Thrifted Work Fits

Hi readers, how’s it going?

I honestly don’t want to keep talking about work, but I’m tired! I know I don’t work full-time, but I did 6 days last week, and I have to wake up early! There is just something so liberating about not having to set your alarm…

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I meant to post this last year (!!!) when I first started and bought a couple of pieces at a thrift shop before I had any money. I don’t work any place fancy, so I still don’t 😅 But at least now, I have some if I want to buy clothes but don’t want to spend a bunch especially on something for work.

Thrifting has also kind of helped me keep spending in check because I’m trying to find items that fit but I feel comfortable wearing and in case of work, I can be a bit active and move around in them. If I can’t find something that checks all those boxes, then I can’t spend 🤷‍♀️ Now if only I could find such a trick for exercising…

So here’s what I got in my first batch!

Slide 1

Top: Apt. 9 size large $3.95
Pants: Target size 14 (not thrifted)

Technically, this top fits, but unfortunately, I didn’t notice while I was trying on, that it’s kind of peplum-y? So, I feel like it adds weight around my stomach which I don’t need or want 😭 Also, the sleeves might be a little short if you’re self-conscious about your arms.

Slide 2

Top: Apt. 9 size large $3.45
Pants: G by Giuliana size 12 $4.95

I never wear bright colors, so I was branching out with this mustard and actually loved it!! until I noticed there are stains on it 😑 I’m folding the blouse in the pic because having a waist looks better in pics but I am definitely not that comfortable in real life!! I really love these pants though because they’re a dark color but have this bold pattern that’s still professional. Let’s call it, “profesh.”

close-up detail of a white Worthington blouse pattern of touching black circles that create red diamonds inbetween

Slide 3

Top: Worthington size large $3.95
Bottoms: Old Navy size 16 petite $5.99 (from ThredUp)

Okay, I love this top! The sleeves are kind of like bell sleeves, provide coverage but are flowy. It might sound blasphemous, but the pattern also reminds me of a kufiya. These pants are big, and I’m 5’3-5’4, so I thought I would try Petite sizing because all of my pants are too long. These are the Pixie ankle pants and too short for my liking!

SLIDE 4 is just the ON pants and top from slide 1 with a cardigan my sis-in-law gifted me. Great to pick versatile pieces that can also layer!

This look is just the gray Target pants and a large Allison Brittney blouse ($2.45). It fit but I don’t really like it anymore because I feel like it accentuates how uneven my chest is 😷


Blazer: Merona size 14 $9
Top: Mossimo XXL
Pants: Target size 14
Shoes: Cole Haan $12

Yeah, this wasn’t really thrifted, but I got the blazer and shoes on Poshmark! I love this outfit because it has a bunch of neutral but versatile colors. The top is actually a tank top which I thought would be ok with a blazer since I’m naturally anxious (and sweaty). Turns out I really did not need to “dress up,” but maybe it worked to my advantage 😅 I love the rolled-up sleeves, giving the jacket a casual look.

Learn about my job beginnings and maybe relate!

I don’t want to be hauling every week, but I do have another part 🙃 Just so that I don’t have to do laundry in the middle of the week! And now, I do have a tripod (!!) so maybe I can remember to take pics someplace more interesting that my mom’s 😛 But then you all won’t see her chunky tabby 😸

One day ’til pay day!