source: English-Tagalog and Tagalog-English Dictionary, de Guzman

Hey, I’m Mars.

I started out hari-harian after seeing bloggers so effortlessly put themselves out there and the positive community. As someone who struggles with anxiety and self-image, I hoped to gain such confidence and named this blog with the idea of faking it ’til I make it (and also that everyone struggles, etc).

Hari-harian has since branched off as more of my online journal/lifestyle blog where I can practice expressing myself. I’m honestly more into history and social/political issues than fashion and beauty, but I try to blend them by highlighting groups working on an issue and provide a good balance.

Whether it’s my experiments with makeup or what boosts one’s esteem (when I find it personally), I hope what I share helps! I try to write what I’d like to see others write and be.

More about Mars

I’m a USian of Filipino and German descent. I’m an aries. I listen to nearly any music, but I’m very particular (I hate ballads)!! Trent Reznor and The Simpsons are big influences. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. I’m a pro-choice atheist (but could totally be down with liberation theology). When I say, “typical millennial,” I mean broke and laughs at absurd shit.

I want to learn about WWI, learn Philippine history, develop a fashion style, learn how to cook, handle my health, cultivate meaningful relationships, and find my place in my interests. 

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I am not a licensed anything! Blog content comes from my own experience and should only be taken as informational/entertainment use only. Following it is at the reader’s own risk for which I can’t be held responsible. Please consult your professionals!

Hari-harian does use affiliate and referral links. Clicking them costs a reader nothing but can help me out! Reviews of sponsored items may be provided to me at no charge, but I do not post anything pre-written by brands.

If you like what hari-harian offers, why not help it grow? Check out the contact page for more info.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. The Millionaire's Digest

    Same!!!! Filipino just like you Old Sport! Only I’m a young 17 year old running a company with 27 employees while trying to blog to help others in my free time! Lol, my life right?!

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