What’s in My Bag

What's in My Bag

Hello! Another post I’ve seen on fashion and beauty blogs but in Googling if I should include a picture of my keys, I’ve also seen people not in those circles do, so here’s mine. Sans keys.

I really don’t “travel” or even leave the house much, but I do kind of change my bag depending on where I’m going, so I don’t pack a lot. Although if I know I staying a single place for a bit longer (like: not even a slumber party. Maybe just my mom’s for half the day), I’m packing wardrobe.

So this is pretty typical, plus a little pack because I’d actually been out over the weekend. Hooray!

American Eagle Outfitters satchel

First of all, my bag is this lovely dark brown American Eagle Outfitters satchel. I’d been planning to sell it (tags still attached), but I wanted to use something different than my usual purse, it’s fall. I think it’s great, right? Here, I’ve a little green sticker from the art museum.

Bodycology Bath Goods

Got this Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla Mist and Lotion as a gift a while ago. Perfect for just in case moments.

Lip Balms

I live in Florida, so I figure if I’m going to have chapped lips, my balm might as well have SPF. I usually use Nivea’s Kiss of Shimmer, but I can’t find it, so here are two products that are on either end if Nivea was in the middle. Maybelline’s Baby Lips tinted balm and Softlips’s balm with SPF.

I got Baby Lips to try out; it’s like if you take my lip color with full saturation. Softlips is good if you’re outside; it has higher SPF than Nivea. Nivea’s product is in fact, shimmery, so you’ll have to find something else if you want that effect.

Foundation Powder

This is pretty much all the makeup I pack for everyday. Powder, brush and a mirror if a compact like Rimmel’s Stay Matte doesn’t have one.

Attack on Titan Wallet

Gotta drive to get around, so here’s where I keep my license and things! A cute little Attack on Titan wallet my brother got me for Christmas last year.

Notices and maps

Some memorabilia from the weekend. A notice about Chelsea Manning and ticket from the art museum and my crudely drawn map 🙂

Geocaching Pack

Since I’d be out, I thought I might be able to do some geocaching. Here’s my little pack with stickers and charms as well as a magnet in case a cache might need one and a pen to sign logs.

Thanks for reading!



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