Sailor Moon Purse

eBay Haul

I feel like we’ve all heard eBay horror stories, right? People taking money, items don’t look like their pictures… As much as I like its more precise filters, I just feel like I don’t usually find anything on eBay. However, I saw someone share this Sailor Moon purse, and I simply had to have it. Amy Dunne might not be the best role model, but given the universal … Continue reading eBay Haul

You’ll Plant Olive Trees

Hello readers, I’m at that age where everyone I knew in high school has kids, and now even one of my best friends is pregnant, so I’ll be attending a baby shower! I can’t say I’ve never been to one before as I’m thinking of my many ates, but I know I haven’t been to a wedding (that I remember)(I was a child), so invite me … Continue reading You’ll Plant Olive Trees