Where to Give for #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday

Hello readers, are you finishing your leftovers?

According to GivingTuesday.org, a team at the Belfer Center in New York began celebrating the day in 2012 to start a charitable mindset for the winter holiday season. Not only is the date the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving, but it also follows the massively consumer-y “holidays” of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you happen to find yourselves with a little extra, I hope you participate! Here are some organizations that have caught my eye and a few I’ll be donating to myself.

California Wildfires

Hundreds of thousands have been impacted by deadly wildfires in California as many have been told to evacuate. Terrifying videos and pictures have shown just how massive and devastating they are. Thankfully, recents rains have helped contain them, but survivors will need a lot of assistance.

Please consider organizations other than the Red Cross & Salvation Army as they’ve a history of mismanagement and anti-LGBT practice.

Hurricane Michael

It seems like it was a year ago to me, but just because it’s not on tv doesn’t mean everything’s been resolved. The category 4 storm hit the Florida panhandle with winds over 100mph last month, wiping out many homes in Mexico Beach.


With all of these disasters exacerbated by climate change, one might want their focus their energy on protecting the environment. Especially considering how we only have like what, 20 years left on this planet?

If you’re also into taking down the big businesses (including war hawks) making profit off of knowingly destroying the Earth and its inhabitants, might I suggest an peace groups like Win Without War or World Beyond War? Or a political group like the Democratic Socialists, the Party for Socialism & Liberation?

Native Americans

It’s fucked up that the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving after nearly committing genocide and continue to disenfranchise Native Americans by desecrating burial grounds to, once again, make money for oil pipes and preventing them from voting. Efforts to help indigenous peoples will also help the planet! 

Trans Health

November 20th is Trans Day of Remembrance to honor those killed by the disproportionate violence cis people inflict. The week leading up to it is also Transgender Awareness Week, meant to encourage enlightenment about trans people and issues they face.

Migrant Caravan

The US shot fucking tear gas at children. What else is there to say? 



I just finished Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura’s Letters from Diaspora and pretty much cried about every letter. She’s been tweeting her experience with cancer. Donate to her GoFundMe here.

I just like Fray’s arts {doubles as supporting a trans artist!}.

Please do not feel bad if you can’t give financially to all or even any charity you wish. Do you think that if I had money, I wouldn’t have a DSLR and drive around taking candids and not have only 100 followers? There is other ways of helping such as volunteering, obviously, and getting the word out. I know that Amazon is evil, but if it is a necessary evil, some organizations like the Native American Rights Fund use the Smile program that donate a bit of your purchase. Giving in the name of someone else also makes a great gift for them!

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