Look What I Won!

Hello readers! I’m so excited because I won some amazing goodies from Comedy Central! The channel home to classic funny shows like The Daily Show and Chappelle’s Show has an online panel that asks what members think about those programs. It’s all pretty tailored, that is, they ask about certain shows at certain times, so it’s not paid like other panels. But I watch a lot of … Continue reading Look What I Won!

I Gotta Stop Giving Money to White Boys

Last week I saw Bo Burnham, and first of all I gotta say I wholly appreciate all entertainers who come to my humble, drunk city-town instead of or in addition to the easy pick of a nearby tourist town. I can’t drive 100 miles; twenty is my max. When you’re south of South, you might as well be in a different country. I’ve seen Mike Birbiglia … Continue reading I Gotta Stop Giving Money to White Boys