You’re the Worst

Hello readers, need some new tunes?

Some things just sort of happen whether they be the assemblage of couple-that-probably-shouldn’t-assemble-but-are-trying-anyway Jimmy and Gretchen or me watching the show about their unconventional relationship, You’re the Worst.

I wouldn’t say this is a programs you have to see and since I just wrote a whole post about unfortunate ethnic jokes, I’d give a heads up to anyone interested. However, I do really like the bar/garage band aesthetic or at least, soundtrack, that reminds me of when I actually used to go to shows in standing room only areas that smelled like smoke and felt like 7pm and alcohol on your shoes.

Oh man, I haven’t been to a show in a while. Do you know any songs that could fit this playlist?

Link up: Sincerely Jenna Marie & More Pieces of Me

Dad Fashion

Hello followers, have you missed me?

It was my birthday so apart from finally seeing friends and figuring out what to do with my gifts, I’ve just been otherwise busy. I’ve actually been more or less going to the gym (don’t get the wrong idea, it’s honestly 3x or less a week) but it seems impossible to be able to do all of these things. Perhaps coincidentally, I just haven’t really felt like doing anything.


I really enjoyed Bob’s Burgers and was even going to name this post after a line from them, but they made light of US colonialism and impunity in the Philippines which is ugly for so many reasons. In short, US military bases basically occupy other people’s land. Some nerve especially in a exploited country that it has a history of exploiting. Not only do US funds meddle with Philippine right to govern itself, but when US troops rape and kill Asian women, they get judged by the US. Then to joke about it on all these good liberals’ favorite inoffensive show? Ugh, Hollywood is not paying my insurance to be raising my blood like this.

This no different than when Trump said “when you’re a star, they let you do it” that I’m sure these people nut themselves thinking how disgusted they are by him. But when it’s the troops to poor brown women… Plus you need to think about the after effect. I’m not gonna say masses are going to commit crime, but this will definitely influence people’s thoughts and behaviors. Just look at Hari Kondabolu’s, er, feedback.

Anyway, I don’t really have the anything to do anything more than rant about it on my blog. And not watch. But I mean, what do you think I’m hitting the gym for? (ง •̀_•́)ง Haha. Now I’ll have free time on my hands. To what, read? Ugh, lol.

Dad Fashion

I wish there was a gym for finding your voice. I literally went to an event this weekend to try to meet people, hyping myself up like, “Ok! It doesn’t really matter if you mess up ‘cos remember that guy that showed you a picture of an evil doll on his phone? You’re better than that!” But as soon as I saw someone I tangentially know, I’m just mentally wondering if it’s rude to ask her kids names or if it’s something I should know and oh God, I’m looking down at this child, does the mom think that I think she’s fat?

Another girl a couple years younger than me told my mom she has to come to her party. Was she just being polite? I can’t imagine saying this to one of my mom’s friends. How do you say something sucks without seeming rude? I guess I shouldn’t have to worry if there is reason and if others don’t worry about it. Maybe I should bring up what’s good, but then I’d worry about being self-absorbed. The joys of womanhood.

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I’m sorry that this post reveals that I’ve no idea what I’m doing rather than telling you how to accomplish everything in 3 simple steps or some other Pinterest-able title, but at least I buried it in a bad outfit and nifty experimental graphics. Someone I follow made a dad fashion post (if it was you, please let me know so I can link!), so in addition to using one of my dad’s old sweaters (what’s more “dad” than a 20 year old Lacoste?), everything else is secondhand, given to me or won.

Perhaps I’ll bury this post with something more bloggery or I can share my mom showed me how to make puto! Hopefully I get be excited in the midst of another revamping and adjusting of who I am and where I fit. I think that’s why I started this blog, after all. 

If you actually read this and live near NYC, LA, or Toronto, please support Call Her Ganda, a film made about the murder of trans Filipina, Jennifer Laude, by a US marine.