Port Tampa Library

Hello followers, do you utilize your library?

The Port Tampa Library is one of those buildings I’ve passed dozens if not hundreds of times in my life but never visited. They recently had a reception to celebrate their 20th year, so it was the perfect opportunity to check it out!

Library Exterior

Undoubtedly, the first thing you notice about it is the architecture. I don’t think that many Tampa buildings are skyward, at least outside of downtown. The columns make it look like a bank you might see in a movie (it was actually built as one in 1926!), and it has beautiful marble sides. If only I could take my blog pics on walls 😢

Apparently in 1898, Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders trained and departed in the area for the Spanish-American War in Cuba. So there are many signs and displays to inform visitors. There is also a whole room dedicated to maritime history.

Maritime History A scavenger hunt for the celebration even led to a display about the Titanic!

Titanic Display

Soon after it first opened as a bank, the stock market crash of 1929 closed it. The building later became a grocery, clinic, flight school, and boutique. It was nearly demolished in 1993, but a Women’s Club help save and designate it a landmark.

Now that I’ve tiptoed in and explored, I’m excited to visit the Port Tampa Library more! I love the historic feel. And I really need to ask someone what’s with the “Manilla” spelling in their Spanish-American War displays. 

Our county system lets a library receipt admit you to museums!
Do your libraries have any additional bonuses?


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