Ballast Point Park

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In my last travel post, I visited the Port Tampa Library. Today I’m sharing a local favorite on the other side of South Tampa: Ballast Point Park. Unlike the library, I’ve been to Ballast Point numerous times throughout my life. If you’re from Tampa, you’ve probably attended a birthday party here at some point. Not only is it a great place to take the kids especially with its new water features, but it’s also right on Hillsborough Bay, so a pier and ramp allow fishing and boating.

Ballast Point Park

Ballast Point Park

Probably because it’s so ridiculously hot and it’s hotspot for Pokemon Go players, Ballast Point can be pretty crowded! I would advise making the sacrifice of getting up early to see the sunrise there or heading there after dinner to see the sunset (or whenever high tide is). The natural phenomenon is beautiful, but you may also come across my favorite experience. I’ve seen a handful of wild animals from the pier like sharks, dolphins, and even manatees!

Ballast Point Sunrise

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say it’s impeccable. There’s graffiti and fishing hooks, and the last time before this, somebody did not clean up after their dog on the pier (at least I hope it was their dog *shudders*)! But anyone can Insta the photogenic. I rep for the underdogs!

Ballast Point Graffiti

In addition to the graffito there is a mural on the other side of the park that displays manatees, pirates, and other town themes. I know the Buccaneers are our football team, but I don’t really know what else they have to do with the city 😅

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Do you have cool places to watch the sun rise?

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