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May ’20 Currently: Skincare Routine + Where to Get Test Products

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Hi readers, have you been testing the waters?

It seems that pretty much everywhere here in the US is trying or starting to “reopen” after having the shittiest initial response. So I will probably be stay staying put. 

Some people may be having time to play around with makeup looks, but I honestly don’t have that much extra time. However, with everyone else home, old material things have become more noticable and making me want to get rid of them! Except I paid good money for them or otherwise do not want to waste 😅 So I’ve been trying to use up some skin care I’ve collected.

I put virtually no research into my routines. I probably should, no? To get ~ optimal ~ results or whatever. But I just feel like then it becomes that obligation like with makeup. I think it’s more fun when you’re just making it up 😋 You all can tell me your thoughts, and then that way it will be like suggestions rather than a rigid method.

Okay, I don’t usually have this many products, but! Bliss has an Ambassador program where you can test products, and I managed to test and receive some incentives! (If you’ve over 5k follows on Insta, you can be in their Influencer program) So that’s why a lot of products are from them, and I also get into some other places from where I’ve received products. Also, this is my “wake up/morning” routine.

1) Cleanse/Exfoliate
Already, I feel controversial. Do you think it’s bad to exfoliate everyday? I used to use the St. Ives apricot scrub everyday, but now they have milder ones. If I don’t, I feel grimy. I use St. Ives green tea (and now with bamboo) blackhead scrub.

2) Eye Cream

3) Firming
This is totally something skippable especially if you’re younger. I’m just using this Burt’s Bees moisturizer because I got a sample from PopSugar‘s testing panel. I aim it mostly around my neck and jaw which feel less… puffy? But I’m not sure as heck if they look that way.

4) Spot Treatment
I’ve been trying my gifted Burt’s Bees and Drunk Elephant oils on scarred and red areas. I’ve also a Sunday Riley turmeric oil, but I think that it gives me texture problems. So I’ve been been experimenting with this natural Healing Tree lip balm I got (I believe) from them via Tomoson.

Again, I’m not a professional. I’m sure an esthetician would say to not put coconut oil on your face. But I don’t think that it’s making anything worse and the extra moisture prevents any sorts of bumps or things I can pick.

5) Moisturizer/Serum
In the video, I call the Bliss serums basic, but um, serums are pretty serious! Years ago, I may have just washed and moisturized with something inexpensive, but that basicness was definitely something that left those problem spots dry and open to be messed with. I still think that an oil plus a simple moisturizer might work; I’m just not 100% sure myself because I’ve been using something I’m not sure how to classify!

Another place you can get products to try are survey sites! Granted, you will really only come across beauty items once in a blue moon, but perhaps you can find panels that only talk about makeup or you’re totally fine with that and making some mulah or testing other products. Once, I tested soda, lol. But what they reveal can be totally up to them. For example, my mystery product is labeled a moisturizer, but it’s not a lotion and does kind of look like a serum. But I don’t know the brand, ingredients, focus or anything.

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St. Ives scrub | Bliss eye cream | Oils: Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley, Burt’s Bees | Bliss Serums: Glow & Hydrate, Bright Idea | Bliss Wipes | Bliss Makeup Melt

Anyway, I just use a bit of the moisturizer where the oils aren’t and rub everything together, so all the face is hydrated and so that the oils aren’t too concentrated in one spot and possibly cause a commotion.

6) Face Mist
I was skeptical of this, but I honestly liked it. My mom’s friend gave us a Curativa Bay spray, so I guess pals could be another place to get stuff 😅 I feel like it’s like what setting spray does for makeup but for skincare and gives my skin that bounce Jennifer Garner talks about in Neutrogena commercials 😄

Night Time

When recording the video, I didn’t have a night routine besides removing makeup and maybe toning. But I’m experimenting again with toning and using the Bliss vitamin C serum. That way, I’m not out in the sun with some harsh stuff on my skin. I think I’m liking it.

Wow! I vlogged about some of the body products I’ve got, but this is already almost 800 words, so you can just watch it if you’re interested and check my Insta for the one I forgot! Stay safe and healthy!