or why I support Bernie Sanders. Look, I am not a loud, take-charge person. If I were, I would not be in my position. I could probably do something more substantial than typing this. But it’s what I can do (at the moment). Perhaps it is because of the toxic environment that I’ve always been and continue to be in that pretty much has me … Continue reading Dignity

Giving Tuesday

Where to Give for #GivingTuesday

Hello readers, are you finishing your leftovers? According to GivingTuesday.org, a team at the Belfer Center in New York began celebrating the day in 2012 to start a charitable mindset for the winter holiday season. Not only is the date the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving, but it also follows the massively consumer-y “holidays” of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you happen to find yourselves … Continue reading Where to Give for #GivingTuesday

Gifts for Harry Potter Fans That Aren’t HP Merch

Wingardium leviosa readers, are you still a Potterhead? I was a hipster child and had always been reading, so when everyone and the news busted a nut about how J.K. Rowling got kids to actually read, I was like: “Hello? I’ve been reading about sharks and dinosaurs, and y’all are queueing up at midnight for some dictionary books? Nerds.” When the last movies were coming … Continue reading Gifts for Harry Potter Fans That Aren’t HP Merch

Monthly Wrapup Pin

September 2018

Hello readers, how’s it going? September just flew by, didn’t it? I didn’t even realize it was time for this post… last week. I blame the weather. Even though I’m not breaking out my sweaters yet, I’m still very excited for October! But before this month’s celebrations, here’s the highlights from September! Twitter Let’s talk about what having body autonomy can mean to a woman’s … Continue reading September 2018

Monthly Wrapup Pin

August 2018

Hi followers, you ever speak too soon? I said I was keeping up with these in my last post, and here I am showing up 15 minutes late with Starbucks. Does anybody even post or read on Sundays? Well, here I am again to revisit what’s happened this month. Check me out if you’re on these platforms. Twitter Kababayan! Donate to indigenous Lumad communities displaced … Continue reading August 2018

Monthly Wrapup Pin

July 2018

Howdy followers, are you on all the social medias? I just had the idea of compiling my posts across the various accounts just in case you aren’t on one or the other and are missing out! At first I thought about making it weekly, but I can barely get around to my usual posts. Monthly collections will be easier for me to keep track, allow … Continue reading July 2018

Ancestry pin

How I Find My Ancestors

View this post on Instagram Sneak peak at this week's #post 👀📚📰 #genealogist #record #history #sneakpeak #blogger #bloggers #bloggerlife #blogging #blogs #instablog #life #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #lbloggers #family #familylife #historical #past #vintage #hobby #fun #funtime #insta #instagood #instagram #instapic #instaphoto #floridablogger #tampablogger A post shared by 👑 Mars (@_hariharian) on Jul 23, 2018 at 6:57pm PDT Hello followers, are you related to anyone famous? I’m sure that’s why many people into … Continue reading How I Find My Ancestors