What To Do in Utah

Hi readers, have you had your cup of coffee?

I’m so sleepy right now. I’d a bit of the booze and have been on the computer all day. But here I am blogging! If you’ve been here, you know my mom went out to Utah to see my new nephew 💞 I shared what you might need/what you can fit in a carry-on for a week if you’ve a similar itinerary. Today, I’ll be sharing some of those travel pics of some neat locations their group visited besides the little baby.

Get Out in Nature

There seems to be a lot of parks in Utah! And not just green spaces but huge areas with mountains, if not mounds and other natural formations. My family’s party went to Arches National Park in the eastern part of the state. Apparently, there is a fee to enter, but the park has 50 “sites,” 2500 stone arches, and is open all day, every day except Christmas. You can go hiking, camping and may even see foxes, sheep, or even bears! This was over the summer that they went, so my mom doesn’t remember if this was actually a different location, but there are hot springs! From what she described, it sounds like they went to the Homestead Crater because it’s actually in a cave!


I’m sure there are a bagillion great places to eat just like any large space of land, but the group went to Wasatch Brew Pub. There is one in Salt Lake City and Park City. Reviews seem kind of mixed for their service and typical restaurant bar food, but everyone seems to enjoy their beer! Since the troupe was also Filipino, of course, they had to find some… as soon as they landed! One of their friends took them to Kubo Express which is about 20 minutes southeast of the Salt Lake airport.


You wouldn’t forget, little ol’ me, would you? The person house and pet sitting? Or whoever you’re leaving behind, pick them up a magnet or postcard. I’m sorry I forgot who I read this from, but I love your idea of visiting second bookstores on your travels for your own souvenir. So when my mom asked if I wanted something, I figured why not make it her souvenir to me? 😁 In researching potential travels and their bookshops, I’ve encountered an interesting stop idea… comic book shops!

Look… Florida is flat AF… mountains are super exciting for me, ok!? Even if I get nauseous!

Ride a Train

Okay, this might be something more common that I technically can do myself at any time. BUT 1) I haven’t and 2) the trains here are more for going hours out of town. Salt Lake has commuter trains. You can go to the next town in minutes (I’m sure if you live there, that can vary) for three dollars? Our city buses are not that efficient, I cry.

Thistle Ghost Town
Source: Atlas Obscura

Get Spooky

This idea, I admit, is just going by search engines rather than actual experience, but it IS October, and in this house, we celebrate our boogins all month long! 👻 These ideas are from Atlas Obscura which has a lot more unusual Utah destinations. My favorites from their list of 86 include: more than one ghost town, petroglyphs, peculiar art installations, and a dinosaur park.

I really wish I could go camping at some of these amazing parks! But I don’t have anyone to go with 🤔 Have you ever been or do you live in Utah? What did I miss?

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