My #Pokemon20

My Pokemon 20

Pokemon turned twenty years old last month, and while I can barely name a pocket monster beyond the original 151, the franchise still occupies such a space in my heart that I’m really disappointed Pokemon Go didn’t come out on the 26th???

So in honor of feeling like an ancient Kabuto fossil, I wanted to share some of my Pokemon memories. I feel like some others might’ve had a similar idea seeing the youngins play Red, Blue, and Yellow. Someone should probably meme me playing whatever comes after Yellow!


Weird Pokemon Cards
· Um, did anybody else’s grandma get them these cards instead of the regular trading cards? What the heck were they?
· Those gold cards that came in a PokeBall from Burger King
· This VHS tape that magically arrived in the mail.
· So I don’t subscribe or follow any glitch or creepypasta threads or anything, so I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but one time I was walking toward the Elite 4. I walked into the grass, and you know, along there are your Pidgeys, your Rattatas.

HOWEVER, you know when you come across a GHOST in Lavender Town without that Silph Scope? And I don’t think you can run from because it just says, “Get out…”? Well, that’s what it said for whatever I’d come across outside of Viridian City!

And maybe this’ll muddy up the story, but I’m pretty sure after I got away, Pikachu had the same scared emotion it does in the Pokemon Tower.
· It’s probably worth all of $10, but I still haven’t opened my Ancient Mew.
· Back in elementary, it being such a ~ DISTRACTION ~ (or maybe adults feeling like kids might lose their cards or smth), we weren’t allowed to bring Pokemon stuff to school.

I’m sure I could list more if I thought about it, but unfortunately now, I can’t spend all day thinking about Pokemon. Now, I have to think about what it means that Pete Holmes and Eren Jaegar have the same birthday and how to get those Sailor Moon eyeglasses. Hariharian says! 😁


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