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Alles Gute zum Vatertag!

Hallo followers! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? 


It was Father’s Day recently in the US, and it is ridiculously difficult to shop for my dad. All of those suggested gifts like ties, watches, fishing or electric tools, he’d never use! 😕 So I decided to finally check out Schiller’s Delicatessen and see if I could pick up some things that were unusual, that I couldn’t get anywhere else, or just absurdly German.

Schiller’s is a quaint shop and diner that’s actually been around since 1952, serving cold cuts, beer, bread, and sausages from dear old Deutschland. Since my Genealogical Vacation post, I’ve pretty much concluded that Dad’s side is German AF. But it seems like he’s never really identified with it? Perhaps more recent immigrants have more clarity and connection to their homelands, but I’ve always wondered if all white US people are like this. Is there just no need for them to seek community? Do they just identify as “American”?

Schiller's Haul

My “haul” includes Katjes salted herring licorice. This is something I just got because I didn’t know what it was, and what it is is awful. 😂 I’m sorry. Maybe I just don’t like licorice. I got Zotz because it says “fizz” so I thought it’d be like Pop Rocks. Turns out they’re Italian and are like a lozenge with fizz inside. Weird but enjoyable! Manner wafers seem to be straight from Vienna and even practices sustainable cocoa farming.

I’m not much of a drinker, so Pinkus Organic Munster Alt just tasted like any beer to me. Sprecher seems to be brewed in Wisconsin, but I had to get something called “Puma cola.” My dad didn’t save me any, so I will have to go back to try it! I’m also looking forward to some of the food that they make at Schiller’s. What would make German pancakes and potato salad especially German? 

German speakers, how do you even say “happy father’s day”?
Is it my title or the phrase in my image?


Blogger Bills: Happy Pride Month!

Hi followers, are you celebrating this month?

We’re in the middle of LGBT Pride Month, a time in particular for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans community to celebrate diverse sexual orientations and genders. June was chosen to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots which is said to have sparked LGBT activism in the United States.

While there is certainly time and cause for cheer, we’d be remiss to omit the origins of Pride Month and why it’s necessary. Many people served jail and organizing time to be free of oppression, and many have been discriminated against, harassed, and killed. There has been progress, but there remains constant threat of hard-earned rights being stolen.

Hopefully, you can conjure a little Stonewall in yourself and protest against those inequalities. Here are just a few ideas.


Learn about Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans activist, who participated in Stonewall and co-founded STAR for homeless queer youth. Read about how LGBT youth are over 100% more likely to be homeless and trans women have a disproportionate rate of being murdered. Check out Compton’s 1966 Cafeteria Riot. And don’t keep all that info to yourself!

Support the Arts

What do Fight Club (novel), American Horror Story, and “Pynk” by Janelle Monae have in common? They’re created by people who identify as LGBT! The arts can make a difference in peoples’ lives whether it be seeing representation, the opportunity and employment of a role to represent, or just sustaining a smaller creator. Again, share that journalist, filmmaker, or dancer if you enjoyed their work for both LGBT and not to see as well as expressing that such voices and stories are valuable. 

Join an Org

If you ever feel overwhelmed by an issue, someone has probably already created organization about it! Regularly being part of a group is a great, hands-on way to learn and get involved especially with local chapters. Regional clubs are more likely to be need of help, you’ll feel the difference in your neighborhood, and influence state and federal decisions.

Some groups I follow include the subsequent: Equality Florida, Metro Wellness, Metro Manila Pride, UP Babaylan, and TLF Share.

Act on Laws

Supporting groups like the aforementioned is also a good way to keep track of certain local and national legislature. I use an app called Countable which sends an email to your representatives regarding whether  you support a bill or not. E-mails aren’t considered as effective as calls or getting groups to visit legislators, but if you’re unable to do those, the messages are the least one can do. I usually send it when I find out about a bill, and make calls whenever it’s closer to the vote.

Here are a few bills just on my radar that deal more explicitly with LGBT issues.

You can find your national representatives at WhoIsMyRepresentative and state legislators at OpenStates.

Tips! Search for the sponsor of a bill on Countable first and then scroll their profile for the specific bill. Also, enter your full address or zip code when using OpenStates as when I just put in my street address, it thought I was on the other side of the country!

Now that you’ve helped make the world a little more fair, it’s time for fun! Hope your festivities are safe and invigorating!

Mars Unboxes

Pur Eye Polish Glitters

Hello followers, are you well?

Last year I was able to join Pur Cosmetics’s Insider community which allows me to weigh in on beauty matters and earn points for various activities. TBH, I was not too impressed with the panel experience (IDEK if it’s still active), but they did send me 3 of their Glitters to review for their websites. But, when I clicked the link to review, it didn’t even work! So maybe they kicked me out, but maybe I can review them here and the universe will still count it 😅

Pur Glitters
The colors I received are Lust (red), Queenie (lighter yellow), and Namaslay (golden beige). I gotta say, I’m not thrilled about the commercialization of a Hindi word by people probably not of the culture. Like: mess up your own language and make money off of that… 

That being said, the shade is actually very beautiful. I love that kind of champagne color. The lighter varieties weren’t particularly pigmented on my light-medium skin, but all three were incredibly glittery and shimmery. I’ve swatched them applied with the wand in their container and brushed/smudged out.

Eye Polish Swatches

I’m not really a fan of the applicator either. It’s kind of skinny, and you can get uneven application that’s difficult to spread with it. I think that you may have better luck taking it from the wand to your fingers or perhaps some other tool.

Eye Polish Wand

I haven’t worn this a lot but I think that it was incredible staying power. However, I’ve seen some reviews mention fallout. It’s definitely not like arts and craft glitter (lol), so it’s not gritty. But, for example, if I smudged Queenie it with a finger, I could probably wipe it on my face as a highlighter. A little will do a lot!

Pur Cosmetics doesn’t test on animals, is “vegan friendly” and free of talc, parabens, gluten, petroleum, mineral oil, and sodium lauryl sulfate. I wasn’t a fan of the naming of one of these shades and personally, I wouldn’t pay $30 for a package of 5 pieces, but these eye polish glitters would definitely add a great pop to your eye look.

Leah over at Miss Pettigrew Review bought a Mystery Bag from Pur a couple of months ago and 5 out of 6 products were the same thing in different colors! So maybe if those aforementioned benefits are appealing, stick to the more standard items from Pur and not the more novel ones.

What are your impressions of Pur?


1804: The Hidden History of Haiti

Salutations followers, how are you?

This week I want to share a documentary that I recently watched about the Haitian Revolution.

Embarrassingly, I don’t really know anything about Haiti which is why I wanted to check it out. I certainly wouldn’t say that I know everything about the topic now, but the movie is definitely one to see to learn and consider viewpoints with regard to the enslaved and uprising population. This is often left out of history books and similarly popular knowledge.

The Hidden History of Haiti features different speakers that talk about the conditions leading up to 1804, leaders of the revolution, and how these events even influence the status of Haiti today.  Some things that stuck with me include that it’s the only slave uprising that lead to an independent nation. The colonizing French gassed slaves to death with sulfur. Napoleon seems like a name from so long ago (that gets discussed a lot), but he was the ruler at this time, and the Haitians defeated him!

Apparently there is the notion that black people went wild and killed all the white people on the island. In this documentary, guests say that Haitians were joined by deserting Polish forces, left neutral Germans alone, and even allowed some French to flee (whom were so grateful that they fired cannons ashore).

I love the free spirit of Haiti and look forward to learning more about its culture. However, that will definitely be a long-term project! Since we’re all here, I’d like to encourage action, but the only thing that I can think of is to support something like the FLIC which can help Haitian-American immigrants with the legal process as well as alert the rest of us as to when to get everyone to support TPS!

What resources do you recommend?