Taken Transitional

What’s up readers, does my title make any sense?

I was so wanting to write another installment of my Filipino Kids Books series since it is Filipino-American History Month or maybe my favorite Filipino monsters since it’s Halloween season. But I did just share some notes from bell hooks’s Rock My Soul and haven’t made a fashion post in months. So I guess I’ll turn some goofing around {once again} into a looks post. 👀

I was just trying to make some Instagram content when I “borrowed” someone’s maxi dress. As I feared, I thought it made me look like I was wearing a parachute 😥 It wasn’t so bad once I belted it, but I still don’t like my arms.


It’s only now starting to cool down here, so I probably wouldn’t regularly pair a maxi with boots and a jacket, but it seems like catalogues and stuff go for really baggy, cozy looks. Don’t you? I tried, but I still felt like I’m about to stomp some grapes.

Fall look

In other news, I think my 10 year old laptop which is one of my big purchases with my own money has finally crapped out. I’m currently using my mom’s newer tablet, and o.m.g. The camera is so much better and has all of these new features like… taking pics in 1:1. This is why these blog pics are in the ratio; I usually have them in whatever my {not phone} camera is, but you can even edit on the tablet. 😭 

Maxi closeup

If only I was a cat that didn’t have to worry about bills or fashion. Or not liking the fonts in the watermark feature in an app. I feel like I’m always posting about how I don’t know what I’m doing or not liking a thing I’m using, but like… that’s what blogging is for! If I didn’t record it, I wouldn’t remember. And it’s kind of weird when everything just works out right? Isn’t suffering the point of life? 😂

affiliate links
Affiliate links
Vince Camuto maxiL.L. Bean jacketBCBG maxi
Guess bootsChinese Laundry sandalAldo satchel

What’s everyone’s plans for Halloween?

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