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How to Sell Online (Mercari, eBay, Amazon)

Hello readers, is cleaning out your closet one of your new year #goals?

I’ve written about Poshmark, but I also use/have used eBay, Amazon, and Mercari. Obviously, they have different experiences especially depending on what you sell and how much time is dedicated. I’m just someone who is trying to clean out my (non-name brand) closet, so I’m not making a living. I just wanted to share my “set-up.” All of these services charge fees, so what you pocket may be less than expected.

Note- These experiences and info will be rather US-based.


The first thing I’d suggest is to consider how you want to use a service: Do you want to use a website? Do you have space on your phone for an app? Do you have a lot of time to invest? If you do plan to be into this task for some time, I’d definitely recommend purchasing a postal scale. I know it can be a pain to spend money before making it, but it can save you and your customers on shipping which can be more appealing for buyers! If you’re selling smaller goods like clothes, I think that a 10lb scale will be fine which run about $30- $40.

Additionally, seek out your packaging. I’ve seen people in message boards says they buy in bulk which is technically cheaper, but I don’t really like the idea that I might ever be stuck with 100 envelopes or boxes. So I just checked which stores closest to me were the cheapest.

Make money online


Get familiar with your postal services. Before I started selling online, I’d no idea there were so many classes and options and things 😵 And if you just show up to the post office with a box, you’re going to have to pay for it when you could’ve saved with an envelope! Let’s say you’re mailing a 6oz shirt. If you put it in a bubble envelope, it’d cost $3.32; if you used a box, it’d be $8.17!

If you have something that weighs more, it may actually cost less to use a “flat rate” service– “If it fits, it ships!” You must use certain packaging from the US postal service for this though. Books can qualify for media mail which is cheaper. Mercari also offers shipping labels which aren’t always cheaper but entirely more convenient (you don’t have to go to the post office).

If you use eBay (I’m not sure about Amazon), you do have the option to sell internationally! It can be fun but expensive, so make sure to have the appropriate options selected. Furthermore, there can be some unknown customs rules. Someone from Spain once tried to buy a shirt from me, but I had to cancel the transaction because apparently you need some sort of certificate for used clothing.


I don’t know if everyone else puts in the trouble to make spreadsheets, but this is how I keep track of everything! If you use Gmail, you also have a free office suit in Drive.

Fee Spreadsheets

I have different files for each service and then different sheets for different categories of things (tops, bottoms, media, etc). I create columns for a brief item name/description, price, and shipping info (not every bit totally necessary but helpful!). Then I use those formulas you can use to tabulate and calculate your fees.

Mercari charges 10% of your listed price. Mercari does offer its own postage which is why I’ve two rows per item– the first to see USPS costs; the second to see with Mercari. eBay and Amazon fees are more complicated because there are different types– insertion, PayPal (for eBay), and even varying amounts for what you’re selling.

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I know I could go more in-depth into those fees, but I don’t like to make posts too long! Let me know if you want anything explained or another post about a service! And if I’ve interested you into joining Mercari, use my referral code when you sign up for a $10 coupon 💕