark uses 1- 3 day Priority. Posh’s price may also actually be cheaper for something heavier like shoes.
Tip Graphic
One feature that I really like about Posh is sharing. It’s kind of like on Twitter or Tumblr how you can share someone else’s thing to your followers and help it gain exposure. It’s considered Poshmark etiquette to share someone’s listing if they’ve shared yours!
You can not only share listings with your followers but to Poshmark “parties.” Four times a day, users can share their listings that correspond with a party’s theme. There are parties for certain brands, makeup, jeans, and even looser concepts like “Backyard BBQ” and “Sunday Funday.” I think sharing and parties really keep the marketplace fresh and lively whereas on Mercari, you just put your posts up and wait.
Once you’ve sold on Posh, you can get paid through a direct deposit to your bank or through a check. Wait until you’ve earned at least $10 unless you’d like another fee. Or, you can use those earnings toward buying.
This wraps up pretty much what I know about selling on Poshmark. They do have another interesting aspect for sellers which are Boutiques where I believe sellers can buy wholesale from distributors, but I have not tried it before. I’m not making a living with Posh, but I also don’t have a closet full of Gucci! I think it’s a good investment if you have the time and space particularly if you’ve looked into something like ThredUp and wanted a little more.
Poshmark is currently only available in the US, but I would love to hear if the rest of the world has something similar. Would you like to hear about eBay, Mercari, or ThredUp?