summer nail polish colors

Summer Nail Colors

When I published my¬†Spring Nails post, I was actually going to write 3 of them– we see how that turned out! Since some of the colors overlap, I reworked them to give summer nail color ideas from my (and mom’s) polish collection. This time, I’m a little more realistic about how much I’ll post. ūüėÖ Let’s Talk & Purple Pizzazz Frost These two purples were … Continue reading Summer Nail Colors


Travel Tag

Oh my, I don’t know why itsmudges would tag me for for a travel meme, but I do appreciate it! I just haven’t traveled in 10 years, haha.¬†Well, traveled any place more than like, an hour away. As cool as bloggers’ photos¬†look and how amazing it must be, I don’t get¬†that¬†feeling of, “I must go there!” that you sojourners must. Not that I’ve no interest … Continue reading Travel Tag

Sweet Progress Box Swap!

  Earlier this month I signed up for Ashley and Dean‘s Sweet Progress Summer Box Swap. I’ve never participated in a swap before but felt comfortable enough with this blog to start. I must have imagined something about YouTube in their posts because I decided¬†to make¬†an unboxing video since I haven’t¬†made a video¬†before either. To be honest, I’m very nervous about it? But frick it, … Continue reading Sweet Progress Box Swap!