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Healing Tree Lip Balm

Healing Tree Lip BalmI was sent this product free of charge for review purposes.

Hiya readers, is the weather getting to you?

It actually hit 30°F down here over the weekend, so although it’s back up to 60, my thin-blooded self is yelling about winter. At least I can bundle up in cozy hoodies now.

One thing that’s not so fun about the chill is dry skin and cracked lips. I was recently selected to receive a natural lip balm from The Healing Tree at no cost in exchange for a review which I’m happy to share.

Healing Tree Natural balmWhat drew me to The Healing Tree’s lip balm is that it uses 100% natural ingredients. Shea butter and vitamin E are sure to help moisturize and protect lips from cold weather. I received the variety called “Natural” which is actually also vegan.

Other varieties contain beeswax and honey. The balms are also not tested on animals and doesn’t have ingredients some avoid like parabens and mineral oil.

Healing Tree lip detailsThe product works fine. It goes on smooth and lasts a good couple of hours. The “Natural” variety doesn’t really have any scent or flavor unless you glob it on. Then it unsurprisingly has a bit of a waxy smell. There are coconut and coffee scents that I wish I could’ve chosen or received!

This may be short and sweet, but… it’s a plain lip balm. What else can I say? If you consider cost, it may very well a bit pricier but still very much affordable. I’ve said I’m actually terrible at spending but could totally see rationalizing a such a small difference for a smaller brand providing quality.

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Have you heard of The Healing Tree? Are looking for natural skin care?

Pacifica Holiday Kisses

Pacifica Holiday Kisses

I actually hardly ever buy things for myself unless they’re an amazing price. Does anyone else have these made up numbers in their head like, I will not buy a dress over $xxxx?

If it’s the holidays or I have some money, I might justify getting a little present. It’s not like Santa does anymore! This is what I did when I picked up this cute Pacifica set. It’s called “Holiday Kisses” and comes with two lipsticks and a 10-sheet pack of makeup wipes.

Holiday Kisses

Pacifica seems fantastic because they go all out on the natural. They aim for safe ingredients and recyclable packaging. Additionally, all their products are vegan, gluten and cruelty-free. You can learn more about their process on their website.


Pacifica Lipsticks

Obviously, I’m going to try the lipsticks first. I didn’t like that you couldn’t see what shades they were on box, but they are called “Nudie Red” and “Super Love.” One might get an idea of the red, but “Super Love” makes me think of Super Hans from Peep Show.

The pinker shade is actually the “Nudie Red”and looks a light mauve color. “Super Love” is an orange red. They’re both quite creamy, and “Super Love” seems to have more of a shine to me.

Personally, reds are tricky for me because I feel like they enhance any redness in my fair skin. The “nude” actually matches my natural lip pretty well. I swatched these colors on me and my mom who is more brown than I am even if I didn’t capture it that well :\

Pacifica Swatches

The towelettes are towelettes. The gauzy kind don’t seem to keep well. But I like that they’re biodegradable and they smell like coconuts. Also, I don’t know if the lipsticks smell like it too or if it’s the wipes, but it’s pretty great!

This set’s regular price at Target is about $15. This may not be the first choice for someone as budget-conscious, but considering all the natural advantages plus each item looks to be worth about $10, it seems like a good deal.

I will say that while I appreciate that some proceeds apparently go to clean water, I wish there was a term for wanting a support businesses that pay employees a living wage. I think it’s just as important if not more as some of these other aspects, but I understand if it’s currently variable and hard to track and verify. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen!

Seeing how many benefits, at least from a consumer’s point of view, Pacifica offers, I’m so pleased to see it so easily accessible. I’m not sure I would buy Holiday Kisses again, but I would definitely buy from the company again.