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Greater Good Gifts

Have you heard of Greater Good? They have a network of websites where you can click on a banner that helps generate ad money which goes towards charities dealing with hunger,  breast cancer and more. There’s also a plethora of other information like petitions, videos, and news. Throughout their websites is their Gifts That Give More shop that includes donations starting at $0.77! Gifts sound … Continue reading Greater Good Gifts

Defend the Sacred

Sacred Stone Camp

In April, indigenous activists began protesting construction of the Dakota Access pipeline which stands to contaminate the Missouri River, a water source for thousands of Standing Rock Sioux and millions downstream. In September, more than 100 tribes unified in historic gatherings, and protectors were attacked with pepper spray and dogs while trying to defend a tribal burial site being bulldozed by the pipeline company. President Obama has since paused DAPL, but … Continue reading Sacred Stone Camp

Red Panda Network

Today is International Red Panda Day!   View this post on Instagram Its National Sister's Day here in the USA! Tag your #sisters or best friends to share this adorable red panda photo with them to brighten their day. #redpanda #redpandanetwork #sistersday #👭 A post shared by Red Panda Network (@redpandanetwork) on Aug 7, 2016 at 7:20am PDT Like their larger white counterparts, these little … Continue reading Red Panda Network

Don’t Forget About Flint

In early 2014, city officials of Flint, Michigan switched the city’s water supply to the Flint River in effort to save money. Soon afterwards residents voiced concerns about the quality of the water of which photos have gone viral and in which bacteria and possible carcinogens have been found. View this post on Instagram Just heard one of the toughest stories I've heard in my life. Nakeyja, a … Continue reading Don’t Forget About Flint


This past Sunday morning 49 people were killed at the gay club Pulse in Orlando on its weekly Latin Night event. Pulse opened in 2004 and named in honor of founder Barbara Poma’s brother, who died of AIDS. At least 50 other people were injured. While images of long blood donation lines are nice, it’s very disheartening to see mass shootings so frequently. It’s disgusting to see … Continue reading Pulse

Think Before You Pink

I know I should’ve written this way earlier in the month, but perhaps if I haven’t gotten around to it, you haven’t either. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month which has become synonymous with Susan G. Komen’s pink ribbons. But with everything from grocery aisles to football fields going pink, it seems similar to what probable Baby Boomers call “slacktivism.” This might basely include “online activism” but could … Continue reading Think Before You Pink

Syrian Refugee Help

Yuri Kozyrev | Noor At least in my very American experience, when mainstream news isn’t treating Donald Trump like a lax white parent with a bratty kid in public, they’re mentioning a refugee crisis in Europe. It is really more of a mention as we get pictures and record of terrible things happening but no real substantial time spent or explanations. It shouldn’t take that to want … Continue reading Syrian Refugee Help

Haiyan Relief

Typhoon Haiyan Support

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November 2013 with winds reaching nearly 200mph. It is the deadliest in Philippine history, killing at least 6,300 people with some reports estimating 10,000. Unfortunately, mega hurricanes and super typhoons may become all too common due to human’s impact on the environment. These storms gain strength from heat in water, and we are warming the oceans all too fast. … Continue reading Typhoon Haiyan Support