Hari-harian is a Tagalog word that’s had the translation “a man who acts like a king.”
As someone of various outsider identities and low self-esteem, I named my blog with the idea of faking it (confidence) ’til I make it. It’s since become a place to create, share what I’m liking and doing, and find a balance between the news and frivolity.
I like learning about history, political and social issues and the world, so posts will always be under critique of the lessons I’ve learned (e.g., feminist, class critique).
FAVES: Trent Reznor | cats | coffee | Intercepted  | The President Show |  tortilla chips
Hari-harian does use affiliate links and is open to sponsorship, advertising, and product review opportunities. All are subject to blog appropriateness and honest critique. If you like what hari-harian offers, why not help it grow? Check out the contact page for more info.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Same!!!! Filipino just like you Old Sport! Only I’m a young 17 year old running a company with 27 employees while trying to blog to help others in my free time! Lol, my life right?!

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