August 2018 Empties

Hi readers, how’s it going?

I’m actually keeping up with these Empties & Monthly Wrap-Up blogs posting in one week! Ok, this is only the second month, but if you’d like to check them out, here are July’s Empties and Wrap-Up. This month is a little bit of a sequel to last. September should have things I haven’t talked about before though! And hopefully less vague reviews.

August Empties

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gel Scrub

Soon after I finished the mask, I finished off the cooling gel scrub. Similar to the mask, I liked this! There was a very refreshing sensation when first using that I think you get used to as well as the beads also being more noticeable. This is a newer Neutrogena product so it may be a little bit more. Personally, I’m currently trying a cheaper Neutrogena scrub and may actually have to go back to this or subsidize it. My previous review is here.

Esfolio Volcanic Ash Essence Mask

I got this from Rue 21 a couple of months ago. Was volcanic ash a trendy ingredient for a minute? I don’t remember nor was this sheet mask experience noteworthy. The wrapper now smells like a baby powder-y perfume, and it contains PEGs and methylparaben. TBH, I’d still be kind of interested in volcanic ash, but I see other Esfolio masks on Amazon for $15! I got this for $2! Other brands may be worth extra money, but I don’t think this is.

Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil

This micro-oil shampoo and oil creme conditioner were samples in the mail. I was surprised that when they said “oil,” they mean oil! At least for the shampoo anyway. The conditioner is more of a creme, as advertised. I like that it uses moringa oil, and it smells like other salon hair products. I think that it definitely helps replenish hair.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Readers, I’m torn about St. Ives (well, I find no reason to side with big brands so not really). This is one of the more affordable cleanser/scrubs that I, myself, haven’t had problems with as far as use. I know its plastic beads pollute water but they use natural exfoliants now. Now I hear they’re being sued because they cause microtears that cause infections! In any case, their parent company, Unilever, is really shitty, so I’ll try to stop buying them.

Love & Beauty Eye Mask

This is a collagen and aloe patch set from Forever 21. It says it has a peptide complex and is paraben-free. Has anyone had a good experience with such things? I didn’t really notice any difference. It kind of smells like a magazine perfume sample. Maybe I should invest in eye creams…

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Affiliate Links
Neutrogena Scrub | Volcanic Ash Mask | Matrix Shampoo | Matrix Conditioner
Up & Up Scrub | F21 Eye Mask


Do you know any better alternatives?
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Happiness Pin

An A to Z of Happiness

Hey followers, are you actually feeling autumn yet?

It’s still pretty hot here, but I really feel like I can tell the difference between how the sun or shadows are, if that’s a thing. Last week, Nati posted this cool blog idea of an alphabet of what makes you happy. It’s a great exercise, I think particularly regarding self care or if you’re in a funk. Check her out for other practices! I’ll let her divulge on this list:

The concept’s pretty simple – make your way through the alphabet and, for each letter, write down something that makes you happy or that you like or enjoy!

{My Y item contains an affiliate link}

Attempting to learn Tagalog                   Befriending cool people 😎

Cats                                                                           Delete Your Account podcast

Exploring                                   Filipino food

Genealogy              Having new opportunities

Iced coffee                                         Jeopardy!

Karapatan alliance                       Libraries

Music                                 “No”

Office supplies   Physical photos

Questioning everything       Rain

Sea life                       Ticket stubs

Unboxing!                  Vacuumed carpets

Working out                          Xavier Dolan

Ylang-ylang oil                             Zingers

I didn’t take too many creative liberties, did I? Lol. Ugh, can I make a post of things I hate now? Oh wait, I’ve actually kind of did that. But not through the alphabet! I’m sure it would be just as challenging… just not as positive. Although it could be quite cathartic. What do you think?

If you post your A to Z, link it below!

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Niceface Matte Lip Gloss Review

What’s up, subjects? Should I have this second cup of coffee?

A pal gifted me this 3 piece Niceface Matte Lip Gloss set either for my birthday or Christmas. Yeah, I know it was a while ago, but to be fair, we’re both procrastinators and didn’t exchange gifts until a while after December! Do you need to add it to your arsenal? Keep scrolling… 

Niceface Matte Gloss Set

This particular set came with the shades 22 Bare With Me, 06 Lulu, and 01 Silk Indulgent. Swatched, Bare With Me is a carnation pink, Lulu is a pink coral, and Silk Indulgent is a dusty pink. It reminded me of Nyx’s Lingerie in Corset, in color at least. I haven’t used Nyx, so I can’t compare about formula or anything.

Niceface swatches
Bare With Me, Lulu, Silk Indulgent

They have a typical fuzzy brush applicator and a somewhat thin consistency. I did not like the scent! Whenever I’ve bought e.l.f.’s tinted moisturizer, it’s had a similar, weird buttery smell, so hopefully both products have not expired!

Applied, Bare With Me and Lulu look very similar to each other on me. I tried to take photos, but now I can’t even tell which is which! When I first used them, I didn’t really like them because I thought they looked really awkward, but after taking photos, I don’t think that they look bad.

Silk Indulgent

I also thought that I would really like Silk Indulgent when I swatched it on my wrist because as I said, it looked like a Nyx Lingerie shade. It appeared very pretty, and I didn’t have a lip item like it. Unfortunately, it looked like I put some foundation on my mouth.

I suppose I could work with it, maybe mix it with another product. I was impressed with its… matteness, lol. I feel like some products labeled “matte” still have a sheen, but these typically dry very matte if a little sticky. This is odd since it’s a “gloss” too! The swatches on my arm could’ve probably stayed until I washed them off (with an oil), but they could probably last most of your school or workday. 

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links
Wet n Wild Lipstick | e.l.f. Lip Color | Nyx Lipstick | Julep Lip Mousse | Laura Mercier Lip Color


My verdict? I’m sure that you can find “matte” lip products in a similar (cheap) price range, but they may or may not be. With this Niceface set, they definitely are, but finding shades may be tricky. And smelly. However, if you think you see a color that could possibly be a dupe for something more expensive, I think it’s a great idea to try something like this to see if you’ll actually like the color of the more expensive product!

What are your favorite matte lip products?

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Ballast Point Park

Hi followers, how are you?

In my last travel post, I visited the Port Tampa Library. Today I’m sharing a local favorite on the other side of South Tampa: Ballast Point Park. Unlike the library, I’ve been to Ballast Point numerous times throughout my life. If you’re from Tampa, you’ve probably attended a birthday party here at some point. Not only is it a great place to take the kids especially with its new water features, but it’s also right on Hillsborough Bay, so a pier and ramp allow fishing and boating.

Ballast Point Park

Ballast Point Park

Probably because it’s so ridiculously hot and it’s hotspot for Pokemon Go players, Ballast Point can be pretty crowded! I would advise making the sacrifice of getting up early to see the sunrise there or heading there after dinner to see the sunset (or whenever high tide is). The natural phenomenon is beautiful, but you may also come across my favorite experience. I’ve seen a handful of wild animals from the pier like sharks, dolphins, and even manatees!

Ballast Point Sunrise

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say it’s impeccable. There’s graffiti and fishing hooks, and the last time before this, somebody did not clean up after their dog on the pier (at least I hope it was their dog *shudders*)! But anyone can Insta the photogenic. I rep for the underdogs!

Ballast Point Graffiti

In addition to the graffito there is a mural on the other side of the park that displays manatees, pirates, and other town themes. I know the Buccaneers are our football team, but I don’t really know what else they have to do with the city 😅

Get the look
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Do you have cool places to watch the sun rise?

July 2018 Empties

Hello followers, can you post more than once a week? 😨

I can barely meet that, but that doesn’t include other social media! I think that (us) bloggers that use multiple channels should be given a little credit 😅 But hey, look! Here I am with a second post since my last was actually kept up with throughout the month, and this one is kind of collective one too. 

July Empties

Maple Holistics Winter Blend Conditioner

I finished off the last of my Maple Holistics conditioner. As I said a couple of weeks after use, it certainly smells nice– peppermint!– and the brand has a lot of appealing qualities. They use natural ingredients, and even this bottle is recyclable. However, I didn’t particularly notice any difference in my hair, and the brand sells stuff with Dead Sea salt. It’s certainly an option for natural products, but I think I’ll look elsewhere. Read my previous review here.

Look Beauty Pretty Animalz Panda Mask

Ok, one of you warned me this looked creepy… I’m sorry I didn’t believe you! This was in a Target box from a while ago, so I don’t really remember any effect. But look, I just looked them up, and will any of this keep me from wanting to try the cat one? Lol, no. It says it has honey extract and lavender flower water, but it also has PEGs. The container kind of smells like rosemary now. Perhaps I will try the cat one and then quit sheet masks forever. Y/N?

Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Cleanser/Mask

Another item I was surprisingly sent! Neutrogena isn’t the most natural brand or even the cheapest, but after this package and previously using their Foaming Cleanser, I’m pleased with my experiences! I like my scrubs, so I’d probably have just get this rarely, but its scent and sensation is so refreshing. It dries very gently. To see my previous review, go here.

Nabi Concealer

Nabi All-in-One Concealer in Beige

This was too ambitious in claiming it can contour, highlight, conceal, correct, and “etc.” It was okay for me as a highlighter, but it certainly doesn’t have that shine some may like. It smelled like baby powder and contains parabens. I didn’t like the applicator, but saw Rawal ingenuously rip the brush off a LA Girl product. I tried and, there’s a spring in there!! Unfortunately, the Nabi product doesn’t poke out, so it’s still a hassle. My previous post is here.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator

This was an old product back from when I tried Birchbox. I was trying to save it because I liked the texture so much– very gritty like sand. But I don’t like things that “brighten” because they may just mean lighten particularly things with papaya. It is paraben and sulfate free and very natural. They’re pretty pricey though, so maybe I will just roll around at the beach.

July Empties Links

Affiliate links
OGX Conditioner | Pretty Animalz Mask | Neutrogena Mask/Cleanser
Nabi Concealer | Vasanti Rejuvenator


I can’t believe it’s August! 😱
What do you have to buckle down on now that half the year is over!?