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Heydilly ho, followinos! How was your Mother’s Day?

As I was considering what to get my mom this year, I thought about continuing my theme from Christmas– giving less material goods but donating to organizations on behalf of my giftees. I did still want to give something and since I’ve seen companies employing artisans in poverty-stricken areas, I wondered if there were any owned by Filipinos that I could buy (I could find some indie creators but they were more local! *sigh*).

I’ve written about Rags2Riches, but they’re based in the Philippines, so I’d have to eat the $50 shipping 😓 Vinta Gallery is based out of Canada, but their beautiful pieces weren’t exactly the small thing I could pair with something else. That’s why I was so excited to find Cambio & Co.!

Olivia and Diego Necklace
Olivia & Diego upcycled necklaces

Cambio & Co. is a marketplace that features brands made by Filipino artists. It was co-founded by Filipino-Canadian, Gelaine, with her partner, Jérôme. They also created ChooseSocial.PH, a directory for socially conscious businesses in the Philippines. While ChooseSocial has a much longer list, it is more for if you’re already in the country 😁 Cambio & Co. is able to bring such businesses to more of the world.

What I appreciate about Cambio & Co. are its commitments to empowerment and ethical production. Materials are locally-sourced, they look for dignified pay and working conditions, and minimizing environmental harm. This is undoubtedly meaningful for a nation of over 7000 islands and so impacted by climate change.

Cambio & Co. carries Rags2Riches!

The site currently offers jewelry and bags to select regions. Products are very aesthetiqué, but I would still check out the brands for whatever you’re buying first. The whole reason I’m doing this is to support my people, not white missionaries from Idaho.

I found out about Cambio & Co. a little too late and just ending up cooking for my mom 😅 Although there’s honestly no shortage of needing a gift, right? Gosh, it’s like everyone has a birthday or something! Or you’re like me and just want an Olivia & Diego piece for yourself…

Habin abaca purse
Habin bags are perfect for summer.

Now that I’ve shared the directory,  should I make posts for each brand?
What did you do for Mother’s Day?

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My heritage has always been important to me and while it can be incredibly generalizing to paint all of the Philippines as “poor” that is just personally from where my family comes. Certain images and traits like charity have been seared into my personality, but donations can be problematic (e.g., corrupt organizations).

That’s why I’m interested in brands that either feature local artisans and/or further teach those skills to employ people and pay a living wage. Once workers can pay for their living expenses and have discretionary money, they can buy from other businesses and help stimulate an economy.

One brand I’ve found like this is Rags 2 Riches. Based in the Philippines, they make sustainable accessories with upcycled, overstocked, and native materials.

Shipping can be pricey for someone on the other side of the globe, but a total still might be less than some designer bags. They do sell mens bags and backpacks, but all items are usually limited! You can sign up for their e-mail newsletters or follow their social media accounts if you’re interested and you might receive discounts.


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