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Black-Owned Brands: Beads Byaree, Harriett’s Bookshop, Morning Moon Made Gifts, Bevel, Adjourn Teahouse

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Hello readers, how are you?

I haven’t posted in a month! I can’t believe I kind of miss it. Even though I’ve no idea what’s going on with this new WordPress format, I love typing and sharing. So here is the latest batch of Black-owned brands! I usually try to keep to my blog’s theme of skincare, beauty, and fashion, but there have been a lot of threads and posts lately. You can always find those and more brands on my Pinterest board.

Beads Byaree

Beads Byaree has some of the most creative jewelry I’ve ever seen. Creator Areeayl Goodwin says pieces come from a place of whimsical imagination, but I feel like there’s something empowering about the clothing and accessories as well.

Harriett’s Bookshop

Harriett’s in an independent book store in Philadelphia. Named after Harriett Tubman, it aims to celebrate women artists, authors, and activists. Not in Philly? You can buy from them online especially helpful for small businesses during Covid.

Morning Moon Made Gifts

ellie b started a great Twitter thread that prompted others to share their favorite “cottagecore” brands. L (@bonchnass) contributed Morning Moon Made Gifts‘s etsy which offers lovely macrame home goods including plant hangers, coasters, and wall hangings. Perfect for your new quarantine plants!



Interestingly, I think that most brands I’ve shared are in fact, women-owned as well. But if you’d like something more masculine, Bevel is geared toward male skin and hair care needs, touting the first face serum created for Black men. I don’t really think that female skin would notice though, right? 😅 Because high quality design and features (sulfate-free shampoo, aluminum-free deodorant) at great prices has me want to try them… for myself!

Adjourn Teahouse


Keeping with the cottage theme, I saw Addie’s Black-Owned Organic Tea Brands post shared a few times and haven’t even checked out everybody, yet. So I’d definitely recommend it if you’re more of a fan of tea. I just had to include it and Adjourn because the tea is so pretty! It doesn’t just look nice but is also sustainably-sourced.

I’m sure a lot of the posts and threads I mentioned came about in effort to support the Black community after high-profile and racist murders of Black people including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Armoud Arbery by cops and vigilantes. Like voting, buying this way is debated, so I don’t intend for this to be related or an action for these people but just to highlight indie businesses that may not receive the same attention and perhaps divert money award from larger brands that can invest in bigoted systems. So maybe it is kind of related, but you’d like to do something like contact your representatives or donate to protestor bail funds, I created a Black Lives Matter board with a bunch of resources. It’s organized too! As to not be so overwhelming.

Did you find anything to your interest? Share your favorite brands and check out previous posts in the series.

Thanks for reading!

black owned brands pin

Black-Owned Brands: Foxie Cos., Coloured Raine, Taliah Waajid

Hello hello all, have you fastened your seatbelts?

I drafted this while we were keeping an eye on Hurricane Dorian. Fortunately, Florida was mostly spared, but the Bahamas suffered major damage. If you have GoFundMes or other donation links, send them and I’ll share them!

I haven’t been blogging lately because I can’t get into my affiliate links program! I’m not here to sell you things every post, but I did just have some book posts and want to have variety. So I’ll promo things some more indie brands pro bono! (I was able to get in on a desktop??? So there will be affiliate links at the end of this post).

Foxie Cosmetics

First up in the incredibly Instagrammable Foxie Cosmetics which seems to sell more bath goods than makeup. Owner and creator Kayla Phillips, a writer, musician, and activist (!), knows the importance of vegan, animal testing-free and even chronic illness options and all those factors influence her vibrant and unique products.

Check them out at:

Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine might be the first brand I’ve come across to mention that they strive for fair wages. Created by Loraine Dowdy, I like that she acknowledges the push to highlight black and black woman owned businesses includes reasons like other brands don’t take different skin tones into account. Coloured Raine doesn’t test on animals, has many vegan items and also is environmentally-minded.

Coloured Raine is available at and select Targets!

Taliah Waajid Natural Hair

While “natural” may conjure thoughts of botanical ingredients, natural hair particularly associated with a movement may refer to the embracing of naturally curly, coily, and kinky hair. This is to whom Taliah Waajid has spent 20 years catering. But I like that like her ingredients still seem kind of plant and vitamin-based. A few skincare items are also offered.

Taliah Waajid is available at and at Walmart!

Coloured Raine Taliah Waajid products
Affiliate links
: Coloured Raine highlight | matte lip paint | eyeshadow
: Taliah Waajid leave-in | curl cream | castor oil

Did anything catch your eye? Let me know if I should feature your fave brand!

Sources: Marie Claire


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Mielle Organics

Hello readers, had any bad hair days lately?

Well let me tell you about Mielle! Started by Monique Rodriguez in 2014, Mielle Organics focuses on healthier ingredients for healthier hair. The former nurse says she wanted to utilize her background to help others make better choices.

It’s not just the food we eat, but it’s also the products that we use on our skin. That’s important, as well.

Mielle currently offers hair and skincare items with intriguing ingredients like babassu oil, mongogo, and sachi inchi. There’s also standards like honey, avocado, and mint and perhaps even new uses for classic elements. Have you ever heard of ginger for your hair?

The brand has some celebrity fans too! Yara Shahidi gave them a boost. They’re now available in drug stores, groceries, and mass merchandisers, so they should be easier to find and access. Follow them on Instagram to see when CVS is having a sale and for them to repost your pic!

Many products look to be sulfate-free and are made with specific hair types in mind. Is it too early to start thinking about holiday gifts?

Mielle hair products
Affiliate Links
Honey & Ginger Edge Gel | Pomegranate & Honey Leave-in Conditioner | Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner Mongongo Oil Heat Protectant | Mongongo Oil Pomade to Oil Treatment

Have you tried Mielle? What’s on your wishlist?


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Beauty Bakerie

Have you heard of Beauty Bakerie? Perhaps you have seen their AMAZING Lip Whips on social media. #WhatSmudge!!!

The story behind CEO Cashmere Nicole is inspiring. Not only are Beauty Bakerie products vegan and cruelty-free, but when you buy from them, you support a black woman(!)-owned business.

Why is this important? Multimillion dollar companies often steal looks that originated in or have cultural meaning to marginalized groups and co-opt them to look edgy. There are many problems with this including prejudice and racism that stereotypes oppressed people as dangerous or foreigners– which negatively effects them in their everyday life– but rewards privileged people for dressing up as caricatures. Shopping from the source can help put money put back into exploited communities and out of the hands of bigots!

Lip Whips
Affiliate links
Lip Whip Nude | Creme de la Crumb | Space Cake | Grape Life | French Toast

Nicole says that she wanted a brand with a message alternative to a mainstream bad girl, “to show girls that there’s nothing wrong with upholding a sweet and friendly nature.” She struggled as a teenage mother, worked full time while creating BB, and is a breast cancer survivor who continues to raise awareness for the disease. Perfect for October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Beauty Bakerie has been recognized by the likes of Beyonce, Nylon, Pop Sugar, and Teen Vogue.

I love how BB not only has diverse models on their website, not only show how makeup shades look on different skin tones, but that the colors are very vibrant on everyone!

Beauty Bakerie currently offers lip and eye products.

Link up: Sincerely Jenna Marie & More Pieces of Me 

Have you tried Beauty Bakerie? Let me see!