Pureauty Naturals Eye Cream

Hey, how are you readers? Getting enough sleep?

Not having a “real” job for several years, I’d gotten used to staying up and sleeping in late. But now, my job– which over the holidays didn’t really have a set schedule!– starts at around 7am! Not only am I a night owl, but I think that part of why I am is that it’s so peaceful and quiet 😌 Combined, I do lose sleep and have some bad dark circles. Like: I’m-embarrassed-to-even-show-you, bad.

So I’m willing to try almost anything for them. When I saw this eye cream from Pureauty Naturals on Tomoson, I figured, why not?

I was provided this product complimentary for review purposes.

It looks like it has some pretty natural ingredients and no parabens. Hyaluronic acid, cucumber fruit extract, and caffeine are key factors and sound like they would help combat dark circles, anti-aging, and puffiness. It’s an interesting blue color and texture that actually reminds me of this Bliss hydrator I have. It’s like that kind of stuff that’s between a lotion and gel.

One of its benefit claims is that it’s not greasy and a little goes a long way. These were true for me, and I found that even the 1oz size provides a lot of product.

So it is quite refreshing, It feels nice and doesn’t irritate my eyes. However, I can’t tell if it’s done anything. I’ll admit that I don’t think I have “puffiness” or wrinkles (at least, noticeable lines) and my bags aren’t as severe, so maybe the refreshing aspect helps those issues. I still have undereye shadows though.

Before & after using Pureauty Eye Cream, no filter/editing

The packaging is quite nice; it comes in a box as well. It’s alright, but it’s just a little disappointing that something that addresses dark circles doesn’t. Products just call themselves “eye cream” without making any specific claims, so I think that if you’re interested, try to find it at Walmart or on sale.

This product was sent to me free of charge to share my honest experience.