The Movie I’ve Watched Most

I don’t really have favorites. Favorite food, favorite color… I feel like they’re supposed to be representative of you, and I’m just too multifaceted and evolving. However, I will say that the movie that I’ve watched the most– and would be my favorite if I had them at the present– is¬†The Social Network.¬† When it first announced, I was probably someone who groaned and wrote … Continue reading The Movie I’ve Watched Most

Where to Invade Next

As I mentioned in my last post, we recently celebrated my dad’s birthday, and one of my gifts to him was Michael Moore’s latest documentary¬†Where to Invade Next. In it, Moore presents a fictionalized meeting between him and U.S. military heads where they ask him for help after 70 years of¬†losing wars. He decides to “invade” countries¬†and take what we need from them. These nations … Continue reading Where to Invade Next

Tuesday Tuneage: The Apology Song

I just watched¬†The Book of Life, and it’s probably the best film I’ve seen in awhile.¬†The animation is so interesting and unique which¬†is how I’d also describe the story. I may have expected a silly kids movie, but I laughed at Gabriel Iglesias’s mariachi character, gasped¬†along with the children being told the story, and wept¬†for Manolo. Anything about Manolo in particular? NO JUST MANOLO IN … Continue reading Tuesday Tuneage: The Apology Song

Shoutout to Wong and Takei

In the concentrated pool of LGBT media, there’s an even more concentrated chunk for people of color. It might not be surprising, but it can be potentially more hurtful when you’re ignored by a smaller community. Representation can seem so little yet mean so much in many different ways. Nichelle Nicols was one of the first leading black women on tv. She¬†inspired Mae Jemison, the … Continue reading Shoutout to Wong and Takei

Last Night in Grey Stockings

The Truth About Emanuel¬†is a weird as heck film that you might actually enjoy if you‚Äôre like me and like movies that have people you like and other curios. The cast includes Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina, and Kaya Scodelario as the eponymous Emanuel, an asocial¬†seventeen year old girl who seeks out an peculiar¬†relationship with her new neighbor (Biel). I first became familiar with¬†Scodelario through the … Continue reading Last Night in Grey Stockings

Like a Slug

Attenberg¬†is an interesting film that I’m definitely going to have to revisit in the future. There are many facets worth exploring managed with only a handful of characters. While misfit¬†girl/sexually experienced girl¬†might as well be a trope (perhaps it falls under Only Friend?),¬†it’s great to see variations of weird girls e.g., they’re not all Enid Coleslaws or Junos. Marina’s own admissions made me think I … Continue reading Like a Slug