What to Pack for a Utah Week

 Hello hello readers, did you miss me?

I only average a post per week, so when I miss even that it seems like a long time especially in the blogging world. But hey, some big people post intermittently, right? But they probably have expensive lighting and camera systems and kitchen islands that seem interesting though.

A little while ago my mother was able to visit her new grandbaby. Since I wasn’t able to go (somebody has to watch the pets!), I figured I might be able to use the experience anyway and ta-da! Something a little informative and/or suggestive. I’m no expert on the region’s climate, but here’s what my mother packed in one carry-on for 7 summer days in the US (south?) west.

Luggage and contents

This white US Polo Assn. bag is more or less for show purposes as I’m not sure if it’s technically to airline specifications. But it should be fine; I’ve seen people with larger carry-ons. Just be sure to check your carrier!

We were able to fit the following: 5 tops, 2 pants, 3 shorts, 5 pairs of socks, pajamas, 1 pair of (additional) shoes (flats) and … undergarments. Do I really have to elaborate on those? 😅

Luggage Clothing

I know everyone wants to be stylish celebs nowadays in the airport, but if you wear your sneakers, you can fit smaller flats or sandals in your bag. My mom brought 2 denim pants, but I’m sure you can also save on space by using leggings, tank tops or bralettes. This all depends on what you may be doing, of course. If you might be going out for dinner, you might want to substitute a dress.

One thing my mother didn’t anticipate was hiking and its chilly/windiness! Even in the middle of summer, one may need a sweater for this activity. Additionally, their group visited some hot springs. You may want to bring a swimsuit.

Purse contents

Airlines may vary, but I’m pretty sure you’re allowed something like a purse plus a carry-on. Again, this purse is more for show. I would probably take something bigger and maybe stuff a clutch somewhere. This might be fine, but it definitely doesn’t hold a book and tablet. So if your take yours just remember your charger!

Makeup Toiletries

And of course, all one’s makeup and toiletries. Traveling is the perfect time to use those items not just from the cute $1 travel-sized sections but from subscription boxes or samples. Additionally, another space-saving tip if you’re can’t do just a BB cream or be without something are the 2-in-1 or palette products. I’ve a tiny shadow palette from a Birchbox, a 3-in-1 highlight from an Allure box, and a neat combo blush and contour.

Vacation Must Haves
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Weekender Bag | Highlight & Contour | Bag & Bottle Kit
Bralette | Skincare Set | Sneakers

The only thing that might have to be crammed in there is that sweater, but as I said, you could have a bigger bag or not even go hiking. I don’t know what else you would do in Utah though 🤔😆 Actually, that is what I’ll cover in my next post!

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