Thrifted Work Fits

Hi readers, how’s it going?

I honestly don’t want to keep talking about work, but I’m tired! I know I don’t work full-time, but I did 6 days last week, and I have to wake up early! There is just something so liberating about not having to set your alarm…

pinterest pin of a woman in casual business attire titled "Thrifted Work Fits" for the website

I meant to post this last year (!!!) when I first started and bought a couple of pieces at a thrift shop before I had any money. I don’t work any place fancy, so I still don’t 😅 But at least now, I have some if I want to buy clothes but don’t want to spend a bunch especially on something for work.

Thrifting has also kind of helped me keep spending in check because I’m trying to find items that fit but I feel comfortable wearing and in case of work, I can be a bit active and move around in them. If I can’t find something that checks all those boxes, then I can’t spend 🤷‍♀️ Now if only I could find such a trick for exercising…

So here’s what I got in my first batch!

Slide 1

Top: Apt. 9 size large $3.95
Pants: Target size 14 (not thrifted)

Technically, this top fits, but unfortunately, I didn’t notice while I was trying on, that it’s kind of peplum-y? So, I feel like it adds weight around my stomach which I don’t need or want 😭 Also, the sleeves might be a little short if you’re self-conscious about your arms.

Slide 2

Top: Apt. 9 size large $3.45
Pants: G by Giuliana size 12 $4.95

I never wear bright colors, so I was branching out with this mustard and actually loved it!! until I noticed there are stains on it 😑 I’m folding the blouse in the pic because having a waist looks better in pics but I am definitely not that comfortable in real life!! I really love these pants though because they’re a dark color but have this bold pattern that’s still professional. Let’s call it, “profesh.”

close-up detail of a white Worthington blouse pattern of touching black circles that create red diamonds inbetween

Slide 3

Top: Worthington size large $3.95
Bottoms: Old Navy size 16 petite $5.99 (from ThredUp)

Okay, I love this top! The sleeves are kind of like bell sleeves, provide coverage but are flowy. It might sound blasphemous, but the pattern also reminds me of a kufiya. These pants are big, and I’m 5’3-5’4, so I thought I would try Petite sizing because all of my pants are too long. These are the Pixie ankle pants and too short for my liking!

SLIDE 4 is just the ON pants and top from slide 1 with a cardigan my sis-in-law gifted me. Great to pick versatile pieces that can also layer!

This look is just the gray Target pants and a large Allison Brittney blouse ($2.45). It fit but I don’t really like it anymore because I feel like it accentuates how uneven my chest is 😷


Blazer: Merona size 14 $9
Top: Mossimo XXL
Pants: Target size 14
Shoes: Cole Haan $12

Yeah, this wasn’t really thrifted, but I got the blazer and shoes on Poshmark! I love this outfit because it has a bunch of neutral but versatile colors. The top is actually a tank top which I thought would be ok with a blazer since I’m naturally anxious (and sweaty). Turns out I really did not need to “dress up,” but maybe it worked to my advantage 😅 I love the rolled-up sleeves, giving the jacket a casual look.

Learn about my job beginnings and maybe relate!

I don’t want to be hauling every week, but I do have another part 🙃 Just so that I don’t have to do laundry in the middle of the week! And now, I do have a tripod (!!) so maybe I can remember to take pics someplace more interesting that my mom’s 😛 But then you all won’t see her chunky tabby 😸

One day ’til pay day!

black owned brands pin

Black-Owned Brands: Beads Byaree, Harriett’s Bookshop, Morning Moon Made Gifts, Bevel, Adjourn Teahouse

black owned brands pin

Hello readers, how are you?

I haven’t posted in a month! I can’t believe I kind of miss it. Even though I’ve no idea what’s going on with this new WordPress format, I love typing and sharing. So here is the latest batch of Black-owned brands! I usually try to keep to my blog’s theme of skincare, beauty, and fashion, but there have been a lot of threads and posts lately. You can always find those and more brands on my Pinterest board.

Beads Byaree

Beads Byaree has some of the most creative jewelry I’ve ever seen. Creator Areeayl Goodwin says pieces come from a place of whimsical imagination, but I feel like there’s something empowering about the clothing and accessories as well.

Harriett’s Bookshop

Harriett’s in an independent book store in Philadelphia. Named after Harriett Tubman, it aims to celebrate women artists, authors, and activists. Not in Philly? You can buy from them online especially helpful for small businesses during Covid.

Morning Moon Made Gifts

ellie b started a great Twitter thread that prompted others to share their favorite “cottagecore” brands. L (@bonchnass) contributed Morning Moon Made Gifts‘s etsy which offers lovely macrame home goods including plant hangers, coasters, and wall hangings. Perfect for your new quarantine plants!



Interestingly, I think that most brands I’ve shared are in fact, women-owned as well. But if you’d like something more masculine, Bevel is geared toward male skin and hair care needs, touting the first face serum created for Black men. I don’t really think that female skin would notice though, right? 😅 Because high quality design and features (sulfate-free shampoo, aluminum-free deodorant) at great prices has me want to try them… for myself!

Adjourn Teahouse


Keeping with the cottage theme, I saw Addie’s Black-Owned Organic Tea Brands post shared a few times and haven’t even checked out everybody, yet. So I’d definitely recommend it if you’re more of a fan of tea. I just had to include it and Adjourn because the tea is so pretty! It doesn’t just look nice but is also sustainably-sourced.

I’m sure a lot of the posts and threads I mentioned came about in effort to support the Black community after high-profile and racist murders of Black people including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Armoud Arbery by cops and vigilantes. Like voting, buying this way is debated, so I don’t intend for this to be related or an action for these people but just to highlight indie businesses that may not receive the same attention and perhaps divert money award from larger brands that can invest in bigoted systems. So maybe it is kind of related, but you’d like to do something like contact your representatives or donate to protestor bail funds, I created a Black Lives Matter board with a bunch of resources. It’s organized too! As to not be so overwhelming.

Did you find anything to your interest? Share your favorite brands and check out previous posts in the series.

Thanks for reading!

Taken Transitional

What’s up readers, does my title make any sense?

I was so wanting to write another installment of my Filipino Kids Books series since it is Filipino-American History Month or maybe my favorite Filipino monsters since it’s Halloween season. But I did just share some notes from bell hooks’s Rock My Soul and haven’t made a fashion post in months. So I guess I’ll turn some goofing around {once again} into a looks post. 👀

I was just trying to make some Instagram content when I “borrowed” someone’s maxi dress. As I feared, I thought it made me look like I was wearing a parachute 😥 It wasn’t so bad once I belted it, but I still don’t like my arms.


It’s only now starting to cool down here, so I probably wouldn’t regularly pair a maxi with boots and a jacket, but it seems like catalogues and stuff go for really baggy, cozy looks. Don’t you? I tried, but I still felt like I’m about to stomp some grapes.

Fall look

In other news, I think my 10 year old laptop which is one of my big purchases with my own money has finally crapped out. I’m currently using my mom’s newer tablet, and o.m.g. The camera is so much better and has all of these new features like… taking pics in 1:1. This is why these blog pics are in the ratio; I usually have them in whatever my {not phone} camera is, but you can even edit on the tablet. 😭 

Maxi closeup

If only I was a cat that didn’t have to worry about bills or fashion. Or not liking the fonts in the watermark feature in an app. I feel like I’m always posting about how I don’t know what I’m doing or not liking a thing I’m using, but like… that’s what blogging is for! If I didn’t record it, I wouldn’t remember. And it’s kind of weird when everything just works out right? Isn’t suffering the point of life? 😂

affiliate links
Affiliate links
Vince Camuto maxiL.L. Bean jacketBCBG maxi
Guess bootsChinese Laundry sandalAldo satchel

What’s everyone’s plans for Halloween?

The Last OG Workwear

The Last OG Fashion

Heydilly ho, readerinos, are you ready for Mother’s Day?

I just realized I have not made a fashion post this year. I cut it out from one of my video recordings, but I was gonna start taking pics in dressing rooms, but then I’d feel bad for making a mess for workers. But someone just messaged me about an old show inspo post, so maybe someone will find this in two years! 

The Last OG stars Tracy Morgan as Tray Barker, whom has spent the last 15 years in prison and is adjusting to everything he’s missed from the ubiquitousness of smartphones to finding out he had kids with his ex-girlfriend, Shay, played by Tiffany Haddish. It was co-created by Jordan Peele. While the show focuses on Tray, it has included Shay’s story. For example, her struggle of being a single mom and having no time for friends. In its current second season, she ends up befriending a woman from which her old friends were trying to steal (it’s actually a really funny comedy) because she loves her taste.

Shannon (as she goes by now) has some fantastic style herself, and while there are flashbacks to the outer space remix of the ’90s that is early 2000s fashion, this post will just be inspired by her late 2010s wardrobe. 😄

This post contains affiliate links.

Shay metallic gold dress
Shannon has moved on up from throwing bricks at cop cars to hosting gala fundraisers. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea what to call this beautiful dress– is it hi lo if it’s high on the sides and low in front/back? Jacquard? Brocade?– so I didn’t find the exact thing. But in plugging all of these terms to try to find it, I did find this kind of similar Black Halo split-front jacquard dress. If you do like brocade, I found this Prada midi without a peculiar hem.

The Last OG Workwear
Missguided sandals | Striped Midi
Mesh Polo | Dolce & Gabbana Floral

Like my previous tv fashion post, I’m enamored with workwear. I think that Shannon definitely knows that she’s worked too hard to wear what anyone else can and heck yea, she deserves nice things! When watching, I thought her black shirt was just a regular polo, but it’s actually mesh which she’s paired with a flowing high-low skirt and lace-up heels. They made her walk uphill in those!!!

Tiffany Haddish leisure
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafani tube top | pants
Retro Jumpsuit | Necklace

I appreciate a show that doesn’t have their characters dressed up while doing their homework, but serving looks in one’s spare time is fun too. A jumpsuit may be as simple as office basis, but the head to toe pattern makes a bold statement. I think that Shay’s blue floral outfit are actually separates, but it even has a matching headband.

last og fashion
Paisley tie | Kids Polo | Alice + Olivia Jacket
Polka Polo | Palm Blazer

As I rewatched/perused the series, I couldn’t help but notice some other characters style. I really liked Bobby’s topical polo, and interestingly as I searched for it, I only found it in kids size! He also dons a cool leafy blazer. And check out Amira mixing polka dots and a bright floral bomber jacket! Perhaps she inherits her mother’s passion.

Get any ideas? For yourself or perhaps your mom? My mother and I both actually have too many clothes that we don’t even use, so I think I’m actually going to give her an IKEA gift card or something for storage. Unless you all have suggestions!

Indie Biz Wish List

Hi readers, do you have a spare umbrella?

It has been raining all day in a very odd bout of winter weather. However, it is keeping with the whole not really feeling like Christmas atmosphere. So why not make another wish list? 😅 I don’t really like giving my money to places that already have a lot, so I’ve a couple of tags on the right there to share love and provide easy access for myself and others to these brands. Here’s some previously featured that would make great Christmas presents or stashed for a holiday down the road!

Urban | Wanderlust

I came across Judith Rojas’s URBAN | Wanderlust whilst perusing Shop Latinx for the second sharing of awesome finds from the directory. The soy vegan candles provide timeless quality, but if there’s a need for nativity, perhaps more seasonal scents like this Fraser Fir can help. Personally, I’d love to try the Bamboo Coconut.

Just Peachy

Do you have an enamel pin collection? Just Peachy makes the cutest and most unique ones! Their shop is  perfect for the anime or video game hobbyist. And if you or a giftee prefers, Just Peachy is also home to apparel, hats (particularly some sassy berets), and other accessories. I love this mean chickie, and everyone must too because it’s hard to keep in stock! 


We’re all thinking about how our purchases can be (more) “green,” but have you thought about how they can be “blue”? I heard about it through this PopSugar story. Brands like Kapua Browning’s Hawaiian Honua are also focusing on how to reduce harm to the earth’s oceans.

Cambio & Co.

Cambio & Co. is a marketplace that connects Filipino artisans with the rest of the world. Its creators, Filipino-Canadian, Gelaine, with her partner, Jérôme, also made a directory for socially conscious businesses in the Philippines. It’s the first post I named in my Pinoy Picks series (I retroactively placed Rags2Riches in it).

Beauty Bakerie

Owned by Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakerie has become famous for their unmovable lipsticks. They offer other cosmetics which are vegan and don’t test on animals! When you shop at Beauty Bakerie, you support a black woman-owned business! I expand on the importance of this in my original post. An item from the shop is sure to be a great gift.

Lip Whips
Affiliate links
Lip Whip Nude | Creme de la Crumb | Space Cake | Grape Life | French Toast


What’s your favorite indie brand?


Fall Outfits Pin

5 Outfits You Need for Fall

Howdy readers, everything okay?

I hope that you’re well even if with dangerous weather and political events having been trying. To be honest,  I can’t really tell anyone what to do, but if you write or tweet or Insta a rant, I will support you and retweet it!! I can also provide distraction from real life with things on which you can spend money. Here are some looks I’ve put together where I’ve tried to consider different climates and situations. Even if you don’t like a whole outfit, I hope you can still see how you can make it your own!

This post contains affiliate links.

Brown leaves, Brown skirt

Skirt Outfit
Boohoo Boots $20 | Madewell Belt $35 | Nordstrom Rack Top $25
Revolve Hat $68 | Romwe Skirt $9

If you search for “fall outfits” on Pinterest, something similar to this is probably the first result. I like a (faux) suede skirt for fall, and bell sleeves complement an a-line nicely! Although any long-sleeved top can work. And thigh high boots with skirt bottoms are great for modesty or weather.

Casual Camel Cardigan

Fall Jeans Outfit
Old Navy Sweater $30 | H&M Shirt $6 | Walmart Flats $13
JCPenny Necklace $6 | H&M Jeans $16

Here’s your “I’ve a cold, but we’re out of Tylenol” look. Or any on-the-go day where you still want to be comfortable. What’s great about this outfit is that since it’s fall, and it may not be that cold or hot, or it may chill one day and then it’s back to summer, you can keep pieces from that seasons’s wardrobe and just toss something more autumnal over it.

Ready for Plaid & Pumpkins

Fall Look shorts
H&M Shorts $5 | Asos Tights $5 | 6PM Boots $19
Walmart Blazer $22 | Forever 21 Top $8

As said, the weather itself is transitioning, so why not make the most of your closet? If you can get away with shorts, tights and leggings are so fun especially with booties. Personally, I will never tire of sweaters, but a boyfriend blazer can make a look unique. I just chose this cheap one but there are some from Charlotte Russe in a similar range, but they were also plaid. What do you think of plaid on plaid?

Sweet & Spooky

Autumn Look Dress
Nordstrom Scarf $24 | Asos Dress $10 | Nicole Miller Shoe $41
Beauty Bakerie Lip $20 | Francesca’s Earrings $20

I would’ve loved to make some looks with more fanciful dresses, but this post ended up being about staples. I’m not sure if I like a heeled sandal with a scarf, but I like them individually 😅 If you don’t, the skirt of a skater dress mimics an a-line, so those thigh high boots are a cute option. Maybe you can get a velvet pair.

Must Have Mustard

Fall Look leggings
H&M Sweater $25 | Old Navy Tote $25 | Forever 21 Headband $7
Charlotte Russe Booties $25 | Nine West Leggings $20

Another cozy outfit. Shiny or faux leather leggings seem sexy in warmer weather, but can easily be transformed with a autumn colored sweatshirt and booties. Since this is an easy or quick look, you might be in a rush, so there’s no time to do your hair. Hence, a headband!

An outfit for every clothing type! I hope you find some inspo if you’re needing an ensemble, are tired of your closet, or are refreshing the wardrobe. Are you already wearing these looks? Jealous! I can’t wait to wear everything at once like a big leaves but with laundry.

ShopLatinx Pin

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hi readers, did your September fly by?

September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States which celebrates the contributions and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans. It runs until October 15th. So it seemed a great reason for another installment of sharing some great finds from Shop Latinx!

Shop Latinx is an online directory featuring independent businesses with Latinx owners. Check out my first post about them here and find some unique items!


Even though Area-787 is all about representing the territory with the code for which the shop is named (Puerto Rico!), I think that something like avocado love is universal. Aside from an array of cute pin buttons, Area-787 also offers tops and “chucherías,” coin purses, keychains, and tote bags. If you’re already missing summer, this fun and tropical brand will take you there all year round!

Dos Estrellas

Um, it’s not even October, and Dos Estrellas has nearly 40 Halloween products in their Etsy shop. Granted some may be from their usual offerings, but spooky goodness is not all they provide. Their page claims, “We make Ruthlessly Polite, kinda Weird but pretty Great Apparel, Home and Office goods.” Many aspects inspire Dos Estrellas from vintage design to their city upbringing.

Urban | Wanderlust

Is Urban | Wanderlust‘s owner Judith Rojas a blogger? Because the Insta is incredible! If she wasn’t busy pouring all natural, vegan soy candles, I wish I could hire her. Urban | Wanderlust has scents like Fig + Rhubarb, Bamboo Coconut, Whiskey Blend, and from a fall collection, Snickerdoodle! And good news if you’re in the New York area: you can skip the shipping and arrange a pick up. 

Emvi Beauty

I’m a little teeny bit disappointed that these Emvi piñata soaps are in fact, soaps, and not gummies. But they’re still cute and loved! Emvi provides many skin care creations such as body sprays, bath bombs, scrubs, moisturizers, and masks. Their products are vegan, and they don’t test on animals! I like that they even provide a list of their ingredients and say what they are and their purpose.

Milk & Honey

It was hard to decide which of Milk & Honey‘s recycled notebooks to show because they’re all so well-designed. You can customize whether you want blank space, lined paper, or a dot grid (I’m assuming like bullet journals). Their name refers to an issue to which they hope to draw attention– dwindling bee populations. There’s no us without bees! A percent of each sale goes toward their conservation and repopulation in the US.

I watch Democracy Now! (when I can manage to sit and watch the news which is rare these days), and it’s kind of weird but inspirational??? to hear that Juan González was in the Young Lords, and now he’s a professor. Listening to this Intercepted podcast, it’s pretty fucked up how the US fucks up Puerto Rico. So if you’re not into material things, hurricane relief can make a solid HHM celebration or supporting Puerto Rican sovereignty, or giving some views to another guest on that podcast, iLe.


Monthly Picks Pin

July 2018 Picks

Hello followers, have you checked in with your friends?

I know it’s summer. Maybe it’s the heat? But I just feel kind of in the dumps. Maybe I should’ve actually watched the World Cup? I feel like buying something, but you know me. I can never justify just buying something, and I’m really indecisive.  But I also do like sharing in case anyone else is interested!

The following contains affiliate links.


July Clothing

Super Mario Tee $13 | Flowers Tee $12 | Floral Crop $25 | Floral Skirt $19

I tried to be fashionable, but I was surprised to see the Mario shirt, so I had to include it. The pink floral top is so pretty, but it is from Zulily. You have to create an account with them to even be able to browse their stuff! 😕 And I like the skirt because it reminds me of something from Valentino for less!



Shearling Tote $20 | Necklace $15 | Sam Edelman Sandals $18 | Mermaid Ring $10

Have y’all been watching Pose? This Uniqlo faux shearling bag kind of reminds me of Angel’s coat. The shoes are great for summer. And you knew that mermaid ring was from Modcloth before I even said so, didn’t you?


Beauty Picks

Unicorn Bath Fizz $6 | Mario Badescu Spray $7 | Paula’s Choice Palette $8 | No. 7 Micellar Water $9

Who doesn’t want a unicorn bath bomb? Or an aloe spray? I’ve heard good things about Paula’s Choice skincare (haven’t tried it though) but haven’t heard about their makeup. I’d assume it’s just as good, and look– it’s on sale!



Fox Tea Canister $23 | Mascara Poster $24 | Dear Ijeawele $9 | Marble Candle $22

As cute as this canister is, I don’t think I’d pay $23 for it. It looks like something from my thrift shop! Neat to see Urban Outfitters offering Adichie’s latest. I was going to share a marble plate and a candle, but the other items won out and the two can be consolidated! If your secondhand store doesn’t have cute boxes, let me know, and I’ll hook you up 😜

So what do you think of these posts? Are you in no position to be emptying your wallet either? I tried to make everything in this one under $25. But do you like making wishlists big while we’re wishing? Maybe themes?


Cambio & Co.

Heydilly ho, followinos! How was your Mother’s Day?

As I was considering what to get my mom this year, I thought about continuing my theme from Christmas– giving less material goods but donating to organizations on behalf of my giftees. I did still want to give something and since I’ve seen companies employing artisans in poverty-stricken areas, I wondered if there were any owned by Filipinos that I could buy (I could find some indie creators but they were more local! *sigh*).

I’ve written about Rags2Riches, but they’re based in the Philippines, so I’d have to eat the $50 shipping 😓 Vinta Gallery is based out of Canada, but their beautiful pieces weren’t exactly the small thing I could pair with something else. That’s why I was so excited to find Cambio & Co.!

Olivia and Diego Necklace
Olivia & Diego upcycled necklaces

Cambio & Co. is a marketplace that features brands made by Filipino artists. It was co-founded by Filipino-Canadian, Gelaine, with her partner, Jérôme. They also created ChooseSocial.PH, a directory for socially conscious businesses in the Philippines. While ChooseSocial has a much longer list, it is more for if you’re already in the country 😁 Cambio & Co. is able to bring such businesses to more of the world.

What I appreciate about Cambio & Co. are its commitments to empowerment and ethical production. Materials are locally-sourced, they look for dignified pay and working conditions, and minimizing environmental harm. This is undoubtedly meaningful for a nation of over 7000 islands and so impacted by climate change.

Cambio & Co. carries Rags2Riches!

The site currently offers jewelry and bags to select regions. Products are very aesthetiqué, but I would still check out the brands for whatever you’re buying first. The whole reason I’m doing this is to support my people, not white missionaries from Idaho.

I found out about Cambio & Co. a little too late and just ending up cooking for my mom 😅 Although there’s honestly no shortage of needing a gift, right? Gosh, it’s like everyone has a birthday or something! Or you’re like me and just want an Olivia & Diego piece for yourself…

Habin abaca purse
Habin bags are perfect for summer.

Now that I’ve shared the directory,  should I make posts for each brand?
What did you do for Mother’s Day?

Link Up: Sincerely Jenna Marie + More Pieces of Me

festival fashion pin

Festival Fashion

Heyhey followers, what’s your weekend forecast?

It’s pretty gorgeous in my neck of the woods. It’s even bordering on summer heat when I’m running errands in the hotbox of a car. Perhaps this is why I’m so attracted to some of the ethereal styles associated with outdoor music festivals. I would love to command such a look but I don’t think the post office is as interesting as a background 😅.

Although the perhaps most well-known of music festivals is over (seriously, can we make it over forever now? The owner is major creepoid), some other big ones run throughout summer, and maybe you even have some local events! So it’s totally not weird to share some festival style looks that I like and may even try to get myself.

1. Francesca’s Duster {$44} 2. Mesh Dress {$37} 3. Mesh Skirt {$7}

Long & Light

A classic look for being out in the sun, fuller lengths provide great style while sheer materials help keep cool. Another plus is that it’s so versatile. There’s maxi skirts and dresses, patterned, prints and solids. There are even lace and mesh duster coats 😍

Entro Vest {$38}


This one is somewhat of a surprise to me, but if we’re talking music festivals, why not pay tribute to the grandfather of them– Woodstock? Personally, I’m not too familiar with the fabric, but I imagine it might be hot in the sun? But maybe a vest would be helpful since it’s removable and then another layer in the cooler night air.

1. Adia Kibur Necklace {$45} 2. Faux Suede Necklace {$36} 3. Layered Necklace {$19} 4. Multi-layer Necklace {$29} 5. Gabi Rielle Necklace {$44}

Layered Lines

Layered necklaces are a must, particularly the typical dainty chains. However, I can really see the case for beaded strands and chunky statement pieces. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite, but again, I love the hippie nod with the rainbow necklace and nature theme of the stars and moon.

1. Sam Edelman Sandal {$50} 2. Elorie Espadrille {$25}

Laced Up

Ok, I try to be real with you all– if I had to walk a bunch I would probably not wear these. But if you like feeling like a gladiator and have your own pool, then I guess, go for it! I don’t know if those types of sole inserts work, but if they do, please use them! The Insta is not worth it, IMO!

skin care
1. Alba Suncreen {$4} 2. Boohoo sunglasses {$5} 3. Sequin Sun Hat {$10}


Just as you should look out for those heels and arches, look out for the rest of your skin! Make sure someone knows where you are and drink plenty of water! I’m sure you hear enough of that from your parents, but they told me that they love you and wish you’d call more. 😂

I used to check concert listings for bands I’ve liked, but heck, I must be getting old. I think I’ll just look for some free shows on the beach. What trends did I miss? Do you go to festivals?

Link Up: Sincerely Jenna Marie + More Pieces of Me