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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hi readers, did your September fly by?

September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States which celebrates the contributions and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans. It runs until October 15th. So it seemed a great reason for another installment of sharing some great finds from Shop Latinx!

Shop Latinx is an online directory featuring independent businesses with Latinx owners. Check out my first post about them here and find some unique items!


Even though Area-787 is all about representing the territory with the code for which the shop is named (Puerto Rico!), I think that something like avocado love is universal. Aside from an array of cute pin buttons, Area-787 also offers tops and “chucherías,” coin purses, keychains, and tote bags. If you’re already missing summer, this fun and tropical brand will take you there all year round!

Dos Estrellas

Um, it’s not even October, and Dos Estrellas has nearly 40 Halloween products in their Etsy shop. Granted some may be from their usual offerings, but spooky goodness is not all they provide. Their page claims, “We make Ruthlessly Polite, kinda Weird but pretty Great Apparel, Home and Office goods.” Many aspects inspire Dos Estrellas from vintage design to their city upbringing.

Urban | Wanderlust

Is Urban | Wanderlust‘s owner Judith Rojas a blogger? Because the Insta is incredible! If she wasn’t busy pouring all natural, vegan soy candles, I wish I could hire her. Urban | Wanderlust has scents like Fig + Rhubarb, Bamboo Coconut, Whiskey Blend, and from a fall collection, Snickerdoodle! And good news if you’re in the New York area: you can skip the shipping and arrange a pick up. 

Emvi Beauty

I’m a little teeny bit disappointed that these Emvi piñata soaps are in fact, soaps, and not gummies. But they’re still cute and loved! Emvi provides many skin care creations such as body sprays, bath bombs, scrubs, moisturizers, and masks. Their products are vegan, and they don’t test on animals! I like that they even provide a list of their ingredients and say what they are and their purpose.

Milk & Honey

It was hard to decide which of Milk & Honey‘s recycled notebooks to show because they’re all so well-designed. You can customize whether you want blank space, lined paper, or a dot grid (I’m assuming like bullet journals). Their name refers to an issue to which they hope to draw attention– dwindling bee populations. There’s no us without bees! A percent of each sale goes toward their conservation and repopulation in the US.

I watch Democracy Now! (when I can manage to sit and watch the news which is rare these days), and it’s kind of weird but inspirational??? to hear that Juan González was in the Young Lords, and now he’s a professor. Listening to this Intercepted podcast, it’s pretty fucked up how the US fucks up Puerto Rico. So if you’re not into material things, hurricane relief can make a solid HHM celebration or supporting Puerto Rican sovereignty, or giving some views to another guest on that podcast, iLe.


L'occitane Hydration kit

L’Occitane On-the-Go Hydration

Hey readers, do you get dry skin?

I was originally going to post my monthly picks today, but Vina over at Chimocolate posted about her pretty L’Occitane serum. So I thought I should post about this nifty On-the-Go Hydration Kit that I was able to snag. It contains 3 product minis and came with L’Occitane’s usual 3 free samples.

My skin, just like my hair and the rest of me, does whatever it feels like. Is it “combination” if it seems to depend on weather, hormones or other factors? Does that mean some of you have the same skin no matter what you do? THE AUDACITY.

On the Go Hydration Kit

The cute set comes with a shampoo (is this really called a “shampooing shampoo”?), Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel, and Supple Skin almond oil. Even though my skin had not been particularly dry at the time of purchase, I’ve heard everyone (even the oily) can use moisture and I’ve never tried oil or gel (except for aloe vera).

Shampooing Shampoo w/ 5 Essential Oils

The description on this 1.1oz bottle says this is “formulated with a natural origin vegetable complex” of angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, and sweet orange. It’s supposed to help make hair soft by smoothing capillary fiber. I certainly think this provides more of a boost than my usual $1 Suave, but it’s not as extraordinary as it may sound.

Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel

On L’Occitane’s website, it says this is supposed to recharge skin with water.  I like that it’s not watery, and the packaging is so cute. If you don’t like dipping into product, though, you might not like it. It seems to moisturize fine but again, not any better than a regular lotion.

Supple Skin Almond Oil

I was a little suspicious of just slathering oil of my face. And to be honest, I was right– I think that I did break out, but that may differ for everyone. It smells nice though, so I’m trying it on my neck and other areas because it’s supposed to be firming (not noticing that, however). Also, not that big of an issue, but this is just a twist-off cap bottle, so it can definitely be prone to spill.

Skincare Shampoo Samples

The samples I chose were the Repairing Shampoo, Light Comforting Cream, and Divine Eyes. I found this shampoo to be similar to the “Shampooing Shampoo.” They both have a ginger-y scent. I like that the texture of of the creams weren’t too runny, but I didn’t notice any impact from the eye cream. I’m not sure if it is the Light Comforting Cream of the Gel, but I think that these products may have helped with evening out my skin tone.

This was a fantastic way to be able to try L’Occitane products. I don’t remember what the deal exactly but I think you could either just get the kit and samples and pay for shipping or get it in addition to an order with free shipping. And I believe the cheapest thing was a $5 soap. So… somebody is getting a $5 soap this Christmas!

L'Occitane Products
Affiliate Links
Repair Shampoo | Thirst Gel| Shower Oil | Eye Cream| Rose Soap

I think that’s what the cool kids are doing, right? Buying tiny version of expensive stuff? That’s what I’d recommend if you’re interested because Your Maker help you if spend $90 on something and it’s… meh.

Have you tried L’Occitane?

Music Post Cleanup

Hello readers, how long have you been blogging?

Me? I was using Xanga back in the day, technically still have a Livejournal, and have been using this site on-and-off since 2014, I believe. Shown by that unstable status, I was posting about things I like and would still like here, just not in the most efficient manner. So I’m trying to re-do some of those old posts, add pins, and stuff like that. Hope you enjoy today’s playlist!

And And And “I Want More Alcohol (It Makes Me Sadder)”

I was originally going to do a meme where you post a song for different ideas, and the first one was drugs or alcohol. I don’t even know where the template for that meme is now, but I like this band because the singer sounds like if Will Forte was a singer.

Barrie Gledden “Alarmed”

This was used in an ad for Orphan Black. At the time I said that if somebody asked me what the show was about, I’d shrug, “clones,” and I stand by that. That being said, Tatiana Maslany is incredibly talented!

Agnes Obel “Philharmonics”

This song was used in an odd little Jessica Biel film called The Truth About Emanuel. It’s about an asocial teen (Kaya Scodelario) whom seeks out an peculiar relationship with her new neighbor (Biel). There is a great eerie aesthetic to the movie in part thanks to Obel’s music.

Nine Inch Nails “Heresy”

Technically I didn’t blog about this song, but I did share NIN’s performance at the 2014 Grammys and just wanted to make sure y’all knew of my goth tendencies. Also, I did post a #TBT about how when I was 13, I’d want to arbitrarily belt this tune out but was pretty sure my church-going bestie wouldn’t appreciate it (see next song).

Pigeon John “Life Goes On”

To show what a tolerant little atheist I’d watch the music programs on Christian tv channels. They weren’t all the stale hymns one might expect– a few popular (at least in my day) bands featured included P.O.D., Switchfoot, Chevelle, and Flyleaf. However, there were ads that said abortion causes cancer, so… maybe you kids nowadays can avoid that. 😷

Whew! Cleaning up posts actually kind of feels like clearing your room. I feel a lot lighter and relieved.

Are you keeping old posts?

black owned brands pin

Mielle Organics

Hello readers, had any bad hair days lately?

Well let me tell you about Mielle! Started by Monique Rodriguez in 2014, Mielle Organics focuses on healthier ingredients for healthier hair. The former nurse says she wanted to utilize her background to help others make better choices.

It’s not just the food we eat, but it’s also the products that we use on our skin. That’s important, as well.

Mielle currently offers hair and skincare items with intriguing ingredients like babassu oil, mongogo, and sachi inchi. There’s also standards like honey, avocado, and mint and perhaps even new uses for classic elements. Have you ever heard of ginger for your hair?

The brand has some celebrity fans too! Yara Shahidi gave them a boost. They’re now available in drug stores, groceries, and mass merchandisers, so they should be easier to find and access. Follow them on Instagram to see when CVS is having a sale and for them to repost your pic!

Many products look to be sulfate-free and are made with specific hair types in mind. Is it too early to start thinking about holiday gifts?

Mielle hair products
Affiliate Links
Honey & Ginger Edge Gel | Pomegranate & Honey Leave-in Conditioner | Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner Mongongo Oil Heat Protectant | Mongongo Oil Pomade to Oil Treatment

Have you tried Mielle? What’s on your wishlist?


Monthly Wrapup Pin

August 2018

Hi followers, you ever speak too soon?

I said I was keeping up with these in my last post, and here I am showing up 15 minutes late with Starbucks. Does anybody even post or read on Sundays? Well, here I am again to revisit what’s happened this month. Check me out if you’re on these platforms.



  • At least personally, I feel that mental health can get in the way of job interviews or other social situations. It might not come from the same place, but these tips for confidence may help.
  • I definitely mean to share more bloggers and hopefully will with these wrap-ups! But since I could technically buy these Althea cleansers that Cybelle reviewed but shipping is $10, I’m pinning it until I decide 😅
  • A couple of pins added to my DIY board.


Blog Posts & Updates

It appears that I was able to do these compilation blogs but not do as much pinning and sharing other content. They don’t really give me views though so whatevs.  I’d like to reach out to bloggers, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Are you experiencing the same?

I’d ask what the mood for September is but this is it, sorry. No suggestions will be taken!