Tree to Tub

Hi readers, do you enter online contests?

If you do, you probably get signed up for newsletters or sent other offers, right? Twenty percent off $80 is kind of a waste of time for me. But sometimes you might find something as I did with Tree to Tub! Tree to Tub started when founder Michael Koh couldn’t use harsh chemical soaps without getting burned. He claims his grandmother brought home soapberries, a fruit that naturally lathers and is anti-bacterial!

Tree to Tub Shampoo Facial Wash

The items I was able to try were the Soapberry Facial Cleaner and Soapberry Shampoo. I’d never heard of the funny nut before and wanted to try different types of products with it. Both the Facial Cleaner and Shampoo are available in a lavender and peppermint scent, but I chose the “Raw Unscented” option, again, just to see what the soapberry is and smells like by itself.

I love that Tree to Tub continues the natural theme. Besides the soapberries, other ingredients include organic argan oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. They do not use sulfates and parabens (among other concerns). They don’t test on animals, are vegan, fair trade, and sustainable. And their shipping is recyclable (and they have cute little inspirational messages)!


Soapberry for Hair

The liquid shampoo came in a regular plastic bottle with pump, something one might expect more from a soap or lotion. If you smell it straight from the bottle or when you first pump it out, there is, oddly, a rosemary scent. I guess, because of the lack of sulfates, it doesn’t lather which can take some getting used to or figuring out. I had to use more than one pump to feel like I was getting clean.

The directions actually say that you’re supposed leave it in for 2 minutes. However, I found this rather inconvenient and haven’t noticed much difference leaving in or not. I’ve used about more than half of it now, and post-washing, my hair feels like I haven’t washed out everything. I will say though that I have 90% less hair fall out in the shower.

Soapberry for Face

The facial cleanser is also a liquid comes in a plastic bottle but with the type of pump so that it does foam. This unscented scent is like a clay smell which like the shampoo rosemary is not too overbearing or lasting. I would think that it’s sold as a facial cleanser or at least “for face,” it might be more gentle or something, but I found that it may be a bit drying.

Tree to Tub offers an impressive amount of natural benefits. They claim to even be pH balanced and anti-fungal. With every order, you also get a soapberry itself! It comes with an instructional card that tells the brand’s story. I haven’t tried this method yet, but maybe I’ll Insta that the fruit kind of rattles! Unfortunately, the products I tried left something to be desired.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways you can try Tree to Tub including finding yourself on someone’s newsletter (or whatever contest it was), paying only shipping for a travel set, or trying your luck when you first visit the site with their like wheel of fortune.

What do you think of Tree to Tub?

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