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Mabuhay readers, have you been watching the news?

I wanted to post my next batch of Filipino Kids Books, but video recording and editing is an ordeal. And I just didn’t think that I could continue my blog without condemning the recent attempts to subjugate women.

As you may have heard, US states like Georgia, Missouri, and perhaps most notably Alabama are working toward state-level abortion bans. If one does not follow “politics,” it may seem like you’re saving babies, but I would plead that not only is this not the case, but people pushing these laws know this and do not care. These rules are a punishment for not supporting white (patriarchal) supremacy.


We should know that wagging our fingers at hormone-addled teens whose sense of judgement isn’t fully formed and patronizingly telling them not to worry their pretty little heads about sex because you don’t have it until marriage doesn’t work. Why would this work for abortion? Young people– at least perhaps in culture that glamorizes sex or romantic relationships– are going to have sex, and we do them no favors– we harm them!– keeping inaccessible the tools and knowledge of safe sex (consent, reducing chance of disease) and healthy relationships. People that can become pregnant and don’t want to be are going to find ways to induce abortion regardless of the law.

This is just the case in the Philippines where the health service is illegal, but an estimated 610,000 still occur every year. And I hate to sound like a concern troll-y liberal seeking points by mentioning a poor brown country when the same issue is impacting the same people in her own country. But this is a blog by a Filipino-American, so one) that article is just the one that came to mind/I can’t really spend all day reading about terriblosity, two) is to show that injustice is a threat to justice everywhere, etc and inspire international solidarity, three) I’m categorizing this post in my Pinoy Picks series so that the diaspora can support empowerment and four) to show how pregnant people are forced to dangerous options that can kill them. So much for “pro-life.”

The pro-life side/argument is such a scam. Is it a life if it can’t survive on its own? “It has the potential.” What about the potential of the life carrying? What of the life of an 11 year old girl raped by a 65 year old and because abortion was illegal, she was forced to deliver (a fetus that likely won’t survive) at 23 weeks? These torturers could be spending their time doing so much else to promote the quality of life for people, but what do they do? Bomb people. Threaten to arrest (and kill) dissidents. They lie to, deceive, harass patients, and steal resources from the needy to fund their waste of law-making time and fake clinics without real doctors.

Delete Your Podcast episode 132- Forced Birth
Roqayah Chamseddine & Kumars Salehi are joined by reproductive rights organizer Christine O’Donovan-Zavada.

And look at this through racial, class, and gender lenses. If you click through that Instagram post and read the comments (I know I shouldn’t, but God help me), you can feel the misogyny radiating off comments condemning wicked women to gruesome death for slaughtering a romanticized notion of a baby. So much for Romans 2:1-5 (I know, they don’t care about Jesus either). What are we, ruled by Pilgrims? Only fuckin for the rapture? What are we, animals? No wonder some are so undeveloped. So much for the First Amendment. The preoccupation with forcing people (many women that have children already!) to put their body through a pregnancy and birth is exactly that: an occupation. It’s a way to force women to subordination via poverty and/or their so-called inherent roles of homemakers/carers. Ah yes, I guess that’s why we’re all cishet and physically and mentally able to bear children. And why actual infanticide by mothers doesn’t exist and women have never murdered before, right? 

2019-05-27 02.58.13 am
Marco Rubio fundraising email. “radical Democrats” i’m fuckin 😂

Who is most likely to get abortion? Poor women for whom birth control may be expensive. Who is most likely to be poor in the US? Who is sentenced to jail (disproportionately)? Why? What happens when you’re arrested? You may be work for pennies. You can potentially be barred from voting for the rest of your life. What just happened in mid-terms? For what/who do those people vote? 🤔🤔🤔

Obviously, voting is not the only concern regarding jail and prison. Consider the toll on one’s mental and social status and how a felony status and inadequate health care can land someone back at square one. Take a look at @prisonculture‘s profile. 

If such laws were about anything other control, these extortionists would be against state violence (war, killer cops, death penalty), funding adopting processes and birth control, getting non-violent people out of prison so that they can be with their families, and other processes so that people can raise children! Make health care and housing a right. It is classic reactionary bullshit to blah blah blah about what people should do and provide 0.00 resources to do them. How else can they make money off their jails if they’re not filling them?


If you’re Filipino, you can support Roots of Health which aims to reduce maternal mortality, unplanned pregnancy, and HIV through sex ed and clinics. They are based out of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I’ve only started following the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights, so I don’t know them too well, but they seem to be more for organizing. They seem to have global campaigns but are based out of Quezon City. I think that people across the world can donate to both! I know that I, myself, do not know how to transfer between bank accounts and need things with Paypal. 😅


Planned Parenthood or volunteer for your local one, National Network of Abortion Funds, Yellowhammer Fund (Alabama), Sister Song (Georgia), Women Have Options (Ohio), Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund (MS), New Orleans Abortion Fund (Louisiana).

I tried to be inclusive of trans people, but please lmk if anything could be better. Or if there are any other Filipino organizations. 

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