One of the great things about blogging is seeing people from all over the globe. So I’m sorry that this post is going to be very United States-centered! However, at least here in the U.S., there’s a narrative comparing other leaders or candidates to our current president, so perhaps you can relate.

I’ve been raised to follow politics through pop culture or comedy programs, but other than voting every 4 years and maybe donating to a non-profit when I could, my household didn’t do much else. Not to discount those actions, but it’s certainly not enough for change.

So I attended the meetings of some local groups. I know there were groups that existed before the election, but they were either further away or had some other issue with which I just wasn’t comfortable. The newer groups may be more moderate than my anti-war/imperialist/capitalist ass, but they are more easily accessible (geographically closer) and seem more active.

Additionally, I am new. I’m really not into spending my own got dang money on postage and postcards to send to politicians and officials who are probably making thousands of dollars selling their votes to Big Oil. But I also don’t have the slightest idea what’s needed to organize marches or other events.

It’s frustrating being new especially when I’m doing this by myself and have heard about the FBI infiltrating groups and people harming protestors and get enough anxiety by existing. But it’s encouraging that I’m doing this in spite of all that especially considering how long some people have existed without getting involved yet still expecting change.

I attended my first protest a couple of weeks ago against the discriminatory executive order. Per the usual, I was somewhat freaking out, but it was somewhere which I was somewhat familiar, there were already previous protest so I felt more of need to do something and that would be a substantial gathering. I guess I’m just trying to share some reasons that could get someone to do something if their panicbrain is giving them no reason whatsoever.

I can’t say that my anxious self has fallen in love with yelling in the street, but I mean, I’m glad I went. I feel like this is how I would feel about jumping out of a plane or some other thing that people say you have to try even though I know damn well what I have to do, lol. Try deez. Like: it’s just one tactic. One of many of which I hope to continue learning and participating!

If you’re in the U.S. or a citizen, you can keep track of your national representatives and bills with You may have to Google something like, “(Your state) legislature tracker” for your state’s bills.