1930s Under $30

Heyhey readers, you ever feel like not blogging?

I had a pretty decent list of post ideas for last week but was rather busy and was just not particularly enthusiastic to write any of them. After a more analytical blog, I did want to do something more light but was honestly more interested in… the war book I’m reading 😅

damnation cast

Maybe it’s those pesky interests. I’d been watching USA’s Damnation which takes place during the Depression, and now I’m enamored with 1930s blues music. I’ve also been thinking about revamping my wardrobe but my car’s butt lights are out, so I’m short of cash. So maybe I’ll dream about a 1930s-inspired wardrobe.

There is an interview where Jidenna says something like he dresses to match the political climate. Everyone’s broke, you got fascists running around…. I mean, you could make the case for the ’30s.

1930s woman

These are only 2 pictures (plus the ’30-inspired show), but you may be able to see the longer hems and belted waists. They’re long and feminine silhouettes but don’t necessarily have that billowing of lightweight maxi dresses/skirts or a cinched, bandaged hourglass figure. I would imagine that prints, patterns and color wouldn’t be anything too bold. If you’re unemployed, you have to make everything work for all occasions!

Affiliate links follow.

Modern 1930s inspo
1. Chase & Chloe Pump 2. Mango Printed Shirt 3. Scala Cloche Hat
4. Charlotte Russe Belt Pack 5. H&M Dress 6. Gap Midi Skirt

Here’s some pieces I think are modern interpretations. You may be able to pay more for closer matches, but you may also do what I plan and just go to the thrift shop. Since the vintage fabrics seem heavier and longer, hopefully I can still find something suitable for my climate! (I don’t think people even lived here before air conditioning 😓🌞)

Is the 1930s too impractical for you? Or do you think it’s… bad luck?
What do you do when you don’t feel like blogging?

Link up: Sincerely Jenna Marie + More Pieces of Me

14 thoughts on “1930s Under $30

  1. I love the 30’s style clothing. I am a fashion history nut & would love to add this style to my own wardrobe. If I coyld find a good piece that was affordable I would be thrilled. Great post & pictures doll!


  2. The 30s gets overlooked a lot when it comes to vintage fashion (an obsession of mine)! But it was a beautiful time of transition. Great post.

  3. Loved the pieces you picked! Especially that hat, it’s super cute. Personally, I’ve always loved the 50’s, but there’s something about the simplicity of the 30’s that’s elegant and classic. Great read 🙂

          1. I’ve actually just finished Bates Motel (not strictly vintage, however Norman’s mum has the loveliest frocks!), but can recommend The Crown and Victoria…Godless was also not bad (a little bit similar to Damnation but from an earlier time period), though I think that’s only a mini-series. If you like fairy-tale stuff, Once Upon a Time is brilliant and often gives me that feel-good factor. 🙂 ❤

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