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Hi hi hello readers, have you got a second?

I’ve taken on another (unpaid) role (instead of getting a job but who wants to work rn anyway??) which has my anxious ass communicating with people? What a concept! And so, I’ve much less time to put together a cutesy story around this in order to seem acceptable and charitable rather than angry, scared and personally involved. But someone on the internet was hellbent on being wrong and rather than wasting time arguing with them, I much rather do something constructive.

The Philippines makes the Western news nowadays for crude President Duterte and his brutal drug war, the number of deaths in which are disputed, but even the government’s count is over 5,000. But besides talking a big game (including perpetuating rape culture), what has he done for the most oppressed Filipinos?

If you hadn’t heard of how the US Drug War has gone and thought it would be a solution– you might think the problem would be solved by now. But this is what happens when you go after not just small-time dealers but criminalize using drugs rather than addressing why people may feel the need to turn to using or selling. You end up slaughtering toddlers and poor people that can barely afford their family’s coffins (cw: within 2 scrolls there’s a large photo of a dead body).

Since the 1970s Ferdinand Marcos administration/dictatorship, the Philippine government has depended on commodifying and exporting its people to work outside of it to send money back to make up its economy. OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are hailed as heroes, but it’s as about as much lip service as the praise for essential workers is here in the US. There are tons of fees, taxes, and other costs to do this, and again, you would think with that the billions of dollars accumulated, so many Filipinos wouldn’t be impoverished. But millions are hungry while those in government gain billions. This sends the message that the Filipino people are not worth investment.

They are fit solely for being killed in the streets, being packed into prisons like sardines, separated from their families and put in precarious situations just to survive. Nobody can stand up for the Philippines when they neglect cultivation and depend on overseas remittances. A leader hasn’t implemented autonomy by allowing the military of the same wealthy countries preferential treatment over their population.

( * US irony dance break * )

It’s possible to point all of this out and not want the US to play world police. I acknowledge that I don’t have first-hand knowledge and that news outlets can have agendas. However, even though he may have cursed and a few trolls may have benefited by Duterte, the Philippines cannot be free if it isn’t free from the valuing of wealth and status over Filipino lives (if going out and conquering is the highest form of that, afterall).

US Imperialist cartoon
School Begins

The US has an atrocious history and present itself including that involving the Philippines. If you could care less about another country, consider that the US gives millions of dollars to the Philippine army— which harasses and bombs indigenous people. But the main thing is that a country particularly a small country that’s been subjugated by powerful others deserves the right to control itself.

This is why groups are urging US citizens to tell their representatives to support the Philippine Human Rights Act. This aims to repeal that US funding and a piece of its compliance rather than “intervention.” I believe that you can simply sign the petition, but it’s always great to call, follow or get in contact with organizations like those on the page and meet with lawmakers especially if you aren’t in the US.

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July 2020 Empties

Hey hey readers, can you believe that it’s August?

I would like to formally issue a big curse to everyone’s who has ruined this year for everyone else. Not just in big, unfortunate terms, but even just everyday moments that we’re missing out.

As I said in my Skincare Routine post, I accumulated a bunch of stuff. So I’m actually using products and finishing them! These were empty before quarantine, so I’m still not any better at recording my reactions so no video 😁

Bliss Ex-Glow-Sion Eye Cream

Also from my Routine post, I received this from Bliss’s testing panel. It contains niacinamide and vitamin C which sound good for lightening but didn’t work for me. One thing I should start noting is when I start using a product because it sounds like niacinamide may take a few weeks to notice, perhaps even longer than this product lasted. I have very bad dark circles though, so if yours are just from one night and you’d like something without parabens, SLS/SLES, or animal testing, this may be worth a try!

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Mask

Burt’s, obviously, is another brand for natural types. This item is 100% natural, without parabens, phthalates, SLS or petroleum. I got it in a lip-themed Target beauty box which they are discontinuing! 😩 This sheet mask is a bit different than face masks. Face masks– that I’ve had– are wet and feel refreshing. The lip mask was obviously more oily.

You leave it on for 5 minutes. I’m not familiar with almond or meadowfoam seed oil, but it definitely smells like something you’d expect to be “natural.” It’s like sweet cereal or oatmeal. I would say it’s hydrating, but I don’t typically have dry lips, so I can’t really say how long that lasts. You might be able to get the same results with DIY oils or balm.

affiliate links
Affiliate links
Bliss eye cream | Burt’s Bees lip mask
Smith & Sinclair tablets | Biobelle mask

Smith & Sinclair Alcoholic Gummies

PopSugar’s Dabble sent me a few of these, and they’re embarrassingly delicious. Again, perhaps you can make something similar on your own. But I am barely a social drinker! I don’t even know if its 5% ABV is a lot or not, but I don’t think so 😅 So it may be good for people that don’t have alcohol in the house. They also have “mocktail” gummies without any alcohol.

Que Bella Radiance Boost Mask

This was a cream mask that was in another Target box. Masks are why I’m not good at empties! The only thing I noticed is that it was, in fact, shimmering. I feel like some people may find that irritating 🤔 It has cocoa and shea butter if you would like something that’s supposed to moisturize and make you glow.

Free & Lovely (Bodycology) Lavender & Amber Mist

So I think that when I first got this, I thought it was a very sweet but musky smell which is exactly for what I’m looking! Something that’s a bit more advanced than just plain vanilla. But as I used it more, I realized that this smells exactly like– I’m going to date myself here– Juice Bar Cotton Candy Spray.

Juice Bar Cotton Candy Spray

Do y’all remember this? LOL. I don’t think they even sell Free & Lovely in stores anymore which is a shame because I would’ve loved to have smelled their other scents. And they were free of animal testing, parabens and the like.

I can’t tell you what it is, but I also finished the moisturizer/possible serum I was sent by a survey site. Now I’m testing a different facial cleanser, I’m out of eye cream, using just a Bliss serum, and sometimes a face mist. Simpler now! But honestly, I would still like an eye cream. Also, I bought some collagen lotion to perhaps replace that, but the safety seal wasn’t sealed??? Do you think I should use it???