Ulta Xmas Haul!

Hello readers, are you using your holiday gifts?

How many years have I had this blog and haven’t really done a haul? Well, last year I won an Ulta gift card, so it was really able to help with my holiday shopping this past season 🤗 There will actually be a part two of this post because some items will be for my friends that read this, and I didn’t want to spoil their gifts (yes, we haven’t seen each other since before Christmas). This one will be for things I got for people that don’t read this and a few things for me.

This post contains affiliate links.

Indian Coconut Matte Stick

For the Sis in Law

Part of my brother’s wife gift along with a toy for baby nephew. She posted that he liked playing with pens, so I even got a couple of novelty pens for him but technically her. I got this Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar body butter and Burt’s Bees matte lipstick because I think she’s more into natural beauty than I am and can also somehow pull off a red lip way better than me too.

Hask hair face wash sheet mask

For Mom

For Christmas, part of my gift for my mom was Hask’s Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I got them because *whispers* her hair is dry, and it claims to repair. It’s not rude to say her hair is dry, right? 😅 It’s just like, what people have. I have flat hair and combo skin. The Pacifica Coconut Milk face wash is for all skin types, so hopefully it’ll work for her. I got it because she always gets store brand face washes. And she actually uses sheet masks, so I got a TonyMoly I’m Real Olive one.

It was actually her birthday too, so in the pic with everything, you can see two hair masks and a kit. I couldn’t really find any spa type of product that would fit the budget but just searching around the Ulta site led me to this Cosy Comfort Kit from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. It’s just kind of an eye mask and knit thing to put a hot water bottle in, but reviewers said it helped with their sciatic nerves. The two hair masks are Hask Rosé Deep Conditioner and a Marc Anthony Aloe Vera and Jasmine Oil Deep Conditioner.

My Ulta Haul

A Little Something for Me

Can I please emphasize… that these aren’t the only things I got for people!? I feel like this makes it look like I bought more for myself. In any case, most of my things are just basics. I haven’t used tanning products with a mitt before or a stipple brush. I’m still searching for my perfect foundation, I was all out of scrunchies, and I got this Ulta brand sharpener with 2 sizes because my lip from Allure is larger than the standard pencil. But unfortunately it  fit this either. Any suggestions?

I hope you all had wonderful holidays! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to further review most of the items in this post, but I think what I did get for myself will provide plenty! PLUS, I did also sign up for Bernie Sanders’s volunteer social media team! New year, right? So I’ll be posting about my support on here and my social media channels.

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