Drugstore Foundations 2

Hi readers, are you ready to rumble?

I’m on a quest for The Perfect Foundation™, and at this point, I’m wondering if I should shell out a few more dollars 😥 I don’t wanna! Whether it be for something the over $5 point or having to use primer or some other adjuster, it’s looking like that’s where it’s headed.

Check out the first couple of foundations I reviewed here. I compare two Rimmel Stay Mattes, a Wet n Wild Photofocus, and an e.l.f. stick.

Drugstore Foundations

Wet n Wild Photofocus 362C Soft Ivory

I reviewed the same foundation in my first post but in the shade Soft Beige. Soft Beige seemed to oxidize way orange on me, so I thought I’d try a lighter shade and perhaps if it oxidized, it might work? LOL. No such luck. As you can see in some of my videos, it’s too light for me.

EMBARRASSINGLY, I just noticed Wet n Wild actually says skin tone and undertone right on the bottle! Soft Ivory is their light warm option and Soft Beige is their light-medium warm. So, I don’t really know what to do. Should I try their light-medium neutral? Should I make more of an effort to use primer with Soft Beige? I actually have a Rimmel “skin tint” which I think I could mix with Soft Ivory, BUT I don’t think they make it anymore. So I would have to buy something like e.l.f.’s shade adjuster. 😢 Whyyyy.

LA Colors Liquid Makeup in Creamy Beige

You know what? This was a bad buy from the beginning, and I acknowledge that. I’d conflated LA Colors with LA Girl and didn’t bother to differentiate. This has very little coverage and even though actually seems kind of creamy, I’ve started to swatch on a piece of paper and when I applied this, the wateryness is noticeable. The shade may have been ok, but it’s really pink. It’s only $2, so if one is short of funds, this brand/line could be a convenient shade adjuster, highlighter or bronzer! However, I’m not a fan of the packaging as I find the cap wasteful, and you really have no control over the pump. It’s all or nothing!  

Drugstore Swatches
Wet n Wild Soft Ivory | LA Colors Creamy Beige | Wet n Wild Fair/Light

Wet n Wild Coverall 816 Fair/Light

Honestly, I cannot remember where I got this because all Wet n Wild I’ve seen lately is Photofocus. Also honestly, I can’t really tell the difference. I’m sure a seasoned makeup person may be able to, but I’m Team Whatever Works for You. It’s interesting that this is supposed to be a light shade but it’s so much tanner than a light shade from the same brand and from other people’s swatches. I would think that if something becomes orange it has a warm undertone, but other people’s swatches look very yellow! So could this still be cool?

Drugstore Swatches on paper

I know that I’ve been considering primer this whole post, but I just remembered that the last time(s) I’ve used it, I really did not like how it looked around my nose. IDK what it’s called, but it’s like how it looks at the end of day if you don’t prime? Very bad! Does this just mean I need to moisturize better? AHHH.

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Wet n Wild Photofocus at Ulta | Target | Primer | Primer Water

Once again, it’s kind of bust for The Perfect Foundation™, but the fun is the trip, right? 😅 At least now I know that I can consider e.l.f’s foundations, maybe LA Girl and Flower which maybe a few dollars more, but I can justify if other products aren’t working. If you know which shades I should or other affordable brands (no CoverGirl, Revlon, L’Oreal, Maybelline, or Neutrogena, please!), let me know!

4 thoughts on “Drugstore Foundations 2

  1. I use wetnwild and I love it! It actually stays on if I apply powder first. I have such oily skin and I have a hard time finding powder that doesn’t give up on me and the oil wins. I’ll have to read more of your post to see if you’ve found something for that

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