Indie Biz Wish List

Hi readers, do you have a spare umbrella?

It has been raining all day in a very odd bout of winter weather. However, it is keeping with the whole not really feeling like Christmas atmosphere. So why not make another wish list? 😅 I don’t really like giving my money to places that already have a lot, so I’ve a couple of tags on the right there to share love and provide easy access for myself and others to these brands. Here’s some previously featured that would make great Christmas presents or stashed for a holiday down the road!

Urban | Wanderlust

I came across Judith Rojas’s URBAN | Wanderlust whilst perusing Shop Latinx for the second sharing of awesome finds from the directory. The soy vegan candles provide timeless quality, but if there’s a need for nativity, perhaps more seasonal scents like this Fraser Fir can help. Personally, I’d love to try the Bamboo Coconut.

Just Peachy

Do you have an enamel pin collection? Just Peachy makes the cutest and most unique ones! Their shop is  perfect for the anime or video game hobbyist. And if you or a giftee prefers, Just Peachy is also home to apparel, hats (particularly some sassy berets), and other accessories. I love this mean chickie, and everyone must too because it’s hard to keep in stock! 


We’re all thinking about how our purchases can be (more) “green,” but have you thought about how they can be “blue”? I heard about it through this PopSugar story. Brands like Kapua Browning’s Hawaiian Honua are also focusing on how to reduce harm to the earth’s oceans.

Cambio & Co.

Cambio & Co. is a marketplace that connects Filipino artisans with the rest of the world. Its creators, Filipino-Canadian, Gelaine, with her partner, Jérôme, also made a directory for socially conscious businesses in the Philippines. It’s the first post I named in my Pinoy Picks series (I retroactively placed Rags2Riches in it).

Beauty Bakerie

Owned by Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakerie has become famous for their unmovable lipsticks. They offer other cosmetics which are vegan and don’t test on animals! When you shop at Beauty Bakerie, you support a black woman-owned business! I expand on the importance of this in my original post. An item from the shop is sure to be a great gift.

Lip Whips
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Lip Whip Nude | Creme de la Crumb | Space Cake | Grape Life | French Toast


What’s your favorite indie brand?


Fall/Winter Wish List

Hello readers, are you getting everything holiday-ready?

I put our tree up, but I don’t really feel festive. Maybe it’s because it only just got cold here. It’s really messing with me because I need to get a bunch of crap, but I don’t feel that urgency! Another thing could be that my brother and his wife can’t make it for this month, so they came for Thanksgiving. So the house feels boring. But I do have some exciting news: I’m going to be an aunt!

My brother was/is the video game person; I only knew about what he got. Now I’ve no idea what consoles are out and don’t play anymore 😩 So I’ve been dreaming about an SNES. Perhaps making a whole wish list will make it seem more like there’s only a few weeks of 2018 left!

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

First and foremost, the item that inspired this whole post. We actually had the original as kids, but my folks were like, “Uh, if you want the N64, we’re gonna sell this…” 😤 This is an updated mini that I heard you can “hack” which would honestly fit my (desired) minimalist lifestyle more, but my friend has it, and IDK if her settings or what, but the resolution looked weird? And IDK, there’s just the nostalgia factor of having a real thing especially this one cartridge with 5 Mario games that I really want (because that’s what we had).

Nikon D3400 | Refurbished iPhone 4s | Targus Tripod

A Fancy Cam?

Lol, I suppose I should’ve put a bit more research into this, but I know my klout. This is just for fun, so it doesn’t really matter! If we’re wishing, I’d like for a DSLR. But I just had a thought: what do you think about getting an older iPhone? With what equipment are you working?

Milani | e.l.f. | Nars | Wet n Wild

The Perfect™ Foundation

Wow, this is becoming really abstract, isn’t it? I’m not gonna get this either, am I? But I will settle for trying a bunch and maybe different methods. For example, e.l.f. has undertone and shade adjusters to make store-bought makeup more customized. I really hope that I don’t have to rely on those, and I can just find one product that works, but who knows?

Sweet Almond Oil | Green Matcha Tea | Healing Clay | Apricot Oil


I see a lot of DIYs on Instagram that are like, “Are you ugly? Simply mix some witch hazel and red veggie powder and apply with MAGIC ORBS.” And I’m like, “Okay… I know witch hazel is a real thing, but can I substitute red veggie powder and magic orbs with tomatoes and a foundation brush???” If you see food products in my Amazon wish list, it’s probably for a DIY.

New Jim Crow | Angela Davis | Russian Revolution | Philippine History


Ok, here is something realistic. I know I have books that have been sitting on my shelf for years, but I think that I feel obligated to read them rather than something I’m excited to read. Amazingly, these books are available on Target’s website! Maybe you prefer to shop indie book sellers, but perhaps you can find a surprise if case your relatives give a gift card.

Well, that’s all I can think of that isn’t a whole house or various medical procedures. I clean up this blog and like this fall wish list much more than my old one. Would you like some more gift guides or ideas? My dad is so old and boring, what should I get him?