The Last OG Fashion

Heydilly ho, readerinos, are you ready for Mother’s Day?

I just realized I have not made a fashion post this year. I cut it out from one of my video recordings, but I was gonna start taking pics in dressing rooms, but then I’d feel bad for making a mess for workers. But someone just messaged me about an old show inspo post, so maybe someone will find this in two years! 

The Last OG stars Tracy Morgan as Tray Barker, whom has spent the last 15 years in prison and is adjusting to everything he’s missed from the ubiquitousness of smartphones to finding out he had kids with his ex-girlfriend, Shay, played by Tiffany Haddish. It was co-created by Jordan Peele. While the show focuses on Tray, it has included Shay’s story. For example, her struggle of being a single mom and having no time for friends. In its current second season, she ends up befriending a woman from which her old friends were trying to steal (it’s actually a really funny comedy) because she loves her taste.

Shannon (as she goes by now) has some fantastic style herself, and while there are flashbacks to the outer space remix of the ’90s that is early 2000s fashion, this post will just be inspired by her late 2010s wardrobe. 😄

This post contains affiliate links.

Shay metallic gold dress
Shannon has moved on up from throwing bricks at cop cars to hosting gala fundraisers. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea what to call this beautiful dress– is it hi lo if it’s high on the sides and low in front/back? Jacquard? Brocade?– so I didn’t find the exact thing. But in plugging all of these terms to try to find it, I did find this kind of similar Black Halo split-front jacquard dress. If you do like brocade, I found this Prada midi without a peculiar hem.

The Last OG Workwear
Missguided sandals | Striped Midi
Mesh Polo | Dolce & Gabbana Floral

Like my previous tv fashion post, I’m enamored with workwear. I think that Shannon definitely knows that she’s worked too hard to wear what anyone else can and heck yea, she deserves nice things! When watching, I thought her black shirt was just a regular polo, but it’s actually mesh which she’s paired with a flowing high-low skirt and lace-up heels. They made her walk uphill in those!!!

Tiffany Haddish leisure
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafani tube top | pants
Retro Jumpsuit | Necklace

I appreciate a show that doesn’t have their characters dressed up while doing their homework, but serving looks in one’s spare time is fun too. A jumpsuit may be as simple as office basis, but the head to toe pattern makes a bold statement. I think that Shay’s blue floral outfit are actually separates, but it even has a matching headband.

last og fashion
Paisley tie | Kids Polo | Alice + Olivia Jacket
Polka Polo | Palm Blazer

As I rewatched/perused the series, I couldn’t help but notice some other characters style. I really liked Bobby’s topical polo, and interestingly as I searched for it, I only found it in kids size! He also dons a cool leafy blazer. And check out Amira mixing polka dots and a bright floral bomber jacket! Perhaps she inherits her mother’s passion.

Get any ideas? For yourself or perhaps your mom? My mother and I both actually have too many clothes that we don’t even use, so I think I’m actually going to give her an IKEA gift card or something for storage. Unless you all have suggestions!

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