Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack

Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint Pack

Given that you get along with or have a mom figure, I can only recommend living nearby. To be fair, I don’t have a spouse or children or live as close as directly across the street like┬áin┬áEverybody Loves Raymond, so I can’t recommend┬áthat, but I do like the easy access to more food. Additionally, her friends are way more into giving each other their closet … Continue reading Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint Pack

Fall Makeup

Fall Tag!

It finally feels like fall! What better to do than a post about the season? I was tagged by the coolio┬áTigritsa. What is your┬áfavourite Fall┬ácolour? Probably burgundy. I love olives and I like the combining them with khakis, but I don’t really like wearing beige colors too much. What is your┬áfavourite Fall lip product? From my own collection,┬áWet ‘n Wild’s Mocha-licious and Clinique’s Plum are … Continue reading Fall Tag!

Beauty Bakerie

Have you heard of Beauty Bakerie? Perhaps you have seen their AMAZING Lip Whips on social media. #WhatSmudge!!! Hi Sugar Babies! Meet Versailles' Cousins! We are SOOOOO excited to welcome them to the family! You guys asked for it and we DELIVERED FOUR!! From wrist to arm: Honey, Bubblegum Crisis, I like to Chai Chai and Syruptitious­čŹČ­čŹĘ­čŹŽ­čŹ░­čŹí­čŹą­čŹ»­čŹĹ Indulge NOW on the site!!! A post shared … Continue reading Beauty Bakerie

Sweet Progress Box Swap!

  Earlier this month I signed up for Ashley and Dean‘s Sweet Progress Summer Box Swap. I’ve never participated in a swap before but felt comfortable enough with this blog to start. I must have imagined something about YouTube in their posts because I decided┬áto make┬áan unboxing video since I haven’t┬ámade a video┬ábefore either. To be honest, I’m very nervous about it? But frick it, … Continue reading Sweet Progress Box Swap!

What’s in My Bag

Hello! Another post I’ve seen on fashion and beauty blogs┬ábut in Googling if I should include a picture of my keys, I’ve also seen people not in those circles do, so here’s mine. Sans keys. I really don’t “travel” or even leave the house much, but I do kind of change my bag depending on where I’m going, so I don’t pack a lot. Although … Continue reading What’s in My Bag