April 2019 Empties

Hello readers, get any April showers?

I typically try to close out the month with an empties, but I haven’t posted one in almost a year, so this is close enough, right? And you’ll forgive me if I don’t remember how these actually work and talk more about the brands 😅

Vo5 Conditioner

I usually just use whatever hair products around which tend to be White Rain, but I didn’t have a conditioner for my Tree to Tub shampoo, and I had a discount. I like that this variant is supposed to give extra body by having collagen. Whether it’s effacent is debatable; I think that I felt like I couldn’t wash it all out. But it does have a ton of other oils and vitamins. Many websites say that Vo5 tests on animals, but this bottle says that they’re paraben and silicone free, and this product hasn’t been tested on animals.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum

I believe this was a sample from a magazine and that it felt very silky on the skin. Nothing much else I can think of except that it’s said that Chanel tests on animals.

April Empties 2019

Art Naturals Face Wash

This clarifying wash has already appeared on the blog in my moisturizer skeptic post. It claims to be made for oily/acne-prone skin and is sulfate, gluten and paraben-free. The first thing I noticed is it’s unusual green color! I was suspicious that this was actually causing acne, but I think that if I use it as a makeup cleanser rather than my wake-up face wash, it’s ok. This product was also not test on animals.

Rimmel Stay Matte

Again I tried this drugstore staple and again, I’m neither impressed or frustrated by it. This is the Translucent shade, but I feel like I’m liking Wet n Wild’s powders that are meant to match one’s skin tone  more than a “transparent” option. Would I try again? Third time’s the charm.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

This was just another sample about which I don’t have much to say. Although I did write “nice texture and light scent” on it. Personally, I don’t really like Philosophy’s product/line names make it sound like your skin is some epic catastrophe that need a literal miracle lest all hope be lost… It’s just skin dude.

April Empties Links
Affiliate links
Vo5 Conditioner | Chanel Creme | Free & Clear Cleanser
Rimmel Powder | Philosophy Moisturizer

I still have a bunch of empties and have just received a bunch of notepads for my birthday! So hopefully I’ll write shit down! Thanks for reading!

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