Get What You Wanted with Cardpool

What’s up readers, did you have a happy new year?

I sure hope so! The end and beginning of a year can mean a time of reflection as people gather with loved ones. As much as they may try, your mom’s friend or out-of-state uncle may not really know what to get and rely on gift cards. But if your resolution is to save money or the card is for a store you don’t frequent, what can you do?

One answer can be regifting. You may even be able to gift it to a local organization. However, another option is to sell it!

Cardpool site landing

There are quite a few sites and services that offer to pay for your unwanted gift cards. You may actually additionally be able to find brick-and-mortar stores that will buy them. My only experience is selling cards to Cardpool. They also sell cards at discounted rates, but as with survey sites that I use, users have reported have suspicious behavior.

To sell a gift card to Cardpool, simply head to their site and enter the card’s store, amount, and how you’d like to be paid. Payment can be made by mailed check or an Amazon gift card which receives 6% more than the check. I believe that you can post your own amount that you want for a card, but this method is like listing an auction on eBay. There’s no guarantee it will sell. Make money online

My experience has been pretty positive. There have been times where a card wasn’t accepted because they have minimum requirements or other standards. Some cards will be accepted just by putting in its info, but others must be mailed. Cardpool has also started requiring a credit card even if you’re selling. I suppose this is in case someone uploads the info and still spends it before Cardpool sells it.

This seems to be a problem for both buyers and sellers, so please weigh your options carefully! Perhaps you are like me and may be uncomfortable buying but just want an easy way to clean out and make some money. Maybe you’re risky!

If you do decide to try it out, consider using my referral link. Thanks!

What are your resolutions?


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