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I Bought Myself Target’s Mother’s Day Box

Heyhey followers, do you celebrate Memorial Day?

My dad just said there’s a tropical depression forming, so no one’s probably doing anything. It’s weird that we’ve been having storms all week, and the depression is still news to me. Is it weird that bought Target’s May Beauty Box for myself when it had a Mother’s Day theme (and I’m not a mother)? 😘

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lotion Sunscreen

I feel like everyone uses this sunscreen, and I’m just like, “Doesn’t one of those cost as much as this entire box?” So that value is part of why I went ahead and bought it, and it will be nice to try a smaller sample. It claims to be the #1 dermatologist recommended sunscreen. I like that it’s water-resistant and has a higher SPF. The 3oz version retails $7.09 at Target.

St. Ives Cleansing Stick

Now this is something I haven’t seen before! At first, I thought this was a deodorant, but apparently, you clean your face with it (TBH, it does smell like deodorant… Is St. Ives punking us rn?). It actually sounds very nice as it’s made with coconut oil, hibiscus, and… cactus water? Evidently, the last two help soften and hydrate skin. It’s also paraben-free. The size I received, 1.59oz, costs $7.89 at Target.

Soap & Glory Body Buffer

The little info card calls this a “butter,” but it’s most definitely a scrub. It’s clear with pink beads, smells very nice, like something from Victoria’s Secret. I haven’t used it yet, so maybe it’s amazingly moisturizing or something, but I’m quite sold to a larger size at $10.99.

Scunci Spiral Twisters

Again, the card says something different than online (hence name differences in my video), but they’re not too different. I believe Conair owns Scunci. These are pretty cute! They remind me of corded phones in the 1990s. Remember those? Hopefully, they don’t pull at my hair and keep their shape. Six pieces cost $3.

Hello Indulgence

La Roche Posay Lipikar

Readers, I’m going to be honest with you… (so you’re not allowed to laugh). I saw “lip” and “balm” and thought this was a lip balm. It is most definitely a moisturizing cream, you know, for any other skin on your body!! This seems pretty fancy (full sized at $20); the kind of thing developed in a lab, and I don’t think I’m that dry. But here is an option if you are!

Bodycology Free & Lovely Mist

Any guilt I had about getting this box (somewhat) washed away when I opened it and was enveloped in this scent! I think that it’s either the same or very similar to the Beauty Protector conditioner that I received in a Birchbox a while ago. It’s called “Lavender & Amber” but says there’s also notes of lemon, vanilla, and iris. It’s free of parabens, phtalates, dyes, animal testing, and mineral oil. I’m sure this size will last me a long time, but I’d say that $5 for the 8oz size is worth it!

OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Dry Shampoo

Whenever I see coupons for OGX, I consider it but never go through, so this was a great deal. I’ve only used one Aveeno dry shampoo before, so I’m glad to have new one! Comparatively, OGX doesn’t seem as fragrant (smells good at nozzle but not much smell once sprayed) or wet. The nozzle seems difficult too where you have to press hard and then a lot comes out. The 5oz option will set you back $6.99.

I don’t usually follow Target boxes, so I can’t say, “Once again, they knock it out of the park!” But I did really like this one. The La Roche Posay cream is undoubtedly high quality, but… I wish it really was a lip product. And yes, I will share this will my mother. Have a good weekend!

Cambio & Co.

Heydilly ho, followinos! How was your Mother’s Day?

As I was considering what to get my mom this year, I thought about continuing my theme from Christmas– giving less material goods but donating to organizations on behalf of my giftees. I did still want to give something and since I’ve seen companies employing artisans in poverty-stricken areas, I wondered if there were any owned by Filipinos that I could buy (I could find some indie creators but they were more local! *sigh*).

I’ve written about Rags2Riches, but they’re based in the Philippines, so I’d have to eat the $50 shipping 😓 Vinta Gallery is based out of Canada, but their beautiful pieces weren’t exactly the small thing I could pair with something else. That’s why I was so excited to find Cambio & Co.!

Olivia and Diego Necklace
Olivia & Diego upcycled necklaces

Cambio & Co. is a marketplace that features brands made by Filipino artists. It was co-founded by Filipino-Canadian, Gelaine, with her partner, Jérôme. They also created ChooseSocial.PH, a directory for socially conscious businesses in the Philippines. While ChooseSocial has a much longer list, it is more for if you’re already in the country 😁 Cambio & Co. is able to bring such businesses to more of the world.

What I appreciate about Cambio & Co. are its commitments to empowerment and ethical production. Materials are locally-sourced, they look for dignified pay and working conditions, and minimizing environmental harm. This is undoubtedly meaningful for a nation of over 7000 islands and so impacted by climate change.

Cambio & Co. carries Rags2Riches!

The site currently offers jewelry and bags to select regions. Products are very aesthetiqué, but I would still check out the brands for whatever you’re buying first. The whole reason I’m doing this is to support my people, not white missionaries from Idaho.

I found out about Cambio & Co. a little too late and just ending up cooking for my mom 😅 Although there’s honestly no shortage of needing a gift, right? Gosh, it’s like everyone has a birthday or something! Or you’re like me and just want an Olivia & Diego piece for yourself…

Habin abaca purse
Habin bags are perfect for summer.

Now that I’ve shared the directory,  should I make posts for each brand?
What did you do for Mother’s Day?

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Is My Mom Not Economically Anxious?

Following the US 2016 election which gave us President Trump, there seemed to be a frenzy of reporters clamoring to share his supporters’ stories. Sam Bee and Full Frontal beat me at covering this biased narrative of poor, rural whites voting out of “economic anxiety.” Bee also brought up the point that– wait for it– “working class” is not synonymous with white!

At first I wondered why outlets bothered; 45ers had “won” after all. After CNN ambushed an old lady outside her house, one might see these tactics a sad attempt at going after small fish rather than hold the powerful accountable. But considering the gatekeeping of journalism, I think that these writers know dads or aunts (that they like) that voted for Trump and wanted to show how they weren’t mini Hitlers literally snatching crumbs from children.

Regardless, those people supported a candidate that was going to do that. So why should I care about them? Everybody keeps talking about coal workers; those few jobs aren’t coming back. There are 300x more workers in retail, a sector deemed unstable from sudden and massive layoffs and other factors. Where is the sympathy for them? Where are their quotes and stories? Here’s (part of) my mom’s.

Some are fun, some are not fun… the story of my life.

For the past 2 years my mom has been awakened by a shifting heaviness on her chest and head: It’s her fat orange cat, Simba, asking for breakfast. It’s 5am and after taking care of her mini lion, she must get ready for her “part time job with full time hours” at Macy’s.

Until last summer, she split the week between the department store and Wal-Mart but quit to take a break from having only Saturdays off. “When I was working at Wal-Mart, I get off at 1 o’clock at Macy’s, and I go home, take a nap or something. And go to work at five until ten [at Wal-Mart].” She wouldn’t have to work at Macy’s on weekends but initially did both Saturday and Sunday at the big box chain.

In January, the retailer claimed the president’s tax cuts would allow it to raise minimum wage to $11 per hour. When we now shop at my mother’s previous employer, we no longer see her previous position. The 10 or so cashiers we’d usually see have been replaced by self-checkout machines with a few employees keeping watch. The last time we went, I heard my mother speaking to a former co-worker. She murmured about how employees weren’t allowed to perform check-out actions for customers; they could only tell customers how. 

Mom and Simber

Mom actually transferred to Wal-Mart from Sam’s Club when lifting wholesale goods on a daily basis became too exhausting for her five-foot frame. “‘Are you sure it didn’t happen at home?'” she recalled a manager saying after telling her about a sprained wrist. “‘Oh, I’m gonna investigate, I’m gonna look at the camera.’ And she didn’t get back to me… And you know what? She got demoted.” Cashiers were also expected to upgrade club memberships which was “frustrating” because by definition of a club, you’d be asking the same people. When memberships were advanced, management expected more.

After transferring to Wal-Mart, she lost $0.35 per hour. The same day Wal-Mart made its $11 announcement, it would close sixty Sam’s Clubs (including Mom’s former store).

Obviously, working two part time jobs isn’t ideal especially when combined they can total more than full time, but one must take what’s available when rent for one’s buggy apartment is due and an almost $1000 tooth extraction is needed but insurance isn’t provided. As someone who describes her own teeth as “garish,” I’d always been a bit jealous of my mom’s straight teeth and wondered how it was possible that she, growing up on the farm and not going to the dentist, managed to have them.

After the extraction, she now has a small gap that no one would say is noticeable or unsightly. But after seeing my mother for nearly 30 years, it always catches me off guard for a second as if I’m not sure it’s her. I don’t think that I can ever forgive a system that not only did this or took that tooth, but made health care so unaffordable that she could not attain preventative care.

Mom’s memorial for her parents. She hasn’t been able to visit family since before they passed.

My mother did hold full time work for 20 years at Macy’s before being laid off in 2009. “From 1990 ’til before I got laid off, I always became Employee of the Month, but I don’t get anymore ’cause I don’t put up with the shit no more. Before I was like, whatever they want me to do, I do it. Now? Uh uh. I complain a lot too,” she laughs. “So they don’t give me any recognition no more.” That recognition the 1990s meant a lunches, special parking spot, and plaque; now it’s a t-shirt. “I still do my job good, but I don’t volunteer… After I lose my benefits…”

In Full Frontal‘s silly segment, it’s briefly discussed what it would take for people and politicians to hear the “actual forgotten working class.” One person says for us to run for office; another says the disregard is intentional to prevent action. It seems so ridiculous that we should have to do that when the interviewed agreed that they had no free time. Plus we can probably not actually afford it. But I suppose absurdity calls for ridiculous methods. I am not one to put down one way of doing things, so hopefully, one of my current routes of putting our stories out ourselves counts as being enterprising. 😅

Since thinking about writing this post, I’ve also seen findings stating “economic anxiety” was fear of losing status. Hm, could being treated like someone who isn’t a white guy pose some sort of problem??? I’ve also considered writing about my two friends, so this may be the first of a mini-series.

festival fashion pin

Festival Fashion

Heyhey followers, what’s your weekend forecast?

It’s pretty gorgeous in my neck of the woods. It’s even bordering on summer heat when I’m running errands in the hotbox of a car. Perhaps this is why I’m so attracted to some of the ethereal styles associated with outdoor music festivals. I would love to command such a look but I don’t think the post office is as interesting as a background 😅.

Although the perhaps most well-known of music festivals is over (seriously, can we make it over forever now? The owner is major creepoid), some other big ones run throughout summer, and maybe you even have some local events! So it’s totally not weird to share some festival style looks that I like and may even try to get myself.

1. Francesca’s Duster {$44} 2. Mesh Dress {$37} 3. Mesh Skirt {$7}

Long & Light

A classic look for being out in the sun, fuller lengths provide great style while sheer materials help keep cool. Another plus is that it’s so versatile. There’s maxi skirts and dresses, patterned, prints and solids. There are even lace and mesh duster coats 😍

Entro Vest {$38}


This one is somewhat of a surprise to me, but if we’re talking music festivals, why not pay tribute to the grandfather of them– Woodstock? Personally, I’m not too familiar with the fabric, but I imagine it might be hot in the sun? But maybe a vest would be helpful since it’s removable and then another layer in the cooler night air.

1. Adia Kibur Necklace {$45} 2. Faux Suede Necklace {$36} 3. Layered Necklace {$19} 4. Multi-layer Necklace {$29} 5. Gabi Rielle Necklace {$44}

Layered Lines

Layered necklaces are a must, particularly the typical dainty chains. However, I can really see the case for beaded strands and chunky statement pieces. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite, but again, I love the hippie nod with the rainbow necklace and nature theme of the stars and moon.

1. Sam Edelman Sandal {$50} 2. Elorie Espadrille {$25}

Laced Up

Ok, I try to be real with you all– if I had to walk a bunch I would probably not wear these. But if you like feeling like a gladiator and have your own pool, then I guess, go for it! I don’t know if those types of sole inserts work, but if they do, please use them! The Insta is not worth it, IMO!

skin care
1. Alba Suncreen {$4} 2. Boohoo sunglasses {$5} 3. Sequin Sun Hat {$10}


Just as you should look out for those heels and arches, look out for the rest of your skin! Make sure someone knows where you are and drink plenty of water! I’m sure you hear enough of that from your parents, but they told me that they love you and wish you’d call more. 😂

I used to check concert listings for bands I’ve liked, but heck, I must be getting old. I think I’ll just look for some free shows on the beach. What trends did I miss? Do you go to festivals?

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